B2K Free Fire – Who is B2K(Born2Kill), ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel

Born2Kill is a Free Fire Player. Also great content creator and he was shortly named as B2K. He is famous around the world for this proof of Free Fire content creator.

B2K Official Youtube Channel Banner

Who is B2K

The best Tunisian player is known for his great playing technique and amazing skill for gameplay in the popular mobile battle royal game. Born2Kill runs one YouTube channel to upload his Free Fire clips and videos for his Subscribers and fans around the world.

Born2Kill channel also reached 8.93 million subscribers because of his idle gameplay technique videos and clips. These videos are most useful for his subscribers to upgrade his or her techniques.

Born2Kill Face

Born2Kill photo Image via Instagram – check below image. Born2kill official Instagram account Links is – Click Here

B2K Photo From His Official Instagram Account

B2K ID Number And UID

b2k free fire id number

The Born2Kill Free Fire ID number is 320653047 and if you want to confirm that ID number means just refer to the above profile image of Born2Kill and his Free Fire Username or Nickname is B 2 K

Free Fire ID(UID) 320653047
User Name B 2 K
YouTube Channel Born2Kill, B2K, B2K Highlights, B2K Shorts
Popular YouTube Channel Born2Kill(Have 7.4 Million Subscriber)
Income/Monthly(Approx.) 5 lakhs – 8 lakhs

Born2Kill Free Fire Gaming Profile – Stats

b2k gaming profile solo, dud, squad

“Stats” nothing but it shows no of played matches wins and kills include with the solo, dud, and squad categories of the best battle royal game Free Fire.

Lifetime Stats: “Stats” nothing but it shows no of played matches wins and kills include with the solo, dud, and squad categories of the best battle royal game Free Fire.

In solo: Born2kill played 1409 Solo matches with many tuff Free Fire Players in the Battle royal matches and a total booyah of 173 and he maintains his win rate of 12.27%. And he secured total frags of 4650 kills in the solo trumpet matches, with a K/D ratio of 3.76.

In dud: Born2kill played duo matches also with a total played matches of 2928(matches) and he secured a win rate of 16.29% with a K/D ratio of 5.49. Born2Kill has 13449 kills in this duo mode match.

In Squad: Born2kill played total squad games of 9005 and he secured 1575 booyah!! From this all he makes his win rate of 17.49%. Total monster kills are 51753 while maintaining a K/D ratio of 6.97.

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B2K Free Fire Ranked Stats:

B2K Free Fire - Who is B2K(Born2Kill), ID, UID, Real Photo and Official YouTube Channel
The Ranked stats slightly differ from the Lifetime stats because these stats are only noted in the Ranked season of the Free Fire Garena.

And Ranked stats for Born2Kill was total squad matches 60 and he occupied 11 victories and these victories converted to a win rate of 18.33%. In this mode, he racked 503 kills and he maintains the K/D ratio of 10.27.

In ranked season also Born2Kill played duo matches with his competitive players and he secured 8 booyah’s among 67 matches, he maintains a win rate of 11.94. With the monster kills of 441 and he got a K/D ratio of 7.47.

(Note:– Mentioned stats in this article were noted at the time of writing this content. They are changing as the player Born2Kill continues to play more matches means it will make changes as per the time of noting the stats.)

Born2Kill YouTube Channel(yt)

B2K stands for Born2kill and this full format is the name of his YouTube channel.

b2k free fire official logo youtube
Born2Kill is a primary channel, he uploaded his best techniques videos and clips because of his hard work he reached 8.93 million subscribers, and his channel also started in 29 Nov 2016 with fewer subscribers but now it moves to 8.93 millions of subscribers. The Channel Link is – https://www.youtube.com/c/Born2Kill/

Featured Channels – Other Born2Kill Channels

B2K – Started in 18 Aug 2019 and now total Subscriber is 1.37M.
B2k Channel Link – https://www.youtube.com/c/B2Kyt/

B2K Highlights – Started in 7 Feb 2013 and now total Subscriber is 372K.
B2k Highlights Channel Link https://www.youtube.com/c/B2KHighlights/

B2K Shorts – Started in 2 Apr 2020 and now total Subscriber is 182K.
B2K Shorts Channel Link https://www.youtube.com/c/B2KShorts/

Born2Kill Official Social Media Links:

Born2Kill also active some other social media accounts: like Instagram.

Instagram account – Click Here

Popular Videos in Born2Kill YouTube Channel

The most viewed video of born2kill is “[B2K] لا شيء يمكنه أن يمنعنا من الفوز | Nothing can stop us from winning” have 15 Million Views.

And Second most popular video is “[B2K] قيم بلاي سولو سكواد لا يوصف | LEGENDS NEVER DIE 1 VS 4” has 12 Million Views.