Ankush Free Fire – Who is Ankush ff, ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel

Garena Free Fire player Ankush FF(Free Fire) is one of the most outstanding Free Fire players and best content creators from India. And his name is famous among all Free Fire players because of his idle and amazing game-play technique in Free Fire battle royal game. And he is popular among the content created in his YouTube channel, his channel is the most famous YouTube channel in India.

Free Fire battle royal game is one of the most popular mobile games in India. And this game was developed and published by Garena International private Limited company. As of 2020, the game has reached more than 500 million downloads worldwide. Garena community grabs the record with over 80 million active users worldwide or globally.

Who is Ankush FF

His real name is “Ankush Tripathi” and his nationality is Indian. His residence in Nepal and occupation is YouTuber. His Yearly income is around this “ $36.8K- $588.5K”. And networth of his is not confirmed because he has sponsor deals with many brands and donations as well.

Ankush Face

He recently released her face on social media website. please check below ankush face photo… #checkbelow

ankush face image photo

Ankush ID Number

ankush ff id and uid number

Ankush FF Player ID in the Free Fire game is “241375963“. And his in-game name is “Ankush FF”.

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Ankush Free Fire Gaming Profile

ankush ff gaming profile

Lifetime Stats: Lifetime stats are nothing but it is the statistical report of the particular Free Fire player performance in separate modes “Solo, Duo, and Squad” matches.

In solo:

Total matches played 937
Booyah!! matches 124
Total kills 2610
Win rate( in percentage) 13.24%
K/D ratio 3.21

In dud:

Total matches played 3272
Booyah!! matches 1296
Total kills 12511
Win rate( in percentage) 39.60%
K/D ratio 6.33

In Squad:

Total matches played 23634
Booyah!! matches 10274
Total kills 88189
Win rate( in percentage) 43.47%
K/D ratio 6.60

Ranked Stats:
Ranked Stats are a little different from the Lifetime stats because it is a statistical report of particular player performance in the Ranked season.

He played 892 ranked squad matches and his victories were 610. And his victories are converted to a win rate of 68.39%. Ankush fragged 4682 in these matches, with a maintaining of 16.60 K/D ratios.

He played 36 duo matches and his victories are 23. His victory rate is 63.88%. His total kills are 151 with a K/D ratio of 11.62.

Ankush FF has not played any matches in Solo mode in this season. He is yet to play matches in the ranked solo mode. (Not yet)

Note:- The stats in this article we reported were noted at the time of writing this article. It may change as the gamers play more games in the Free Fire.

Ankush YouTube Channel(yt)

He joined YouTube on 11th march this last year 2021 but he started his channel in April month this last year 2021. And the current number of uploaded videos on his channel is 32(video clips). The total subscribers of his channel are 1.86 million and his total view on his channel is 25 million.

According to the report of the social blade, he has grabbed 248 k subscribers and 11.21 million views on his channel in the last 30 days.

Click Here – to visit his YouTube channel.

Featured Channels – Other Ankush Channels

Ankush Vlogs – Started in Jun 24, 2021 and now total Subscriber is 107K. Channel link – Click Here

Ankush Official Social Media Links:

He also active some other social media accounts: like Instagram, twitter, Fb – like that.

Instagram account – Click Here

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Popular Videos in Ankush YouTube Channel

The most viewed video of his channel is “Who Is Ankush ?? 5M to 0 Journey !!! 😌” have 4 Million Views.

And Second most popular video is “DON’T DO THIS INFRONT OF ME AGAIN || NOW I WANT REVENGE !! 😤” has 2.7 Million Views.