Best way to Earn Real Paytm Money by Playing PUBG Mobile

Earn Real Paytm Money by getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile. Today I am about to share with you a little secret, and with this secret, you can earn Paytm cash for your every chicken dinner.

Yes, from now on every chicken dinner is going to get you real Paytm money. Actually, this is very simple and to know every detail on this topic, read this whole article.

These days people are just loving PUBG mobile games. People are showing great interest in this game because it has an amazing feature of multiplayer gaming.

Indians never have shown this much interest in any other game before. People are playing PUBG mobile games a lot, and they should know that they can earn real moeny in their Paytm by using just an android application.

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Best way to Earn Paytm Money by Playing PUBG Mobile

Earning real money by playing games never been so easy. Every one of us plays PUBG Mobile these days and if you are a pro like me then you also can get some easy money by playing and winning this game.

After the game got viral, many tournaments are going on for the PUBG Mobile in many places but now we can participate in the tournaments and win real cash prize directly from an android app. This app is called PlayerZon App. The app’s sole purpose is to organize tournaments and we just need to participate, play, and win.

download PlayerZon App to earn money

PlayerZon App-PlayerZon is an android application. This application is specially made for PUBG mobile tournaments. You heard me right. Now you don’t have to go to other places to play tournaments of your favourite games. This application is very easy to use, and also genuine.

PlayerZon application holds tournaments of PUBG Mobile every day, and if you win the tournament than you earn Paytm cash prizes. You can easily transfer the prize into your Paytm account. You can choose anyone matches among the many listed on the application. Of course, there is a joining fee of Rs.10-Rs.100. The higher price for the higher fee tournaments.

Download the PlayerZon app from HERE.

How does PlayerZon get you real Paytm money?

So, How you can really earn Paytm money by playing a Mobile game? This app allows you to enter various PUBG tournaments, and if you think you are a pro then you can easily get 400-1000 rupees for your every Chicken Dinner.

This application is no fraud, and you can check that from their official website. As I already mentioned that you have to make a proper account after installing the application into your phone.

Open the application, and you will see many tournaments listed on the app. Choose one and pay the fee to join. Of course, there are many modes you can choose from. If you don’t like half-hour classic matches, you can choose arcade modes.

After joining a tournament you will be provided the time and some other details of your tournament. They will also send you the room ID and password of your upcoming match. Also, maps are different in different tournaments. After joining and paying the fee, your in-app work is done. Now, wait for the right time to get the room ID and password. At the right time, you can enter your tournament with the ID and password.

How to Join a PUBG Mobile Tournament in PlayerZon

How to Join a PUBG Mobile Tournament in PlayerZon

Step 1– Download the application, and install it on your phone. (Upper Link)

Step 2 – Open the app ad create your account with a valid name.

Step 3 – go to my wallet. Add money to the PlayerZon wallet to join a match, and pay the joining fee.

Step 4- Now come back to the main window, and check the tournament match list. You will find a list of tournament matches, and also the details like which map, how many players, what mode, and of course the fee. Choose the best suits you, and click join. The joining fee will get automatically deducted from your PlayerZon wallet, and you will receive the room ID and Password.

use playerzone app to play PUBG Mobile tournaments and earn paytm money

Step 5 – Open your PUBG Mobile game, and go to the customs room section. Find your room with the room ID. After finding the room enter the room simply by entering the right password.
Now simply play wait till the game starts. These days PlayerZon has lots of active players so you don’t have to wait much longer for the match. Also, you receive extra cash for your kills. Mostly 50 rupees per single kill.

Conclusion – If you too play PUBG Mobile game a lot then this can a good way to invest a very little amount of money and earn Paytm cash in real. You will also face many tough players in the tournament because this application is really viral one. Many people use it to play tournaments. Join matches with 10 or 20 rupees and test your skill and get paid for your skill. This is the way of gaming in this era.

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