Best Sensitivity Settings For Pubg Mobile In Assault Rifles – Pro Tips and Guide

PUBG MOBILE (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile) game includes so many skills and extra adjustability for the pro-playing techniques. For this title pro player, we need to upgrade some settings in the game and improve our killing techniques by changing sensitivity settings. From these particular settings, it will probably increase the number of kills in the battle.

An important way for best sensitivity is perhaps by getting into the training room, where we will check our balancing sensitivity by changing settings. After that changes, checking our sensitivity in the training room itself.

Steps For Choosing Sensitivity Setting In Pubg Mobile

  • Click on the Settings icon and open the setting page.
  • And choose sensitivity settings particularly from the list.
  • Inside the sensitivity setting, we will be able to control the camera sensitivity, normal camera, ADS sensitivity, and Gyroscope setting.

(Important note before we move to change our sensitivity setting is its only work best for Assault Rifles)

Camera Sensitivity Settings

camera sensitivity settings pubg mobile

Camera sensitivity is one of the important sensitives to view our co-players and other players inside the battle. From this setting, we will be able to decide how fast/slow a player will be able to view around. The default sensitivity percentage of the TPP and FPP will work well without any manual changes. If you doubt it means just check with the below-given percentages.

  • Camera-95 to 100%
  • TPP-95 to 100%
  • FPP-70 to 75%

Normal Camera

camera sensitivity settings pubg mobile

It’s the same as Camera Sensitivity but the extra thing is Scoping through this setting. The values for camera sensitivity will alter a player’s sensitivity while looking around with scope for shoot enemies. Important things we need to maintain are higher the scope percentage and lower the sensitivity percentage. The sense behind this rule is aiming the target through the scopes with higher capacities and for this, we need less movement because the player already aiming somewhere closer to the targeted enemy. For this, we recommended some percentages for your accurate kill.

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  • TPP (no scope):- 95 to 100%
  • FPP (no scope):- 85 to 90%
  • Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist:- 50 to 55%

For scopes_

  • 2x scope_30 to 35%
  • 3x scope_20 to 25%
  • 4x scope, VSS_15 to 18%
  • 6x scope_10 to 13%
  • 8x scope_10 to13%

ADS Sensitivity

ads sensitivity settings pubg mobile

ADS stands for the (Aim Down Sight) and this sensitivity is especially for recoil or reloads our bullets while firing. This sensitivity determines this particular movement in the game. And changing the ADS setting will not affect Camera sensitivity but it affects the movement of guns while scoping the target while firing.

The use of this sensitivity will increase our target firing and recoil adjustment.

  • TPP- 95 to 100%
  • FPP- 85 to 90%
  • Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist- 55 to 60%


  • 2x scope_37 to 42%
  • 3x scope_30 to 35%
  • 4x scope, VSS_25 to 30%
  • 6x scope_20 to 23%
  • 8x scope_10 to 13%


gyroscope sensitivity settings pubg mobile

The gyroscope setting tracks the movement of a device and converts the movement into motion in the game itself. Adjusting the Gyroscope setting will determine the game movement and that changes the screen orientations.

Perfect sensitivity percentage for Gyroscope are given below. check it and set it.

  • TPP(no scope)_95 to 100%
  • FPP(no scope)_95 to 100%
  • Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist_90 to 95%


  • 2x scope_120 to 125%
  • 3x scope_60 to 65%
  • 4x scope, VSS_50 to 55%
  • 6x scope_40 to 45%
  • 8x scope_30 to 35%

Changing our settings with the recommended percentage will take your gaming experience to the next level. PUBG Mobile corporation launched some more updates and map optimization for PUBG fans. With this optimization, if you maintain the correct sensitivity it will move your game grade to pro level. Just change it and get it.