Ajjubhai94 Free Fire – Who is Ajju Bhai, ID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel


Ajjubhai94 Free Fire – Garena Free Fire is the most popular battle royal game with exacting updates for free fire fans. And it made one unremovable icon in the gaming industry with a number of milestones in 2020.

It also plays a major role on the YouTube side with 100 billion views with the possibility of extensions.

We are going to see one popular YouTuber with 34.4 Million Subscribers. His name is Ajjubhai94 and his YouTube channel name is TOTAL GAMING and this channel is popular with Free fire content creation.

Total gaming channel was started in October 2018 with few subscribers but now it is one of the popular free fire content creating gaming channel in India with mastering technics.

Total Gaming has 34M subscribers on youtube and estimated to grow at 46154 subscribers/day with an average video uploading frequency of 3 videos/day. Popular video amount his upload is (Solo vs Squad 2 AWM tries to make the world record).

Other related channels with this total gaming are AJAY VERSE(4.67M), AJJUBHAI(645K), TG Highlights(1.29M), and Total Gaming Shorts(1.35M) among this total gaming live got, reachable Subscriber among Free fire lovers and fans.

Who is Ajju Bhai

Free Fire IGN’s name is Ajjubhai94 but his real name is Ajay and he lives in Gujarat or his hometown in Ahmedabad.

Ajay’s net worth is almost 50 Crores he earns 4 lakhs for each video on Youtube by using his own youtube channel TOTAL GAMING. From another way means donation from the followers through Paytm, Paypal, etc.., he earns 25 lakhs per month and his annual income is 5-10 Crores.

After we will see about his education level and hobby and profession. His hobby is playing the first game and listening to music. Ajay is a Gamer and Growth hacker.

No one will make this much net worth within this age of 24 without some extra knowledge of some degrees. But he is the top most popular Free Fire player in India.

Ajjubhai94 Face

His photo from some social account is mention below:

ajjubhai94 face

Sorry to say this, I’m not sure about this photo of Ajay because Ajjubhai does not release his photo officially still now but he announces one thing is he will upload his real photo within two-three years maybe in 2023 or 2024.

Name Ajay
Age 23 Year Old
Birthplace Ahmedabad
Hometown Gujrat
Education Diploma
Nationality Indian
Profession YouTuber
Hobbies Listening Music and Gaming
Youtube Starts From 9th October 2017

Ajjubhai94 ID Number

ID number is 451012596.

ajjubhai94 id and uid number

Free Fire ID(UID) 451012596
User Name ajjubhai94
YouTube Channel Total Gaming, Total Gaming Live, AJJUBHAI, TG Highlights
Popular YouTube Channel Total Gaming(Have 22 Million Subscriber)
Networth(Approx) 15cr
Income/Monthly(Approx) 15lakhs – 20lakhs
Income/Anual(Approx) 1cr – 2cr

Reference Video:

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Ajjubhai94 Gaming Profile

ajjubhai94 gaming profile stats

Lifetime Stats: Stats nothing but it shows no of played matches wins and kills include with the solo, dud, and squad categories.

In solo:
ajjubhai94 solo stats

  • Number of matches – 897
  • Wins – 77
  • Kills – 2264
  • Overall wins percentage is 8.58%
  • At last K/D ratio is 2.76

In dud:
ajju bhai 94 gaming dud stats

  • Number of matches – 1642
  • Wins – 306
  • Kills – 6402
  • Overall wins percentage is 18.63%
  • At last K/D ratio is 4.79

In Squad:
ajju bhai 94 gaming squad stats

  • No of matches – 10,150
  • Wins – 2520
  • Kills – 37236
  • Overall wins percentage is 24.82%
  • At last K/D ratio is 4.88

Ranked Stats:
ajju bhai 94 ranked stats

Ajjubhai94 has participated in 284 squad games in the ongoing ranked games and good among 40 games, it makes a win rate of 14.08% his K/D ratio amount that season was 3.72. He also gets involved in solo and duo matches with an equal ratio of K/D 2.6.

NOTE: The stats we mention is just for reference it taken from some other detailed notes about ajjubhai and stats are subject it will be changing as per player play more games in Free Fire

For new reference, no of matches wins and kills and K/D ratio are a little different only overall topmost player in Free Fire Garena.

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Ajju Bhai 94 YouTube Channel

ajjubhai total gaming logo
Ajjubhai94 Total Gaming – Started in 2018 and now total Subscriber is 34.4 Million.
Total Gaming Channel Link https://www.youtube.com/c/TotalGaming093

Featured Channels – Other Ajjubhai94 Channels

AJAY VERSE – Started in 2018 and now total Subscriber is 6.63 Million.

Ajay Verse Channel Link – https://www.youtube.com/c/TotalGamingLive/

Ajjubhai Channel – Started in Jan 2021 and now total Subscriber is 645K.

total gaming channel logo - ajjubhai94

Ajjubhai Channel Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/c/AJJUBHAI093/

TG Highlights – Started in Jan 2021 and now total Subscriber is 1.14 Million.

ajjubhai tg highlights logo
TG Highlights Channel Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/c/TGHighlights093/

In total gaming live he streams many games including Minecraft, some other battle royal games. And subscribers for total gaming live is 6.61 million.

Ajjubhai94 Official Social Media Links:

He also active some other social media accounts: like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter-like that.

Click for an Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/totalgaming_official/

Click for a Facebook account – https://www.facebook.com/totalgaming093/

Click for a Twitter account – https://twitter.com/total_gaming093

Popular Videos in Total Gaming Channel

The most viewed video of Ajjubhai is a competitive video of “New Factory King Ajjubhai? Best Funny Moment – Garena Free Fire #Shorts” have 45 Million Views.

And Second most viewed video of Ajjubhai is a competitive video of “SFREE FIRE BEST FRIEND FOR REASON BEST REVIVE EVER #Shorts” have 38 Million Views.