GameLoop Settings Guide for Best Performance and Lag Fix

GameLoop emulator is presently the top android emulator for PUBG and COD Mobile players. Many players love to play mobile games on their PC and an emulator is the best way to install android games on PC. There are other Gameloop alternatives available on the Internet, but if you are here for your PUBG or COD Mobile game then today I will tell you how you can fix lags and get the best performance by following this best GameLoop Settings Guide.

How to Fix Lags in GameLoop

If you are facing lags and rendering problems in your Gamloop emulator during your game play then you must change some of its settings. In this Gameloop Settings Guide, we will focus on How to fix lags and get the best performance settings in the Gameloop android emulator.

In this best Gameloop settings guide, we are going to do 3 basic things to get the best performance and fix most of the lags-

  • Gameloop Settings for Lag Fix
  • Work on PC Boosting
  • Learn about in-game Settings

Before we head to our main topic we should know about what are the requirements to run Gameloop Emulator on our PC

GameLoop Emulator Requirements

  • Processor-i3 or above
  • RAM-4GB or above.
  • Storage- 500GB or above.
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics or above
  • Internet Speed: 500kbps or above
  • Essentials: Directx12 or +

These are the minimum requirements to run Gameloop on your PC. If you are playing PUBG or COD Mobile, you will need to have a PC with at least these features to see no lags in your game. If you already have, and let’s proceed to the best Gameloop settings guide.

Best Gameloop Settings Guide

Gameloop Settings for Lag Fix

1. Download Right Gameloop Installer

First of all, you need to download Gameloop for the only game you need. Gameloop installs PUBG Mobile automatically after downloading. Download COD Mobile if you want to play only COD Mobile.

Don’t download more than one game, if you want the best performance in Gameloop.

Now Go to this LINK, scroll down a little bit, select which game you want, and Download. It will download the right installer for your game.

Download Right Gameloop Installer

Now you can just open the .exe file and install your game. which is pretty easy to do.

2. Gameloop Basic Settings

Head to the 3 Bar icon the upper left corner and find settings.

From here on you will see some settings that are called basic settings.

Basic Settings to fix lags in Gameloop

General Setting

You can see, I have ticked all the 4 boxes in the General settings. The first setting lets your gameloop run in the background all the time. Turn this setting off*(recommended for low-end pcs).

Hide Advanced Watermark is for hiding the watermark of Gameloop.

Voice Chat with friends must be enabled if you are using a mic to voice communication in your game.

Also, the Google installer if you want to install Google play store and play games app in your Gameloop.

Turn all these options on to set your General setting at its best. The next setting is the Boss KEY.

Boss KEY

Many of our brothers play games when their parents don’t agree with them. Sometimes for many reasons like this, we might want to hide our game window and that is where we use the BOSS KEY.

Set up your BOSS key which is going to be Ctrl+ any key you like. With this Boss key, you will be able to hide your game window instantly.

Screen Capture

We can always take screenshots of our game play in Gameloop. Just hover over the icons in the sidebar of your game window and you will see the screenshot button. You can take a screenshot right away by clicking on that icon.

To set up your screenshot saving file destination, you can change it accordingly.

Download Mode

Select the Smart Surfing mode to get the best speed in your internet connection in Gameloop. It will give you an Internet speed boost and help you to get rid of lags for the internet while you are gaming.

3. Engine Settings

Now we are going to set up the Engine Settings in Gameloop. Click on Engine settings just below to the Basic settings and there you will see some settings given in the below screenshot. Change them according to the guide.

Best gameloop Engine setting to fix lags

Rendering Settings

In the rendering settings section, you can see around boxes. Select the smart mode option for the best rendering performance. You can also select Directx+ if you are sure you are using DirectX.

Also, enable Render Cache, Enforce Global Render Cache, and Prioritize Dedicated GPU for a stable Gameloop performance settings. This also helps you to fix overall game lags.

Also, Check for these settings below-

Anti Aliasing- Close

Anti Aliasing is not important for the gameplay. By enabling, this setting will take unnecessary space in your PC. So, it is better to disable this setting. You can turn it on if you have a good gaming PC.

Memory- Keep it as your RAM

Memory refers to the RAM consumes in your PC. You can set this setting according to your RAM-

  • 4 GB- 2048 MB
  • 4 GB+- 4096 MB
  • 8 GB+- 8192 MB

Processor: Keep it as you Core

Every windows processor has some cores in its system. If you have 4 cores select 4. If you have 8 core CPU then select 8 in this setting.

Resolution Setting

Set resolution according to your monitor resolution. Most of the PC or laptops under 30,000 rupees have a 1080p resolution. So, set it on 1024*576.


