9 Best Devices for PUBG New State

Recently PUBG Team has launched the latest version on their platform, it is the PUBG New State. It’s one of the features that we can get on the newer version which is based on the battle royale formula of the previous version. We can find a lot of new specifications and a better gaming experience for the users like you. So, to meet all the guidelines for making your new PUBG New State smooth to play, we are here with the list of best devices for the PUBG new State game.

We got this version is based currently on the pre-registration for the Android and iOS versions. So, before getting this newer version we must have to prepare with the supported smartphones.

If we really want to play this cool upcoming new PUBG Mobile on our smartphone, we got to know the PUBG New State Device requirements.

PUBG New State: A Newer Version

But first, what is PUBG New State? All the players like you have seen the trailer of this version. We have got such a revealed trailer that makes all the users like you and I know more about this version. As per the trailer we have got the map called Trio based/set on the 2051 year.

Here we got the map size will be limited to 8×8 km. As more, we may get the drones and other features on this new version.

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It’s one of the different games than the previous level and version got from the PUBG team. As we have already mentioned here we can get some unique features that make you more passionate about your favorite PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State is one of the newer sets from PUBG Universe where we can find exclusive features. It’s based on Android and iOS. With its distant future stories based on 2051, we can expect better improvement and changes in the gaming world.

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Minimum Requirements for PUBG: New State

PUBG Mobile consumes a higher volume of RAM and causes excessive consumption of the performance of your smartphone too. Besides this, your smartphones must have some minimum features and volume for the smooth running of this platform/ app. Here are some basic requirements for the new PUBG New State Game.

Android: As per the Game’s Listing on the Play Store by Google we got this,

Android Smartphones running on at least Android Version 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Must have at least 3 GB RAM on Android OS.

Storage: 32GB

CPU: Snapdragon 425 or equivalent to this for MediaTek, Exynos, and Kirin

iOS: For iOS by Apple we have got these minimum requirements

Newer than 5s, iPad 2

At least iOS 9 or above.

Best Devices for PUBG New State Game

PUGB is one of the most gaming platform or the most trending games all over the world on smartphones is not other than this. Due to this PUBG is also called the “Player Unknown Battleground Mobile”.

Although we have the option and some tips for going to use on your heavy PC we are here for the smartphones. The main reason to play PUBG on smartphones is due to its nature. This game is highly made for smartphones. So, for this to meet the requirements on the PUBG new State game we have mentioned the best among the best for you.

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Here we have mentioned the best smartphones for PUBG New State Game. As per the price segment and its features we have given this researched-based list for you.

Best Smartphones for PUBG New State Game Under 10000 INR

Although it’s not the best option to choose the smartphones under 10000 for PUBG Mobile and its newer PUBG New State game we can go for it if there is not a higher budget. Yes, if you are in search of the best smartphones for PUBG New State game under 10000 then here are the 3 smartphones for you.

Realme 5 (3/32GB)

best device for pubg new state game under 10k

Realme 5is one of the best mobile that I got under 10K in India for your PUBG New State Game. Here we can get the fulfillment of all the minimum requirements of the PUBG on Android OS devices.

The 3GB RAM is perfect enough for running this newer version of PUBG as per the price. Well, it’s not the perfect match using this smartphone but it is okay for you.

Also, we can get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 based on a 2GHz processor that makes your PUBG Performance okay than expected over the price. Similarly, the use of a 5000mAh battery makes your gaming performance last and longer hours. And this is why this phone listed first on this list of best devices for pubg new state game.

RAM/ ROM: 3GB / 32GB

CPU; Snapdragon 662, 2GHz Processor

Battery: 5000mAh

Realme 5i (4/64)

realmi smartphone for pubg mobile 2

Here again from Realme we have got this powerful gaming smartphone under 10000. Realme 5i is one of the perfect and best gaming smartphones to play PUBG New State. It comes with the latest Android version based on the Realme UI.

The 4GB RAM Combined with the 64GB internal storage makes your PUBG New Stater Game performance much better than other smartphones below this price range. Yes, it’s enough to meet the basic requirements for the PUBG universe from these smartphones.

And for real-time performance, we can find the use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset. It is one of the budget segment and mid-range performer chipset. Overall, the gaming performance using this device is basic and seems good as per the price.

RAM/ ROM: 4GB / 64GB

CPU; Snapdragon 665,

Battery: 5000mAh

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime

xiomi gaming phone for pubg new state

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime is another perfect smartphone for PUBG New state that I got for your PUBG New State. It’s a budget-friendly smartphone with better performance. We can find some power back features on this smartphone that makes you go for the best devices for PUBG New State below 10000.

MediaTek Helio G80, a most lower price higher performer chipset for the mid-range smartphone that I got for you is a perfect choice. Also, the combination of 4GB RAM and 64GB Shared internal storage makes your gaming performance better.

