ARC Welder: How to Play Android Games on Chrome Browser

Play android games on chrome browser. Have you ever heard about installing android apps/games and use them on you chrome browser directly?

There are many people out there who use old PCs. Doesn’t matter if you are using the Linux, Ubuntu, or Windows, with this trick, you will be able to install and use any android app on your chrome browser.

Well, It is not that complicated, there is a chrome browser extension called ARC Welder, and today you are going to learn how to use ARC Welder to install and play android games on Chrome browsers with this detailed Guide.

ARC Welder for Chrome

Designed and Released in 2017, ARC Welder is a chrome browser extension by google. The app was designed to run android games on chrome browsers. Doesn’t matter, whatever OS you are using.

This extension is mostly used by the developer but normal users can also install it and use it to run small android apps and use them on their chrome browser.

However, there is no surety that if the android app will run or not. As I said, mostly the small Apk files load without any problem. So, don’t expect to play large games or use heavy apps on ARC Welder.

ARC Welder Size

The total downloadable size of the ARC Welder is 48.6 MB.

When you start downloading the extension file, it takes 180-190 MB data to download. After that, it downloads another resource of 12 MB before it completes the installation process.

How to install ARC Welder Extension Chrome

The basic idea to use the ARC Welder Extension in Chrome is very easy. Just download ARC Welder and install it just like the other extensions. However, the file is a little bigger than the other chrome extensions. So, the chrome will take some time to add it. As soon as you download and add it, you will be able to run android games on chrome.

Go to ARC Welder Website Extension Chrome.

How to install ARC welder in Chrome Browser

Click on Add to Chrome>Add App. It should start downloading a file.

After that, it will automatically install on your Chrome Browser.

Now, Go to Apps in Chrome and you should see the ARC Welder. Click on it to lunch the app.

choose path location for arc welder

Set a File location. (Go to Documents and make a new file as ARC Welder and hit OK.

So Now, ARC Welder is successfully installed on your chrome browser and ready to load android Apk on chrome. Now all you have to do is get your android game or any Apk you want to run and load it on Chrome. How to do it? Let’s learn!

How to Play Android Games on Chrome Browser

After you have successfully downloaded the ARC welder, now you should be able to load android games on chrome browser. To run an android game on chrome-

Download your favorite Game’s apk file from a free android game downloader site like Apk Mirror.

How run android games on chrome

Download your favorite Game’s apk file from a free android game downloader site like Apk Mirror.

Select your downloaded Apk file and click on OK.

Play Android Games on Chrome Browser with ARC Welder​

From the next window, select Landscape and Tablet(for games) and Click on Launch App.

And soon, your game starts automatically and you will be able to play just by logging in to it. And, this is how to play android games on chrome browser with ARC Welder Extension chrome.

Also, using an android app is pretty much the same. but you need a small change in your extension settings to run an app on chrome.

How to Use the Android App on Chrome browser

So, first of all, you need the Chrome extension. After you finish installing it, download your Android app apk file you want to run.

Now, Open ARC Welder extension, and click on Add Apk.

Select your Apk file and click OK.

How to use android app on chrome browser

From this window, before you hit Launch App, select Portrait and Mobile.

Mobile portrait mode will launch app just like the android smartphone and you should be able to use it by logging in with your ID and Password.

Get your Android Apk from Google Play Store

In case you don’t want o use other third-party websites or you are unable to find the app you are looking for. you can still get it from Google Play Store. To download an app apk file from google play store follow these steps-

Go to Chrome and Open Google Play Store.

Search your App and Copy the link.

Now go to Apk Downloader and Paste the Link.

Click on the Generate Download link.

Download Apk File.

How Fix ARC Welder not working?

Every faced unable to run android or apk not loading? I have face the same problem some days ago.

This problem appears because of the data saved location setting in the Chrome App Launcher.

To fix the ARC welder not working, we need to change its path location as it can only read and write data from the file location we choose.

Go to ARC Extension.

Rightclick on the APP Info.

Click the icon to remove read and write limits.

Some Great ARC Welder Alternatives-


Nox App Player



Happy Chick Emulator


Remoted IOS Simulator

IDOS Emulator


Electric Mobile Studio

iPhone Simulator

Android Studio Emulator

Remix OS Player.

Conclusion: ARC welder chrome extension is just for simulating an android app through the chrome browser. Also, this extension can not run multiple apps at the same time. If you are going to use this one then you must consider one app at a time. Which means you have to remove one app or game to play another.

Otherwise, you can also try emulators. Android emulators are the best way to use any android apps and games on your Windows PC. KO Player, BlueStacks, Andy, Gameloop are some of the best android emulators for windows PC you can download and use for free.

So, here is a detailed guide to play android games on chrome. I hope this post is helpful to you.