12 Best Gloo Wall Tips and Tricks to follow in Free Fire

Among the many online battleground games, Free Fire is recently the most famous one you can play for free. It has a huge fan base. The developer of Free Fire always keeps coming with new features in the game. One of them is Gloo Wall. It is one of the most important things in Free Fire. If you are a Free Fire player then you know the importance of the Gloo walls. So, today I am going to share some of my personal Gloo Wall tips, tricks, and guide here.

Apart from defending yourself in the game, you can do much more in Free Fire with the help of Gloo Wall. So, do you want to know more about the Gloo Walls? If yes, then just be with us and read the full post.

What is Gloo Wall?

Before we know the advanced tips and tricks, we must know about the basic knowledge about the Gloo wall. So, what is Gloo Wall in Free Fire? Many people think that it can be built like Fortnite but the Gloo Wall is a throwable. Gloo Wall is a grenade that we throw at a distance to make a wall to defend ourselves from the enemies.

Besides defending yourself from the gunfire, you can do a lot more stuff with the Gloo Wall. So, without wasting any more time, let’s know what else we can do with the Free Fire Gloo wall in this Best Gloo Wall Tips, Tricks, and Guide.

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Best Gloo Wall Tips Tricks and Guide

In the Free Fire game, the Gloo wall is a very important item to use. If you are a professional player then using a Gloo wall during a fight is a must. So, how to use Gloo wall, and what are the advanced uses of it?

First of all, the most important use of the Gloo wall is it can help you when some is trying to hit by a car.

1. Block a Car from Hitting you

Many times in Free Fire, you can see other players are just driving in a car and trying to kill you with it. It is very easy to kill a player who has a car. So, in case you are not in a car and you are running in an open field then there is a great chance that someone just shows up with a car and knocks you down.

In such a situation, you can just toss that Gloo Wall grenade and protect yourself from the car killer. Besides only defending yourself, you can also shoot him or his car while staying on the cover.

2. Go to the places you can’t normally go

Go to the places you can not normally go

Players can go places where they can’t normally go with the help of Gloo Walls. There are many pro players we can see who uses Gloo walls to climb unreachable places for an assault. Such places are impossible to reach but you can use the Gloo walls and make a staircase with it to reach anywhere you want.

This way you can shock enemies, assault any house or building, reach the top or a house or go on a top of a tower, etc. It all depends on how you are going to use it.

3. Cover yourself in a Corner

Whether it is a house or a wall, you can always lock yourself up in a corner by using Gloo Walls. Just Go to the corner and put some Gloo wall in front of you so that the enemy can’t rich you there.

After that, you can heal or reload in peace while others can’t reach you there.

4. Kill Enemies on the Corner

Many times, you can see that enemy players cover themselves in a corner of a house with the Gloo Walls. In such a situation, you are unable to do anything but wait for him to come out or shoot all your ammo on the Walls which is very stupid.

So, the smart way is to use your Gloo Wall against his Gloo Wall. Just draw more Gloo walls in the space where the enemy is hiding. The is to cover all his place(Where the enemy is hiding) with your Gloo Wall. By doing this, the enemy will come out from the corner and you will be able to kill him.

gloo wall tricks

5. Pack Urself in a Thick Circle of Gloo Walls

Another great use is to create a thick circle of Gloo Walls. In many situations, you or your whole squad gets into an intense fight. In that case, if someone gets knocked then you can simply sit down and make a thick and closed circle of Gloo Walls and revive your teammate there. You can use this trick in solo mode or in Squad mode too.

Just make sure that you make the circle small by sitting on the place and put all the Gloo walls around you. Because if you try to make it while standing, the circle will not be closed.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend you do this trick while your enemies are too close because they may throw grenade in your little circle which will definitely be going to kill you.

6. Save yourself from barrel explosion

save yourself from barrel explosion

Yes, Gloo walls can save you from barrel explosion. You can yourself from the explosion of barrels in 2 ways. You can either put a Gloo wall in front of the barrel which will save you from getting damage.

And the tricky method is, you can put your Gloo wall right in the middle of the barrel. Putting the Gloo wall in the middle of the barrel will not give you any damage even if you are standing with the barrel. Try it today.

7. Save yourself from the Window

save yourself from the windows

In many situations, we can enemies are targeting from a window. It is hard to kill if someone taking cover in a house and trying to shoot you from the window. In such a situation, you can only do is cover yourself which is not the best idea.

The right way to do is, you can target the enemy window and cover it the Gloo Wall. This way he will be stuck in his place and you can throw a grenade or you can rush and kill him.

8. Use Gloo Wall to drag enemies from buildings

Use Gloo Wall to drag enemies from buildings

You heard me right. With this trick, you can literally drag people out from the inside of a building. In many situations, you can see people are just standing on a corner or a house or near the window, then you can use the Gloo Wall to drag them out.

The idea is to first bring your enemy to a corner by blocking his way with Gloo Wall and then cover his left our space with the Gloo Wall again. You can see in the picture how the enemy is coming out through the walls and it all can happen with Gloo Walls.

9. Set Traps in close range fights

gloo wall tips

A land mine is a great way to defeat an enemy in a close-range fight while you are using it along with the Gloo Walls. You can see, many times, people randomly use Gloo Walls to make a defense wall. And then the enemy comes from the side.

So, if you set a trap with the land mine on its way, there is a huge chance for the enemy to fall into that trap and end up dying. So, always try to set a land mine while you have the chance.

10. Set two Gloo walls if Enemy Shooting from a higher place.

We face many situations where enemies can shoot us from higher ground. In such situations, one Gloo wall won’t be enough. So, you can use two Gloo walls to make a higher defense wall and save yourself from the enemy.

11. Use Gloo Wall to save yourself from Explosives

Free Fire also has a grenade launcher. To save yourself from these explosives the best way is to use the Gloo Wall. Always ready with your Gloo wall and use it when you got the situation.

12. X Shape Gloo Wall is better

X Shape Gloo Wall is better

Try to make x shape Gloo wall for your defense and attack. In many situations, you just want to get in a cover and try to kill the enemy from the cover. In that case, an X shaped Gloo wall made with two Gloo walls can give you a better defense along with a better attack strategy.

To make an X shape Gloo wall, set the first one, and then the second one in the middle. This will make an X shape Gloo wall and you will be able to do better with it. It is also very effective with setting traps with the land mines.

13. Use Gloo walls to get on the roofs

In Free Fire, we can not climb on the roofs normally. We can either use the tyre to jump or the most effective to get on the roofs is to use the Gloo Walls. Just set a Gloo wall and get on the roof easily with it.

So, here are all the tips and guides you can follow to become a better Gloo Wall user. The Gloo Wall is a very useful thing in Free Fire when it comes to surviving. So, if you are want to compete with other players then you must follow these best Gloo Wall Tips and Tricks. This will not only improve your gameplay but also it will give you an upper hand in front of the enemies.