Best Battle Royale Games for Mobile – List

Crying for some good PUBG Mobile alternatives to play? Well, there are many but today we are here with some of the best battle royale games for mobile. 

In this blog post, I have shared the best mobile battle Royale games 2020-2021 and all of them are free to play. These Games are actually better than PUBG Mobile. I have Distinguished them into two categories for Low-End Mobile Phones and High-End Mobile Phones. 

If you are one of those categories who likes to play Battle Royale Mode then this Blog will be Gold Mine for you.

This blog all about online FPS games, and I have given the best games like PUBG for android.

These games are for those people who always search for terms like games better than PUBG mobile or Battle Royale games online.

Let’s have a brief introduction on What Battle Royale Modes are and what are the features?

What is Battle Royale Games?

PUBG Corp and Tencent games together introduced the first mobile battle royale game PUBG Mobile. Where 100 people fight with each other with guns royale and other variety of weapons for their survival.

The battle royale games online are quite popular. Especially games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are very famous in the list of the best battle royale games. But there is competition in all field. Similar games like Fortnite are also taking players providing some best battle royale experience to the players.

Battle Royale Modes are multiplayer online FPS games, and it is a very interesting game because of its pure storyline and the excellent graphics and exciting game mechanics combined. Battle Royale is also called Battlelands Royale.

It mainly comes with a basic and clean storyline where many players fight with each other to be the last person standing in the field.

This game is a mixture of strategy and adventure with a bit of luck and skill thrown into the mix. So, if you are also looking for a PUBG Mobile alternative then check out these games better than PUBG Mobile.

Best Battle Royale Games for Mobile

So, here we are going to talk about our main topic called “best battle royale games for Mobile”. As you know at the start I told you that I will share games for both Low-End Phones and High-End Phones. So, if you are a PUBG Mobile lover than check all these best games like PUBG or fortnite for android.

These games can only be played Online. There is no option for these games to play Offline. Get these games as per your Mobile Ram for the Best Battle Royale Gaming Experience.

Battle Royale Games online like PUBG for Android –

1) Battle Royale Games For 4GB RAM(High End)

2) Battle Royale Games For 3GB RAM(Low End)

Battle Royale Games For 4GB RAM(High End)

Under a 4GB ram smartphone, we can pretty much play high-end games. So, in this list, we have included 3 main battle royale games that are taking over the market. So, the three battle royale games for 4GB RAM phone are-

  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Fortnite Mobile
  • Garena Free Fire

Apart from these options, all of the games in this list are good alternatives for PUBG and comes under Battle Royale Genre.

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#1 Call of Duty Mobile

call of duty mobile best online battle royale game
Ratings – 4.5/5

Availability On Play Store- YES

Megabytes (MB)-1900 Mb (1.9GB)

Ram Required (minimum)- 4GB RAM

Downloads 100M+

This game is most played After Player Unknown Battleground that is PUBG. This game has a similar story and count as the best PUBG Mobile alternative. You can also count on it’s variety of weapons.

This battle royale game for mobile is mostly famous because of its 5V5 Mode. COD Mobile is very well designed, there are many different ways that you can play and each offers a different gaming experience.

I have seen people say that they enjoy playing the game while driving. It also has custom games, space suits, jet packs and more.

Talking about the features, COD Mobile has excellent graphics are very nice, very crisp, and have a nice natural motion to them which is not something that you will find in lots of games these days.

Some of the Call of duty mobile battle royale games are free and for others, you will have to pay a small fee to download mobile versions of the game. But it’s not too bad to get a premium version as it is one of the best mobile battle royale games 2020.

I am sure that most people will opt to get the free versions, although the one with the premium iOS version is available for too.

Call of duty mobile is actually a game better than PUBG but it has been receiving a lot of criticism since it was first launched on the mobile market, however, the game is fun and entertaining for a lot of people. 

The game is available for both Apple iPhone and Android devices and it is a good battle games android.

#2 Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite mobile battle royale game like pubg
Ratings – 4.3/5

Availability On Playstore- NO(Epic Games)

Megabytes (MB)- 66.5Mb (More After Download)

Ram Required (minimum) 4GB RAM

Downloads 66M+

Not the best battle royale games onine but Fortnite mobile is a good to play online multiplayer FPS game that was originally developed for the Sony PlayStation Portable. It has since then been moved onto other platforms too.

