Best Games Under 50Mb for Android & iOS

Hey, are you looking for the best games under 50Mb then here we are. We have collected the best offline android games under 50Mb and best iPhone games under 50Mb.

In this whole Lockdown, everyone is bored playing those boring games. So read this whole article, we have listed out some Amazing games that will blow your mind. We have the best games for android under 50Mb for android and iOS.

In this whole article, we have done the research and collected some cool 50mb android games and some of the best offline android games under 50mb only, which are available on Play Store and App store for free.

Best Games Under 50MB

After all, where else can you have a fun and exciting gaming experience at half the price! Play them while you travel, after work, or play at any time of day as long as you have internet connectivity. Here are the top best offline android games under 50Mb.Collection of best games under 50Mb.

What we have given Best android games under 50Mb

  • Best Action games under 50Mb for Android.
  • Best Android Racing games under 50Mb.
  • Best games under 50Mb iOS.

Best Android Action games under 50Mb

What Are Action Games?

So, the best games for android under 50mb is In short, they’re games that have action. Meaning you’ll be moving around a lot of action, fighting, shooting, killing, and much more super excitement.

Generally, most action games involve some kind of fighting or military weaponry, but there are also games involving racing, space exploration, puzzle, and many more genres. These are the best android games under 50Mb.

In the end, you need to determine what type of action you prefer: shooting, driving, fighting, etc. By playing these best android action games under 50Mb you will be thrilled.

Zombie Hunter King

Zombie hunter king best game under 50mb

Zombie Hunter King is a good game under 50mb for the first-person shooter, where you’ve got to confront hoards of zombies. You may play either the narrative mode, where you need to progress through the levels; or in survival mode, in which you need to eliminate the zombie invasion for as long as you can.

The controls of Zombie Hunter King are extremely simple: using the left thumb you plan your weapon, whereas using the ideal thumb it’s possible to shoot, hit, and change weapons. Your personality will only move on to another position as soon as you’ve killed all your brain-hungry enemies.

In Zombie Hunter King that you will have access to over twenty distinct weapons. Initially, you only have two weapons in your inventory, but you can make coins through gameplay which will let you unlock others. This is the best offline android games under 50Mb.

An enjoyable game, with great graphics, Many Different weapons, and enemies, and also two distinct game modes. This game is definitely one of the best games under 50Mb.

Download Link – Click Here

Ninja Arashi

ninja arashi game

Ninja Arashi is a 2d mobile platformer game that comes under only 50mb with a few stealth and RPG elements. In it, you control a ninja hero pursuing a rival that has kidnapped his son.

Ninja Arashi is an interesting hybrid of platformer and RPG. A offline android game under 50mb. As you complete levels, you will gain the ability to increase your character’s various abilities. You can replay levels to do better, making yourself extra advantages. 

This action best games under 50mb is good for fight and new level unlocking.

Numerous collectibles are also scattered throughout each level for players that are complete. If you die, you’ll respawn, and that is where the game’s energy mechanic comes in: your respawns are limited, so die too often and you’ll end up waiting in frustration.

The fantastic thing is that the game does not attempt to figure out this issue with annoying microtransactions. You will find advertisements, which may be irritating, but it’s a small cost to pay for this particular game’s simple and engaging gameplay and stylish, evocative art.

Download Link: Click Here

Alpha Guns 2

alpha guns

Best android action games under 50mb, Alpha Guns 2 comes among the best platform shooting games along with action-adventure games, where you are a Contra soldier called Max who must save the Earth from extinction! And how do you do that? Using machine guns, enemy chaser, broad guns, metal slug, and so much more!

You may deal with distinct armed enemies within this metal shooting game, so take them down until they come near to you with your heavy machine guns, wide guns, metal slug, and much more! 

Be a hero and save the planet in Alpha Guns 2 at which you can jump and shoot all of the various enemies like tanks, drones, powerful supervisors, sentries, and much more. They have lots of weapons that they can use such as shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, laser guns, and other dangerous weapons.

If you were looking for a game like Contra and this one can be the best game under 50mb for android devices.

Download Link – Click Here

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior

stick fight shadow warrior

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior has a very simple control system: tap the left side of the screen to attack enemies on the left and tap the best to attack enemies on that side. 

From its full action-packed side, it probably the best games under 50mb. For android action games under 50mb, it’s rage fighting, the cool combo will leave you satisfied.

If an attack fails, then you will be defenseless to get a second or two, and any enemy may defeat you. On top of that, there are a few Distinct Sorts of enemies, each with its attack pattern

And, by defeating powerful bosses, you can unlock nine different colored belts that show your game skills. In this best android action games under 50Mb, you will have fun.

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior is a very fluid activity game, that’s sometimes even spectacular. Defeat dozens of enemies in every single game in the minute you learn how to use the controls.

Download Link – Click Here.

Best Android Racing Games under 50Mb

What are the Best Android Racing games under 50Mb?

Best Racing games under 50mb? In simple terms, a racing game is all about making the players drive at extremely high speeds to reach a specific goal.

In these 50mb racing games, I assure you, no racing love will leave unsatisfied for their best games under 50mb.

The goals might be upgrading the car or upgrading the driver. Android versions are generally very aggressive games, which often require the player to ‘think fast’ to come out with an optimal strategy to beat the clock.

But why do people play racing games? Let’s discuss some of the major reasons why people play this type of game on the internet. First of all, people choose short sweet offline games under 50mb for their low-end devices.

To overcome time restrictions If you are working on time management and need to improve your efficiency, playing these games will prove quite beneficial. As you progress in time, you can earn better rewards and earn faster check as well.