Taking battle over the PUBG universe is possible for you to with its Latest Powerful CPU, RAM, ROM, and the latest Android Version based on MIUI 12.5. At last, you can get a longer time for your gameplay with the 5020mAh bigger battery.

RAM/ ROM: 4GB / 64GB

CPU; MediaTek Helio G80,

Battery: 5020mAh

Under 15000 INR Gaming Smartphones for PUBG

Getting more options for the best devices for PUBG New State Smartphones under 15000 is more choosable as compared to the price under 10K. if you are in search of quite better smartphones for improving in your PUBG New State Game then here is the list for you.

Realme 5 Pro

pubg new state phone under 15000

This smartphone comes with a Powerful chipset. Here we can find the Snapdragon 712 with a combination of 6GB RAM. Yes, it’s the perfect smartphone for PUBG New State Gaming.

Coming to its Cores then we got the use of Octa cores based on higher clock speed. Similarly, there is the 4.35mAh battery for giving longer hours on your PUBG Battle.

Overall, it’s not the perfect but good gaming smartphone that you got below 15K in Indian Market.

RAM/ ROM: 6GB / 64GB

CPU; Qualcomm Snapdragon 712,

Battery: 4035mAh

Redmi Note 10 Pro

redmi note 10 is good for pubg new state

We have got this powerful smartphone from Xiaomi. It’s one of the newest smartphones from the Redmi Sub-brand with such a better performer for your PUBG Mobile.

We have got this smartphone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G. it’s one of the powerful chipsets on a mid-range smartphone. In terms of performance, these best devices for PUBG New State is pretty enough for you as per the price.

With the 6GB, RAM combined with the 64GB Shared internal storage you will get more free on boosting the PUBG New State Game. It’s the new smartphone so you have to wait for this In India. If not then you can go for the Redmi Note 9 Pro too.

RAM/ ROM: 6GB / 64GB

CPU; Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G,

Battery: 5050mAh

Android: 11, MIUI 12.5

Huawei Honor Play

huawei gaming phone under 15000 for pubg new state

In terms of chipset, we got the own Kirin used on the Huawei smartphones. Honor Play comes with the Kirin 970 chipset which is enough for getting the desired level of gaming experience under 15K.

With the 6GB RAM & 64GB internal storage you can able to get fully enjoyed the most popular games like Call of Duty, Free fire including the PUBG New State.

Further, the Full HD+ Display having the 6.53Inch Display makes doubles your real-time gaming experience. This is why this phone is also on this list of best devices for PUBG New State.

RAM/ ROM: 6GB / 64GB

CPU; Qualcomm Snapdragon 712,

Battery: 3750mAh

PUBG New State Smartphones Under 30000 INR

Uplifting to the next level for the most powerful Battle Royale Games we have got these smartphones under 30000. Due to a lot of dynamics, maps, and other modes, it’s possible to manage all the performance with this powerful smartphone for PUBG New State Game below 30000.

Samsung Galaxy A51

samsung galaxy for pubg new state game

Galaxy A51 features the smooth running of your PUBG Games. There is no doubt in saying it is one of the best smartphones for PUBG New State below 3000 for the PUBG New State Game. Here we have got the 6GB RAM with the 128GB ROM.

It’s possible to boost your PUBG Mobile experience with the Home chipset, Exynos 9611. we have tried this device can run the PUBG in the frame rate of 60fps and has a Higher resolution with smooth and extreme performance.

RAM/ ROM: 6GB / 128GB

CPU; Samsung Exynos 9611,

Battery: 4000mAh

Xiaomi MI 10i

xiaomi MI best device for PUBG New State

Packed with 8GB RAM gives the decent space for running multiple apps in the background. Coming to its real-time performance then we have got the powerful chipset, Snapdragon 750G.

Snapdragon 750G is perfect for boosting your PUBG New State performance. Also, we can get a higher refresh rate that makes the playing with a screen more smooth fast and better.

Similarly, we can say that these MI Devices for PUBG New State games only. With the 6.67 inches bigger screen you can get better performance on your gaming. Finally, the 4820mAh battery based on Li-Ion delivers better backup for you.

RAM/ ROM: 8GB / 128GB

CPU; Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G,

Battery: 4820mAh

OnePlus Nord

The best device to Play pubg new state is one plus Nord

The lower and budget-friendly that we got from OnePlus in the market is OnePlus Nord. It’s the budget segment smartphone that is perfect for your PUGB Gaming.

For boosting and uplifting you to the next level on gaming we have got the 6GB RAM combined with the256GB Shared internal storage.

In terms of chipset, there is the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G. Similarly, we have got the higher refresh with the bigger Super AMOLED Screen that makes you move towards this smartphone.

RAM/ ROM: 6GB / 256GB

CPU; Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G,

Battery: 4115mAh

Final Words:

The PUBG New State Game will be more interesting and better for all the users. For this, we have mentioned the list of 9 Best devices for Pubg new state game. We hope this researched-based information will make you happy about choosing the best PUBG New State smartphone for you.