The original version was also published on several gaming sites including Google play, mobiles. Fortnite is not very good with the smartphone as it needs high requirements to play on android but still it can be count as best battle games android. You can also lower the graphics setting to play smoothly.

In this review, I will briefly go through what the game is about and what are its pros and cons of the game mode.

The story of Fortnite mobile is very simple. In this game, you will have to save the world by building up your fort and protecting it from all sides with powerful walls and floors. Meaning, its a classic battle royale game where you land on a map with 99 others and then you fight to stay alive.

Kill enemy, looting weapons, bulding walls, and customization options makes it a fun game. More with big knives are the core game.

The overall goal of the game is to provide a solid gameplay experience across multiple platforms and provide a great visual experience on both devices. But we all know that Fortnite is one of the best battle royale  games for ps4.

The important note I would like to bring to your attention though is that Fortnite mobile was designed to be an application that runs completely on Android devices but it needs high specs to play. So, it is definitely one of those battle royale games for 4gb ram.

This means that all the downloads and changes are done specifically on the android device where it can also be used on the PDA and the iPhone. This is important to note because it ensures that the portability of the application is preserved.

#3 Garena Free Fire

garena free fire battle royale game
Ratings – 4.3/5

Availability On Playstore YES

Megabytes (MB) 700 Mb

Ram Required (minimum) 4GB RAM

Downloads 500M+

One of the best PUBG Mobile alternatives, Garena Free Fire is an exciting, action-packed game. Developed and published by 112 Dots Studio and released for both iOS and Android. After the release it continuously standing on the list of the best battle royale games for mobile every year.

It has been the most downloaded free mobile game in its first year of release, according to data from App Stores. It has become the most downloaded apps for both the iOS and Android handsets, according to Alexa.

It also received the title of “Mobile Entertainment Brand” by IDC for the second year in a row. The game’s popularity has grown since it was released on the Apple App Store.

In this game, you as the player take control of the main character, Valentina, and do your duty to protect the earth by putting out the fire and preventing further pollution. All along with battle royale style, 100 players will fight on the map called Bermuda, and fight untill the last man standing. He who takes the Booyah title instead of Chicken Dinner.

To kill more enemies you can also get various weapons from the guns royale. In Free Fire, Guns Royale are one of the coolest thing to get. It includes cool weapon skins too.

The graphics are great, and the sound effects are realistic enough to make you feel as if you’re part of something major. If you are looking for games better than PUBG for your low-end mobile then your search should stop here.

Battle Royale Games For 3GB RAM. (Low End)

#4 Pixel 3D Battle Royale Game

pixel 3d battle royale games online for android
Ratings – 4.1/5

Availability On Playstore YES

Megabytes (MB) 100 Mb

Ram Required (minimum) 3GB RAM

Downloads 50M+

If you have been spending a large amount of your time in the competitive gaming world, you will have heard about the hit game Pixel Unknown: Battle Ground. It is a 3d battle royale game exclusively for those who want to play such game in their low-end mobile.

It is an awesome simulation game where you get to play as a soldier in the army. The story behind the game revolves around an operation in which you are required to annihilate some terrorists enemy that have occupied a high-security facility.

With a limited player count, you are allowed to do several operations which include capturing, bombarding, and many more to take out the terrorists that have occupied the ground.

As you make your way through the level, you will be faced with different types of challenges depending on how you are playing the game. Apart from that, it’s 3D battle royale game mode makes you feel an unique gaming good.

However, if you are playing it with multiple players either online or LAN, the game will slow down and the enemy can easily get away with you. When playing in real-time with the help of a keyboard and mouse.

The game becomes quite challenging and interesting because you can choose the best moves for a particular situation and if you are playing it online with other players, you need to coordinate with them to make sure you are not outnumbered and taken out by them before they have a chance to escape.

Another reason why you should consider playing these 3D battle royale games is the fact that it is an excellent choice for your children. You can buy the downloadable version of the game and let them play it together with their friends at the same time.

The controls are made extremely easy so even kids who do not know much about playing games can easily get the hang of it and enjoy the real-time action. Also the regular updates are the reason of its vast fan following.

Available on both android and apple.

