Top 3 ways to get Gloo Wall Skin for Free

Free Fire has a lot of cool stuff for their fans. One of them is the Gloo Wall. Like many FPS games, we can use Gloo Walls to defend ourselves from enemy attacks. If you are a fan, then you will know that in Free Fire, Gloo Walls are very useful and cool to have. So, today for you guys I am going to share some tips tricks which you can use to get Gloo wall skins for free.

As we all know that these Gloo walls come with a fancy skin. if you don’t have a skin then you have to use it without the skin but no Free Fire player wants to use Gloo walls without skin. So, today I am here with the topic of how to get Gloo wall skins.

To get free Gloo wall skins, you have to get on with your luck. These skins are not always free but there are many times Free Fire brings new events and opportunities that can really help you to get Gloo Walls for free.

Many of you already seen other players using cool-looking Gloo wall skins like Bunker Gloo wall skins, Dino Gloo wall skins, Spine Plunk Wall Skins, Jocker Gloo wall skins, etc. So, today we are here to share the idea to get these Gloo wall skins in Free Fire.

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3 ways to get free gloo wall skins in free fire

What are the Gloo Wall Skins in Free Fire

Gloo walls are actually Grenade. These grenades are meant to throw on the ground to create a massive wall to protect yourself from the enemies in the Free Fire game. If you don’t know how to find them then here is how you cack your Gloo Wall skin collection in Free Fire.

Go to Collections.

Go to Weapons.

Scroll down. You can see your Gloo wall skin collection at the bottom.

If you don’t have any skins then you can only equip the normal one for now. Want skins? Let’s read below to know possible ways to get Gloo wall skins in Free Fire.

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How to Get Gloo Wall Skins

No skins are Free to get. But there are many such ways you can try to get the premium items for free. In Free Fire, there are many events that show up every month. These events allow you to complete missions, Spin wheels, and purchase buddles for a discount. Even some bundles come with a 90% discount and many times these bundles have Gloo Wall skins too.

So, all you need to do is keep checking these events for free Gloo Wall skins.

Another great way to get Gloo wall skins for absolutely free is the Redeem Codes. Free Fire has already provided many many redeem codes for free items for their players. These redeem codes are very useful and they are limited to use. Several times these codes came with a free Gloo wall skin too.

So, the Redeem code is also one of the great ways to collect free rewards and Gloo wall skins. How to get codes? Well, Free Fire provides codes through their game events, Facebook page, Instagram page, etc. All you need to do is stay updated on their social media pages and also on their games. You can also try this Latest Free Fire Redeem Code list. In case you get lucky.

3 Best Ways to Get Gloo Wall Skin for Free


Free Gloo wall skin events

In July there was an event called Booyah Watch to Win. Regular Free Fire players might know about it. So, the event is all about watching the Free Fire live stream on YouTube.

There are more events in Free Fire that give us the opportunity to win Weapons and Gloo wall skins. These events are very easy to complete and get skins for free.

Let you all know that the next latest event is coming on the last of October which is called the Booyah Day Event.

Redeem Codes:

get free gloo wall skin redeem codes

In many updates, Free Fire brings new redeem codes for the players. Most of the codes are for guns, diamonds, golds, etc. But there are also some redeem codes for Gloo walls.

Last time Free Fire brought Gloo wall skin for limited uses only. Lucky players got their skins by using the codes. So, if you want to get free Gloo wall skin to redeem codes then stay updated on your game. Also, follow our Page latest updates.

You can also follow Free Fire’s social media pages because they also provide redeem codes on their pages many times.

Exclusive Bundles

get free gloo wall skins with bundle

Apart from the events and Redeem codes, Free Fire also provides bundle offers with discounts and these bundles come with many different items in it. In many bundles, you will see Gloo Walls, Weapon skins, and other premium stuff at a very cheap price. So, for those who don’t want to spend money on these things can easily get Free Gloo wall skins after purchasing these bundles.

You can check these exclusive bundles from the offer section of Free Fire. If you want to get more details about the offers and event. you can also stay active on our website for the latest news.

I hope this post helps you get your Free Gloo Wall skin soon.

No premium item is going to come to you on its own. Use these genuine tips and tricks to get free gloo wall skins. I assure you that using this guide will get you your first gloo wall skin very soon. Also, if you don’t have any diamonds, you can check How to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

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