10 Best Marvel Games for Android Mobile

Marvel Avengers games for Android mobile means amazing superhero and Avengers fight games that we can play on our smartphones. Besides the movies, there are many Marvel games that can be found on the Google play store for free. Today we are going to give you the top 10 Marvel games for Android offline.

Similar games like Marvel movies have full of action and superhero characters. In this list, we have listed the Top Ten games that like Avengers movie that come with the idea of Superheroes, Supervillain, and crazy adventures. So, let’s check the best Marvel games for Android offline and online.

10 Top Marvel Games for Android

In this list, we have listed the Ten Best Marvel games for android offline. All these games can be played in offline mode, So, to play your favorite superhero character, you won’t be needing any network anymore.

Some of these games also includes Avengers fight games style. With all the super heroes from avengers movie, you can now play the full fighting experience game like Avengers movie.

Just letting you know that not all of the Games on this list are absolutely free to play. You can directly visit the play store from the given link and install them directly on your android smartphone. iOS users can also search on the app store for each game.

The 10 Free Top Marvel games for android are-

  • No.10. Lego Marvel Superheroes.
  • No.9. Marvel Strike Force.
  • No.8. Marvel Puzzle Quest.
  • No.7. Marvel Hero Tales.
  • No.6. Marvel Pinball.
  • No.5. Marvel Super War.
  • No.4. Marvel Future Fight.
  • No.3. Marvel Contest of Champions.
  • No.2. Marvel Collect by Topps.
  • No.1. Marvel Battle Lines.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego Marvel game for android

For the best Marvel games for android, the Lego Marvel Superheroes comes first in the list. With the avengers fight games style, the only difference in this game is the characters are actually Legos.

Complete Action pack game Lego Marvel Superheroes comes with every cool superhero character, fight, and saving the world.

Lego Marvel Superheroes is an offline mission game. It has many vicious supervillains to take challenges with.

Also Completing each challenge will grant you rewards that can be used later to upgrade your character.

This game is not for small capacity device. As the game needs more than 2 GB Ram to operate, we would recommend the game over wifi.

Also, do restart your device to fix bugs after you install the game. 

These kind of Top Marvel games for android offline are pretty big and takes time to complete. 

The Lego Marvel Superheroes has a pretty good rating on play store and as per our experience, it is a very enjoyable offline superhero game to play. However, it comes with a price. Please check the LINK.

Download Link: Click Here

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike force for android game

If you were looking for a free to play Avengers fight games with all the marvel characters then you can stop here. This game, called Marvel Strike Force also comes with great visual quality.

In this Marvel game, all the superheroes and supervillains come together to defend earth from the great threat.

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Elektra, Captain America, and Iron Man along with other characters are available in this game to make your perfect squad and fight against the enemies in the field.

Superpowers, cool combo attacks, and many other cool features also bring the game to a new era. Also, you can upgrade your character overtime to make it even more powerful.

So, Get this free Avengers fight game today and choose your best 5 Marvel Characters for the great fight. Yes, with all the features, this one can be one of the Top Marvel Games for android offline.

Download Link: Click Here

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MARVEL Puzzle Quest

Marvel Strike force for android game

Simple, short, and sweet. Marvel Puzzle Quest can be the best game for someone who might be looking for a good puzzle game full of Marvel Universe. With more than 150 Superheroes and supervillains, this game comes with a great story too.

Among the other best Marvel games for android, this one Marvel Puzzle Quest is unique because of its story. Almost every missions are just like what you know from the Avengers movie.

SHIELD betrays the world and gets compromised by a power-hungry villain. Now all the Marvel Heroes and Villains must unite to defeat SHIELD and HAMMER. Sounds cool right? 

Match all your gems and get rewarded for saving the world. You can also play online PVP Mode which awesome for a puzzle game like this.

So, Download the game today from the link and join the 2M Marvel Puzzle Quest community.

Download Link: Click Here

Marvel Hero Tales: Top Marvel Games for Android

Marvel Hero talee game for android

Looking for some cool open-world games with the Marvel Hero characters? Well here is a game called Marvel Hero Tale that is based on comic stories, where a hero sets his/her journey to the quest.

In this list of Best Marvel games for android offline, this game called marvel hero tales is good for those who love offline open-world games like Vice City.

You can roam around the city and find criminals and defeat them. This marvel game can also be a good grammar learner for the kids as every encounter with the enemy has to solve with a word puzzle game. Completing a sentence correctly with the given words can be easy or hard depends on what enemy you are facing.

With more than 50 comic stories, players can also customize their own stories or choose any of them to play. Each story comes with a different Hero and villain.

Marvel Hero Tale game is also a very up to date game bringing new updates with new heroes and stories every month.