#5 Scarfall: The Royale Combat

scarfall battle royale game like pubg for android
Ratings – 4.1/5

Availability On Playstore YES

Megabytes (MB) 353Mb (1.9GB)

Ram Required (minimum) 3GB RAM

Downloads 50M+

This game does have an action-packed and thrilling combat system that will keep you on your toes. I’m not entirely sure how much of the story is left open for the player’s interpretation, but the combat does feel like it evolves as the player progresses through the story.

I also really liked the character development, as each of the characters is given enough personality so that it’s obvious who is controlling the action. As a battle royale game, Scarfall has low player count which is a good thing to play on low end mobile devices.

The story is broken up into self-contained chapters which give the sense of a slowly unfolding tale and this is why the Scarfall comes in the best battle royale games 2020.

The Royale Combat Android is 9 out of ten for me. It’s a fast action game with excellent graphics. It’s one of those games that you will find yourself playing time after time over the months and years to come.

The combat is reactive and requires you to think on your feet, and has enough content to keep you busy for quite some time. If you’re looking for an enjoyable role-playing game that has a strong dose of fantasy thrown in, then this is the game for you!

#6 Battlefield Royale – The One

battlefield royale the one battle royale games online
Ratings – 4.1/5

Availability On Google Play Store YES

Megabytes (MB) 182 Mb (1.9GB)

Ram Required (minimum) 3GB RAM

Ratings 4.1

Downloads 100K+

If you are looking for a game that will challenge and entertain you for hours on end, then you need to check out this game.

The one redeeming quality about this game is that it is completely free to download from the Android Market, and the only cost is that of your connectivity to the internet.

Battlefield Royale is a very good quality fun game that can give you the satisfaction of the best battle royale games 2020.

The story behind this game is very simple and exciting as well. There are many rich and thrilling combat scenes where you take control of the protagonist, who happens to be on an extraction mission from his military base.

The one thing you should know about this mobile game is that it uses an open-source engine, and so you will not have to worry about bugs or any performance issues.

If you are into free online RPG games that have beautiful graphics and amazing audio effects, then you are going to love playing this one game.

This game is available for free download from the Google Android Market and you can download this game from the Google Play Store too. Just download it now and enjoy it on your android device from now on.

#7 Battlelands Royale

battlelands royale game for 2gb ram phone
Ratings – 4/5

Availability On Google Play Store YES

Megabytes (MB) 182 Mb

Ram Required (minimum) 2GB RAM

Ratings 4

Downloads 900k+

The best battle royale game for low specs phone. The Battlelands Royale can be the best PUBG Mobile alternative for low-end phones. It has the basic battle royale style and some most unique battle royale experience that you are going to encounter.

First comes its cool short sweer, and cute battle royale gameplay that needs only 5 minutes to complete. As usual, some players are going to be on a map and fight for their life. The last man standing is going to be the winner of Battlelands Royale.

Apart from that, this game comes with many unique and famous guns like S12 and AKM. So, if you were looking for a battle royale game for 2 GB ram phone or a 3GB ram phone that you can play this one right away.

Another good thing about this game to know is, there is no matchmaking time to play. So, wait no more. You can play either solo mode and rule the land or pair up with your best teammate to rule over others.

Upcoming Battle Royale Game for Android

#1 FAU-G

FAU G best battle royale online
Ratings – 4.8/5

The game has so far registered the highest number of registrations in less than 24 hours in the Play Store itself in India. And because the game is free to all users in India. 

FAU-G Game is set during post World War II all over again and depicts the challenges and struggles of a young hero called Gabriel, who struggles to save India from the clutches of the dreaded British.

All Things About FAU-G Game comes as part of the popular ‘Books in Books’ series, which was previously released as B.K.S. – a highly acclaimed science fiction book that spawned an animated movie adaptation as well.

When playing all things about FAU-G battle royale Game online, it’s important to note that while the story is captivating and engrossing, the gameplay itself is not all that complex.

Despite this, some people found that the graphics were a little too graphic for their taste and made them slightly disappointed with the quality of graphics used in the game.

In the mobile gaming world, FAU-G is going to be hilarious.

So in this blog, I have shared everything about the best battle royale games for mobile. Fans of PUBG Mobile can now choose one of these best games like PUBG for android phones. Most of these games have cool features, destructible buildings and customizable options to enjoy.

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