5 Best Streaming Software for PC to Stream PUBG Mobile

Gaming and streaming have become one of the most popular things to do on YouTube or any other Social Media. Besides Twitch, many PUBG Mobile and Free Fire gamer prefer to live stream on YouTube, and Facebook also. If you are looking for a better Windows software that can help you go live, then today I will be sharing my personal experience on some of the best streaming software free.

Games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Clash Of Clans are becoming very famous. Even PC gamer use emulators to play these games. If you are also a PC gamer and you want to stream these games on Platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you can easily gain millions of viewers. So, here check these 5 top streaming software for PC and Android. Choose the best suits you and stream PUBG Mobile or Any game from PC.

For that, you are going to need streaming software that is very efficient and easy to use. All these PUBG Mobile streaming software I am going to mention in this post are free and easy to use. You can go live on any platform by making just a few clicks.

Streaming Software Requirements:

Streaming software requires some decent requirements. Poor, old, and low-end PCs won’t work with this high-quality streaming software. As it records your game play and live telecast it on other platforms, it needs some more than average hardware and also the best internet you can get. So, the minimum requirements to stream from PC are-

  • Processor- I3+ or Ryzen5+
  • Graphics Card: 1050ti+ or AMD 570+
  • RAM: 16GB+
  • HDD: 1TB+
  • Internet Speed: 3-5mbps minimum.

5 Best Streaming Software for PC to stream PUBG Mobile

There are many platforms to live stream games. These top streaming software for PC are capable to live stream on any platform such as YouTube, FB, Twitch, etc. However, some of them are very advance, and while others are very simple and easy to use.

Streamlabs, Omlet arcade, OBS Studios, Lightstream, and Nvidia Shadowplay are the 5 streaming tools we are going to review today, You can this streaming software for free to stream PUBG Mobile or any games on PC. So, here are the best streaming software for Windows PC to stream on YouTube in 2020.

1. Streamlabs OBS

streamlabs free streaming tool for windows

Streaming is never been so easy.

is the best and easiest live streaming software for windows you can find in 2020. With this software, you can go live in minutes. It’s amazingly easy to understand settings allow you to set up your stream credits, donation box, sponsors, and much other stuff by just clicking on buttons. And it’s all free. Streamlabs is used by many game streamers on YouTube.

Dynamo and some other famous PUBG Mobile streamers used to stream with streamlabs. It also has a paid version. But if you are a beginner, you never going to need it. Free version Streamlabs is the best for streaming games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire from PC.

To see the full set up guide of Streamlabs OBS,
check here.

2. Omlet Arcade

Looking for free streaming software that can be used on all the platforms? Then, here you are. Omlet Arcade is a free software for streaming from Android, iOS, and Windows. Yes, This software is available for all the platforms you can go to.

Omlet Arcade is free on iOS and Android but you have purchased the premium version if you want to stream games from your PC on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. If you want to stream on Omlet Arcade only or from Mobile phones, then you don’t have to buy it. Also, this software has some of the unique features like ready to go themes for your credits and streaming details.

As I have tested this, the PC version is very good so far. So, I assure you, no need to worry. Just download it from this
. Create an account and start streaming on YouTube or Facebook, anywhere you want. If you want to try it for free. Then there is a trick. You will need to download an LD player emulator and use Omlet Arcade on your PC as a mobile version.

3. OBS Studio

OBS studio is a very good software for streaming games

I would say Omlet Arcade is a smartphone specialist. But the OBS studio is just like the Streamlabs. A PC specialist streaming software OBS studio can be used in Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. It is easy, it is free and it is supportable.

Also, you can get tons of guides to set up OBS studio as it is quite a popular streaming software. Easy and Free to download from this
. Setup your OBS Studio today and start streaming PUBG Mobile, COD, and other games on any platform you want.

4. LightStream

Just like Streamlabs, LightStream is one of the best free streaming software for PC. With less CPU usage and very good quality streaming performance, Lightstream also supports native streaming software Streamlabs. Just download from this
and set up. You can find lots of setup guides on youtube.

LightStream servers are very special because our google docs and cloud servers are especially saved on Lightstream servers. This streaming software very efficient in coding your video scripts and streams the best quality. It is free and very easy to use too. Also, this software sets the setting and bitrate of your streaming according to your internet speed. So that you never need to worry about frame freezing and lags.

5. Nvidia Shadowplay

nvidia streaming software for free streaming

Specially made for gamer, Nvidia is another streaming software for PC. However, only Nvidia GPU users can use this software. Nvidia Shadow Play streaming software works with a combination of software and hardware. It uses Nvidia configured GPU instead of CPU, Captures your game with very less usage of memory with a very high-quality coding.

All you need to do is go to this
to download Nvidia Shadowplay and set up on your PC. I must tell you that Nvidia Shadowplay is not the latest streaming software you can get. It is quite outdated and lacks several modern features too.

Quite efficient in video encoding while using very less amount of power but, it also lacks necessary features and provides an average streaming quality. So, I would suggest not to go with this free streaming software for your game streams.

Final Words: So, here I have listed all the best of 5 Free Streaming software for PC to live stream on Youtube and Facebook. Some of these streaming studios are outdated. So, as of my personal experience, I would suggest you go with the Streamlabs OBS if you are going to stream from your PC. And if you are going stream games from your smartphone then the Omlet Arcade will be the best choice.

I hope you all like this post. Please consider sharing, if you found this helpful.