5 Best Mobile Processors for PUBG New State

Looking for a better phone for PUBG New State gaming? Look at this list of the best Mobile processors for PUBG New State on the Highest load.

Gaming has become a major part of our culture. It’s not just for children anymore. Every day more and more people are joining games. Whether it is on a Computer or Mobile, Every game needs a good processor to run. So, today our topic is going to be Mobile processors. We will look at some of the best mobile processors which can run our latest Mobile game PUBG New Sate to its full extend.

This article is here to help you find the best phone processors to run PUBG New State at its full capacity so that you can be sure you have what it takes to win any game.

We’ve taken the time to analyze and review all of the top devices so you don’t have to.

If you’re a gamer, it is important for you to have the best phone processor for the best gameplay. Better FPS and Smooth performance is the key to mobile gaming.

But with so many different processors on the market, how do you know which one is best for gaming?

We’ve done some research and narrowed down our choices to Apple A14 Bionic and Snapdragon 888.

These processors are both good options if you’re looking for high-end performance and low power consumption.

However, they differ in some ways. For example, the Snapdragon 845 is more affordable and works well with higher-resolution screens while the Snapdragon 855 is better at handling artificial intelligence and complex graphics.

But before we jump to the comparison of processors you need to understand some terms so let’s discuss them first.

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What is a Mobile Processor?

A Mobile processor is the brain of your phone. It’s what powers your phone and makes it do everything you want it to do. A processor is made up of billions of microscopic switches called transistors.

These transistors are responsible for controlling how quickly tasks can be completed, like sending an email or playing a game.

The more switches, or transistors, in a processor, the more powerful it is. So processors with more switches run faster than those with fewer switches.

The number of switches in a processor determines its speed which is measured in gigahertz (GHz). The higher the GHz rating, the faster the phone’s performance will be when running certain tasks like playing games or streaming videos.

What is the centurion mark?

The centurion mark in a processor is one of the most important things you should consider when buying it. This is because the centurion mark tells you the speed of the processor.

This speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz). The higher this number, the faster your processor will be able to work. It’s not enough for your computer to have fast speeds, though.

You also need to make sure you have enough RAM and hard drive space if you want it to run quickly and smoothly.

What is the benchmark?

A benchmark is a specification that measures the performance of your processor. It’s most commonly used in reference to measuring how long it takes to do a certain task, like render an image or open a program.

A higher benchmark number means you can do more tasks faster. Benchmarks are designed for different types of processors.

If you want to know if your processor is any good, you need to know what kind of tasks you use most often, and then find the right benchmark for it.

For example, if you spend most of your time browsing the internet or playing games, then Geekbench is probably the best benchmark.

So let’s see some best phone processors to run PUBG new state at its full capacity.

5 Best Mobile Processors for PUBG New State at its Full Capacity

Top PUBG New State gaming processors for mobile gamers.

1. Apple A14 Bionic(best mobile processors for PUBG New State)

Phone: Apple iPhone 12

Centurion Mark: 165

Geekbench: 611843

Antutu: 1613 / 3909

Apple A14 Bionic(best mobile processors for PUBG New State)

It is a powerhouse, with an all-new six-core CPU and eight-core GPU as well as a dedicated neural engine to accelerate machine learning.

It’s an impressive feat of engineering and provides a glimpse into how we will be using our devices in the future.

The first thing you notice is the sheer speed: apps launch instantly and run without lag. Every task feels fast and responsive because the A14 Bionic delivers 40% faster CPU performance than its predecessor.

The A14 Bionic is designed to handle not just today’s tasks but tomorrow’s as well. With an 8x performance boost you can have an amazing gaming experience in it.

It also takes very low power and of course, it’s from Apple Inc. So, A14 Bionic is the best processor for PUBG New State at its full capacity. Not only FPS but also the responsiveness is very fast and smooth. FPS gaming like PUBG or New state is on a whole new level with this processor on your device.

2. Snapdragon 888

Phone: Oneplus 9

Centurion Mark: 158

Geekbench: 722907

Antutu: 1140 / 3745

 Snapdragon 888 for PUBG new state gaming

The new snapdragon 888 processor is made to offer the power of a premium phone in an affordable device. It has more than enough performance for even demanding tasks, like gaming and 3D rendering. And with up to 6GB of RAM, it can handle huge workloads.

The Snapdragon 888 processor is built on Qualcomm’s most advanced 10nm process technology. That means it offers more performance for less power consumption, which can lead to longer battery life or more features without compromising speed.

It also means that the 888 chip is smaller and denser, allowing device manufacturers to use less space on their devices while still achieving the same level of performance.

It is almost as fast as A14 Bionic. Games like PUBG New State on these processors will go real smooth even in 90 FPS.

3. Exynos 2100

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S21

Centurion Mark: 156

Geekbench: 698965

Antutu: 1085 / 3654

gaming mobile processor for higher fps

The Exynos 2100 is a mobile SoC for smartphones and tablets, made by Samsung Electronics. The Exynos 2100 processor is the latest flagship SoC from Samsung.

The Exynos 2100 processor is built on a 10nm process, which will allow it to be more power-efficient with better performance. It also comes with a Cat-7 modem, which means that LTE Advanced can now be supported in this processor.

This Exynos 2100 processor is an upgrade from its predecessor – the Exynos 7870 – which was made using a 14nm process with a Cat-6 modem.

The difference between these two processors is that the Exynos 2100 offers 40% lower power consumption while maintaining the best performance.

4. Apple A13 bionic

Phone: Apple iPhone 11

Centurion Mark: 154

Geekbench: 524846

Antutu: 1345 / 3568

Apple A13 bionic for best gaming performance

A13 Bionic processor is designed to power the next generation of Apple’s iPhones and iPads. This powerful processor is more than just a CPU, it also includes an advanced GPU.

The A13 combines four high-performance cores with four more power-efficient cores for up to 50% faster performance than its predecessor.

Apple claims this new process will be the world’s first 7nm chip, which is a huge deal in the tech industry as it can improve battery life and graphics processing.

It is one of the best processors for playing PUBG New State in this price segment.

5. Kirin 9000

Phone: Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Centurion Mark: 152

Geekbench: 698795

Antutu: 1067 / 3764

Kirin 9000

Kirin processors are an integral part of Huawei’s product line, powering nearly all of their smartphones.

The Kirin 9000 is the latest addition to the series, and it offers some of the most powerful performance available on any device.

With its six-core CPU, one of which is a high-performance Cortex A73 big core, it has no problem running any app you throw at it.

There’s also the Mali G72 MP12 GPU with 12 cores for excellent graphics processing power. If you’re looking for a phone with great performance and battery life, the Kirin 9000 will also be an option.

Final Verdict: Best Mobile Processor for PUBG New State

So I have already shared the list of Top 5 Best Processors to run PUBG new states at their full capacity.

And I strongly recommend Apple A14 Bionic processor. If you have that much budget then without any second thought you can go with Apple A14 bionic.

I hope you find some amazing information in this article.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. I am more than happy to answer your all questions.

Share this article with squadmates so you can assure your win.

Thanks for reading.

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