It needs 2GB RAM on your phone to play the game. So, install and try the game today for more excitement. Good Luck!

Download Link: Click Here

Marvel Pinball

best marvel pinball game for free

Pinball games are really short and simple games to play, but this Pinball from Marvel Universe is not that simple, and that is why it comes for 80 rupees on Play Store.

Marvel Pinball comes with many superheroes appearing on the pinball board. This game is widely appreciated because of its visual quality. Basically a pinball game but these Marvel Avengers games for android are very interesting to play.

Marvel Pinball can also be played on Android TV and the experience is amazing with a large screen on this game. What else can we expect from a pinball game? If you are a Pinball fan download it Now.

Who knows, this one may be one of the Top Marvel games for android for you.

Download Link: Click Here.

MARVEL Super War

best marvel games for android

Do you like strategy games like League of Legends and Mobile Legends? Well, Marvel fan can now get their own version of this kind of strategy game. Apart from the amazing fight, these 5v5 games are really amazing Marvel games for android of your choice.

Marvel Super War is a very cool and up to date free to play action strategy game that you can find on Play Store. With good graphics and satisfying content like Superheroes, villains, fighting arena, weapons, this best Marvel Games for android won’t leave you with any complaints.

Just like all the Moba games, these Marvel Avengers game for android, comes in the top list because of its unique characters from Marvel Universe and of course the powerful attack combos. Other than that, this game is downloaded by more than 1M people so far. So, Download and Enjoy your favorite Marvel MOBA game today.

Download Link: Click Here

MARVEL Future Fight: Avengers Fight Games

Avengers Fight games for android

Love Avengers fighting games? Know the real power of Marvel Super Heroes with this game called Marvel Future fight. Available on the Play Store for free, these Marvel games for android are really good to play on mobile.

Marvel Future Fight is an action story game where the story comes from the future Nick Fury the director of the SHIELD. After his warning, now Marvel Heroes have united themselves to fight against enemies.

Complete cool missions and collect rewards. Use the rewards to upgrade your character with better shield and attack power. Grow stronger, choose your teammate for more adventure.

With more than 200 heroes, these Marvel Avengers fight games can never get you bored. Also, the game can be played both in online PVP and offline mode. In case you want to try, Go to this below link.

As for the Marvel games for android offline, this Marvel game for android works both online and offline.

Download Link: Click Here.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Best marvel fighting game for android

The super-fight between superheroes. Play 1V1 fights in story mode and fight until your heart content. This free to play a game called Marvel Contest of Champion is available on both offline story mode and online mode.

The best contest game where you can choose any of the heroes and fight with another hero. You can also fight with Super Villains in the game. In this Avengers Fight games, you get to choose from all the heroes from Avengers movie too.

Apart from that, this game includes cool animations, hundreds of combo attacks, Quests, Battle rewards, upgrading your hero, and building your own superhero team. 

The game is more than good if you are a fan of the action-fighting game and Marvel. This combination can be just the thing for you if you love to play mobile games like Avengers movie.

If you are an action game fan then these Marvel Games for Android offline can be a good choice for some light smartphone. Install this Avengers fight Game from here.

Download Link: Click Here

Marvel Collect! by Top Marvel Games for Android

Marvel collect a cool card game for android

Not a fan but this is also a good free to play marvel game. Maybe this game is not so fun to play but it is a great way to collect awesome character cards and trade them all over the world.

This game also has different spin games to play and collect cards as a reward. With lots of Superheroes and Supervillains from Marvel Universe, fans can get all the cool Marvel cards in this game.

You can also decorate your profile with the beautiful cards you have collected and show it off to your friends. Yes, that is all for this Marvel Avengers game for android is all about cards.

Not exactly a game, still these marvel games for android are good for non-game lovers but real marvel fans.

Download Link: Click Here

Marvel Battle Lines

best marvel battle game for android

Just like the Marvel Collect, the Marvel Battle Lines is also a game of cards. But the interesting thing in this game has some amazing fights.

You can collect cards, make a team, and use them in the fight with online players. Apart from that, winning rewards can also help you to upgrade your character card with powers and shields.

Apart from that, this Marvel game for android offline comes with new Avengers-style heroes and villains which makes it a good Marvel Anegers game for android too.

Download Link: Click Here.


Final Words: Top Marvel Games for mobile are pretty famous all over the world. People often search for Avengers fight games or mobile games like Avengers movie.

We can get many other exclusive Marvel games for PC which are paid. But if you want to play free games similar to Marvel or with Amazing Marvel Super Heroes, then this list of Top 10 Games like Avengers fight for Android is just for you.

I hope you like this post.