Set your DPI to 240. It is the best recommendation setting to eliminate lags and get a better performance in the Gameloop emulator.

Playback and Recording

These two option doesn’t require any changes as it sets by default. You can change them if you see other options in the drop-down menu(for gaming PCs).

4. Game Settings

Select the Game Option to enter the Gameloop game settings. You will see these setting options. First of all set the screen resolution.

Screen Resolution:

Set it according to your PC Monition resolution just like we did in the previous settings. If you are using a low-end PC. Set it to 720p. For the high-end PCs, you can set it to 1080p or above.

Display Quality: Smooth

Smooth is the best-recommended setting for Gameloop display quality. This setting will eliminate screen lags and give you smooth FPS performance during your Gameplay.

So, all these were the best recommended Gameloop settings to fix lags. Most of these settings is going help your PC to get better performance. But if you think your PC is old. It also needs some performance-boosting which I will explain now.

Boost PC performance to Fix Lags in Gameloop

Clean PC Junk files

Clean your unnecessary PC junk files from your PC can help to improve PC performance which is going to fix 50% of the Gameloop lags.

Hold the ‘Windows key’ and press ‘R’. This will open the run window. You can also search ‘Run’ in your search bar.

Type “%temp%” and press ‘Enter’. You will see a folder.

Delete everything in the folder. Some files are used by the system, don’t worry, those files won’t delete. Just press the skip button at the end to complete the process.

Now, open your recycle bin. You will see all those deleted files in it. Clean up the recycle bin also.

Change PC Performance Settings for Gameloop

Power Options

In this setting, we will acquire the highest potential by changing some settings. It will allow our PC to run even games with the better performance which is going to fix lags in Gameloop.

  • go to Control Panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sounds.
  • Select Power Options.

Change PC Performance Settings for Gameloop​ lag fix

Select the ‘High-performance’ option. Now, some PCs have a high-performance option is on the hidden tab. You have to collapse it to make it appear.

Adjust Performance

Again, type ‘Advanced Settings’ in the search bar of Control panel and press ‘Enter’.

You will see, ‘view advanced system settings’. Click on it and a new dialogue box will appear.

adjust performance to fix lags in gameloop

Go on the ‘Advanced’ tab and click on ‘Settings’ below to performance.

In the new dialogue box, you will see 3 options. Select “Adjust for the best performance”. It will boost your PC fps and you will be able to play games on Gameloop without any lags.

Increase Gameloop Virtual Memory

To increase your PC’s virtual memory for Gameloop, follow the previous settings. After going to the “Adjust for the best performance” tab. Click on the Advanced. After that click on Change.

set virtual memory for gameloop

Here you can see your virtual memory of your PC. Change it according to your RAM. The best recommendation is to double your RAM. If your ram is 4GB then set it to 8000 MB.

Furthermore, there are several other settings to boost your PC and increase FPS. It will give you even better performance. Best recommended for old Low-End PCs. If you also have a Low-end PC, Read: How to Increase PC performance.

Learn In-Game Settings

Also, you need to check the in-game settings in whatever game you are playing on Gameloop. I recently installed PUBG Mobile, You can check these recommended settings for PUBG Mobile on Gameloop.

  • Graphics: Smooth

The recommended settings for PUBG Mobile graphics is Smooth. If you see lags and screen freezing then you probably are playing on other settings. Change it to smooth to fix lags.

best gameloop settings guide to fix lag in Gameloop

  • Frame Rate: Medium

The same goes for frame rate too. The more frame rate you got the more smooth and steady gameplay can be. So, if you have a better PC then you can set it to Max. Otherwise set to medium.

  • Auto-Adjust Graphics

Enable this option to get improvement in lag fix and better performance. Just to Graphics settings and Scroll down to below. Here you will find Auto Adjust Graphics Settings.

  • Show FPS

Last but not least, you can see FPS in your screen. This doesn’t do anything about Gameloop performance but you can check if you game lags are for low frame rate or Internet Issue.

So i recommend you to turn this on. Go to 3 bar option. and Select show FPS to view FPS rate on your screen.

Pro Tip: Another must try option to get rid of lags in gameloop is-

Use Ethernet Cable for the Internet Connectivity. Your wifi will become faster and you will see smooth gameplay in Gameloop.

How to Fix Lags in Gameloop: Best Settings Guide

Gameloop often lags in low-end PCs. You can try this Gameloop settings guide if you think you haven’t tried them yet. It will surely increase your PC performance and give you a boost in FPS which is going to fix most of your lags and improve Gameloop performance.

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