Best Emulators for BGMI to play on PC| High to Low

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most viral games in India today. Just like we played PUBG Mobile, players are getting more and more excited about the game. Also, many of us are interested in playing the game on Emulators. So, today I am here to review the best Emulators for BGMI. With these amazingly performed emulators, you will be able to play BGMI on PC without any lag.

If you do not know what is an emulator and how to play BGMI on pc then you can read the guide to get a simplified guide on How to Play Battle Grounds Mobile India on PC in a very efficient way.

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What is Emulators

Emulators are known by many names. I suppose, we already know what an Emulator is. However, for those who are not familiar with it. An Emulator is a program that allows us to run a specific OS on another OS(Operating System).

For example, With a Windows Emulator, we will be able to run Windows to a different OS such as Linux. We will be able to function the Linux PC just like a Windows PC with the help of a Windows Emulator.

Just like that, Android Emulator is a program. With this one, we can run an Android OS on a Windows PC and use it as an android phone or device.

We can also download and install any android app on this emulator. We can also play mobile games on PC with it. The amazing advantage of using an emulator to play Mobile games on PC is a great idea to enjoy those keyboard and mouse advantages.

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3 Best Emulators for BGMI to play on PC.

Today we are going to look at some best Android Emulators for BGMI for Windows PC. These emulators are great for playing new mobile games. If you are a BGMI fan then try this emulator to enjoy the Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC.

LD Player

ld player best emulator for BGMI

LD Player is one of the lightest and best emulators for BGMI you can get for Windows. The LD Player Emulator is of 4 MB exe file. You can visit the official site of LD Player and Click on Download LD Player to download the emulator to your Windows System.

The whole file will take 300-400MB max. Double click on the LDPlayer.exe file on your downloads folder to begin the installation. After installing the emulator, open it. It will show you a tablet-like screen where you can see the play store and some other android apps.

Open the play store and submit your Gmail to log into the play store. Once you logged in you will be able to download and install any games or apps to your Windows PC.

This emulator also gives you some gaming features like keybinding, smooth frames, aim assist, and more. You can visit the settings menu to look at the best features. Also, beginners can get a guide on how to use LD player settings.

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Gameloop Emulator for BGMI on PC

best low end pc emulator for bgmi

Many of us already know about the game loop android emulator. This emulator is more like a game-ready version. Lighter and capable than any other emulator for gaming only. Gameloop android emulator allows only games.

So, if you are thinking of downloading other apps then it is not going to be so simple. Using the Gameloop emulator is very easy and efficient.

All you need to do is go to the Official Gameloop Site and download the setup file. After, downloading, click on the exe file to begin the installation. After installing it, launch the app and start using it right away.

Gameloop is pre-ready for BGMI, PUBG Mobile, etc. Simply click on begin installation. It will first download the engine to run Android OS on Windows. After that program will download the game from their own database.

Gameloop doesn’t use the play store to download your games. However, you can still download and install apps and games from play store.

Visit browser and open Play Store Link to open play store on Gameloop. This best emulators for BGMI also provides multiple optimization features.


high end pc emulator bluestacks

Another best emulators for BGMI is called Bluestacks is for heavy users. Bluestacks is one of the most efficient android emulators for windows. It may be a large app and needs more memory and computing power to run but it is also going to be the real performance on your gaming.

This one also has virtual realization to smoothen your game more. Like the other two, players will not be able to use Bluestack on 4GB RAM laptops or PC. To play Battlegrounds Mobile India on Bluestacks android emulator, we need an 8GB RAM PC with at least a basic graphics card in it.

The graphics card can also be as low as AMDs integrated or a 2GB Nvidia card will also do the job. Apart from its high requirements, this emulator also gives a wide range of features and is easy to use. You will be able to optimize the gaming performance in many ways.

Along with that, keymapping, fps booster, smooth movements, better cursor, etc are some features to note. Bluetacks android emulator for BGMI is also good for using other apps on PC.

Download Bluestacks Android Emulator and begin installation by clicking on the downloaded EXE file. The file will need at least 500MB to download installation. Open the app and set up basic settings which can be found here, Bluestack Setup Guide.

Bluestacks has its own game database which is optimized for the emulator. You can also download the play store app and log into it to get android games directly.

Some of the key features of Bluestacks are game control, multi-instance, smart controls, Macros, Native gameplay, Eco mode, enrolling, multi-instance sync, real-time translation, and eco mode for optimizing your PC while it is doing other tasks.

Which Emulator is best from this list.

Well, it totally depends on you. If you are using a low-end or Old PC then you might want to try LD player or Gameloop. Gameloop used to be lighter but with updates, it became a resource-hungry emulator.

So, for a 4GB ram PC, an LD player might show some good results with gaming. Otherwise, if your PC has more ram and more GPU VRAM then you are just right with the Bluestacks. Bluestacks is very capable and has many handy features to bring out the last drop of smoothness to your game.

Final words: So, here are the best emulators for BGMI on PC. You can check our new guide on How to Play BGMI on PC with the best emulator.

The game is going infamous because of the hacker. It may give you a good experience for PC users. So, download your favorite Emulator for BGMI to play on PC.

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