Biggest PUBG Mobile Tournament | Everything You Need to Know

We all know that these days, there are various PUBG Mobile tournaments are going on. These tournaments are getting more and more interesting for the players. The last biggest PUBG mobile Tournament was in Dubai and many people came there to join the Tournament. But this time everyone has to come to India to win 1 crore rupees($10million) Prizemoney. Yes, first-ever in Indian gaming history, there is going to be a mobile game tournament which is giving 1 crore rupees($10million) prizemoney. So, let’s check out what is in this Biggest PUBG mobile tournament India 2022.

First, the important thing is the Biggest India Centric PUBG Mobile tournament registration is going on. It has started on May and the last date is August. You need to go to the Tournament page on your PUBG mobile and find the registration button in it. After that follow the given steps and fill-up the form to complete the registration.

Why this the biggest tournament ever?

Yes, of course, it the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament ever because it is giving 1 crore rupees prize money to the winner of the Chicken Dinner. Yes, A chicken Dinner worth 1 crore rupees and this all is going to happen this time only in India.

Why this the biggest tournament ever?
PUBG Mobile tournament in India 2019

Pubg Mobile Tournament Official Website Link –

About the Game and the Prize Money

This is PUBG mobile tournament sponsoring Oppo phone. As I already mentioned the registration has already started and it will last till Jan 23. It is a 3-month game which means the game will last 3 months straight. In this first round, you have to get the qualification by playing random matches during the tournament hour. Then after passing the qualification round, you will enter the online playoff where the numbers of players will be cut off to 2000 and after this round, only 20 teams will be selected for the grand finale.

The winner will get a chicken dinner worth 30 lakh rupees. The second team will get 10 lakh and the third team will get 5 lakh rupees. The ranking and point counting depends on various policies like how many kills you get and survival time. So, be ready if you are pro.

Also, the Top 10 teams will get a bag prize and there are more prizes for the player with the highest kill, revives and health restores points.

I strongly request all the amazing Indian PUBG players to participate this time because it is in India. Thanks for reading. I wish you all the best!

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