Asphalt Nitro

asphalt nitro game

Asphalt Nitro is like the little brother of the Asphalt franchise developed by Gameloft. It takes up just 100 MB, compared to the 1.2 GB of the previous installation, Asphalt 8. 

The fantastic thing is that, despite having 10 times less distance, this game still has lots of game modes, racetracks, and vehicles, in addition to the same spectacular graphics.

The game comes with a variety of cars from some of the most important producers in the world, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. You even have access to versions like the Lamborghini Veneno or Ferrari LaFerrari.

In addition to offering a fantastic variety of cars, Asphalt Nitro also has an impressive variety of racetracks. You can compete in locations around the world, such as China, the United States, and Brazil.

Each of the locations is recreated with fantastic care and detail. In each course, You May Also find shortcuts, jumps, and other elements that make the races more exciting and the best games under 50Mb for android.

Download Link – Click Here.

City Racing 3D

3d racing game under 50mb for android

City Racing 3D is a racing game where you can get behind the wheel of some of the fastest vehicles in the world and drive on metropolitan tracks in various cities throughout the world: from the United States and Japan into the UK and Egypt.

Apart from that, this game can be count as one of the best games under 50mb because of its compressed and impressive graphics, optimized for low-end phones.

The 50mb android racing game has a large range of cars you can unlock as you win races. You could also update each of them with all kinds of parts, such as engines, tires, turbo, transmission, breaks, etc. Naturally, you can also select from a huge range of paint jobs.

Aside from the variety of cars, City Racing 3D delivers a huge number of tracks, so you can compete in places like Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Cairo, and Hawaii, amongst others. All of them are accurately designed and comprise landmarks that make them recognizable.

Besides competing in single-player championships, City Racing 3D lets you play a multiplayer mode in which you play against other gamers from around the world — everything from person duels to online tournaments. 

Yes, this one is the best games under 50mb for android for real racing lovers.

Download Link – Click Here.

Real Racing 3D

real racing game under 50mb for android

Real Racing 3 is the third installment from the celebrity racing franchise of Electronic Arts in Android. Its principal difference regarding the last productions is that this time the game is free. . .although the game is filled with shopping.

This means that downloading and starting to play Real Racing 3 is free, however, when we want to squeeze the best out of the game, we will have to start paying. In the beginning, this isn’t a problem, but in the long term, this game could be expensive than any similar game.

Regardless of this lousy payment method, Real Racing 3 is still an interesting racing game, it´s control system is perfectly adapted to get devices, and will permit us to compete online against many players from around the world.

Furthermore, on a graphic level, Real Racing 3 may be one of the best titles in Google Play, with spectacular detail regarding the cars. For this realism, we must add the cars to represent real versions, thus we’ll realize many of them at a glance.

Download Link – Click Here.

Best iPhone Games Under 50Mb

What are the Best iPhone Games

So, what are iOS games? Small iPhone games under 50mb, have become a craze amongst the young generation of today and many adults also play it on their smartphones.

iOS or iPhone Internet Application System is a software development kit that enables iPhone users to access a wide array of applications from the internet. Many iPhone users want to know what are iOS games and where can they find them.

So, here we go without best iPhone games under 50mb for iOS devices.

Mouse Bot

MouseBot is a racing game where you will play as a mouse and attempt to escape all kinds of trap-ridden labyrinths.

MouseBot has very simple controls: simply tap on both sides of the display to produce the mouse twist. A leap button is inserted after the next chapter of this game, which means that you can jump over obstacles on the floor including rolling logs.

MouseBot has over sixty distinct circuits, all of which can be organized into chapters that you unlock as you advance throughout the game. To conclude every chapter, you will need to bypass all kinds of cubes, such as logs, crushing slabs, spikes, mousetraps, axes, and much more.

If you want some unique thing in your game then this game can be one of the best iPhone games under 50mb for iOS can be the best choice for you.

Download Link – Click Here.

Saily Seas

More from the best iPhone games under 50mb, In this game, your mission is to ride enormous waves and sail as far as you can. However, as you research, be certain to watch out for all of the dangers at sea, for example, bomb fish, whales, and more.

Saily Seas has easy controls that operate very well on touchscreen devices. Simply tap and leave your finger on the screen to unfurl the sail when you’re sailing down a wave, and tap on the screen to keep your boat afloat in flat seas.

However, Saily Seas isn’t a hard game it’s contemplative and pleasant game experience is one of its finest characteristics. Similar to games that enjoy Alto’s Adventure or Journey, Saily Seas has enchanting graphics along with a relaxing soundtrack.

With only 50mb data, you can enjoy this best game under 50mb for iOS.

Download Link – Click Here.

Counter Terrorist

Counter Terrorist two is one player, first-person shooting game that challenges you to fight in a number of the most iconic Counter-Strike configurations. Yes, shooting love can call it the best game under 50mb for iOS.

Keep in mind that you’ll be going against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. The controls here are pretty simple: the left digital stick is on the left-hand side of the screen and you can use it to transfer and operate (clicking twice in precisely the same way ).

You’re able to aim at something or someone by sliding your finger towards the right side of the screen. Also situated on the right side, you will find the buttons that trigger the telescopic sight, jumping and reloading your weapon.

Each set includes dozens of distinct levels. You will find pretty substantial changes in each level such as the beginning point or the number of enemies you need to confront. 

With the money you’ve earned by completing the different amounts, you can purchase and unlock new weapons. Besides all these cool modes, this best iPhone games under 50mb are available on the app store for free.

Download Link – Click Here.

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