Bluestacks or LD Player: Which one is a better Emulator

Every one of us wants to try amazing mobile games like Free Fire, COD, and PUBG Mobile on PC. If you also have a PC and you are playing these mobile games in it then you might have confusion about which emulator is best.

Many of us use Bluestacks while LD Player is also very famous for Playing Mobile Games on PC. However, It is hard to choose the right one for the best gaming performance. So, Bluestacks or LD Player? today, we are going to clear this confusion on choosing the right emulator for your Mobile gaming on PC.

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BlueStacks or LD Player Which one is the better emulator

Among the many PUBG Mobile players, some use Bluestacks while others go with the LD Player. Both the emulator is an excellent choice for playing light mobile games on your PC.

But if you are really going to choose any one of them then you have to mind your needs. So, what is your needs will be the answer to which emulator is best for you.

Before we go to our conclusion, let’s understand each one of these two emulators well. We will know about the features and specialty of these two emulators and find out which one will be the best for our needs.

You can find many similar emulators like Gameloop. Gameloop is also one of the efficient emulators you can use for free.

However, There are other Gameloop Alternatives you can find too. This emulator features PUBG Mobile only. Some of the other game settings are not well supported here.

So, if you are thinking of using Gameloop, you better check some value-added info for Gameloop Emulator.

Bluestacks or LD Player: Which one is better


One of the most discussed platforms Bluestacks has the support of a wide variety of games and apps. For a very long time, people are using Bluestacks to play android games and use other Android apps on their PC.

With the recent version Bluestacks 4, you can enjoy even more features than before. Not even PUBG Mobile, but most of the other games such as COC, COD Mobile, and even Free Fire is playable without any issues.

If you ever faced any issues with your Free Fire Controls using Gameloop, then this emulator is the best alternative for you.

Besides, Bluestacks also supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and 10 of course. So, if you are wandering around and looking for an android emulator with no compromise then Bluestacks is the best one for you.

Some other great features from Bluestacks are, you can download and play any play store games directly from the emulator.

The emulator has an inbuilt play store window with the most viral games on it. Just click to download and play. However, first, you need to log in with your Google ID as soon as you enter the emulator.


Among the many amazing features and well-developed control settings for every mobile game, the only problem with Bluestacks is, it is a heavy application.

Because of its large size, it doesn’t support well in every PC. So, if you have an old or low-end PC, you can’t use Bluestacks on it. In that case, you can check these Alternatives for Bluestacks.

Which emulator is best for you

LD Player

With the basic idea of an android emulator, LD Player is also a very good tool to play android games on PC. LD Player has featured a lot of famous games like PUBG Mobile, Arknight, Free Fire, Among us, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, etc.

So, if you are here to play these games, then you should definitely go with the LD Player. Another amazing feature of the LD player is it gives you very optimized performance with very light use of CPU.

Means, LD player is a lighter app than Bluestacks. If Bluestacks is too heavy for your system then you can use this one as a good alternative.

The overall performance is good but not good enough like the Bluestacks emulator. LD Player uses 5.1 and 7.1 android platform. Very flexible customizing options for the graphics, CPU, GPU, and memory.

It has a huge fan base and almost 2M+ active users play their favorite games on this emulator.

Also not be ignored that LD player supports 1M+ game on board. Means, you don’t have customized settings or controls for these supported games.

LD Player also has the feature to download apps and games directly from the window and it is just like you use your smartphone. You can customize your screen and do much more interesting things.

LD Player also supports location tracker, voice control device, and camera apps.


According to some Free Fire gamers, LD Player has a poor control and sensitivity setting for the game. It doesn’t move freely and many lags can be seen while playing Free Fire on LD Player. So, there can be more games also can get this kind of issue in LD Player.

As this emulator is a very light app, it’s behavior can be very buggy sometimes. PUBG Mobile players can use LD Player but it is not the same with other games. If you are going to play some non-famous games such as an arcade or fighting games like Marvel then it is not going to be very easy for you.

A lot of games settings are yet to be configured and their keymap settings are quite poor. So, an LD player gives you a limited choice for Mobile gaming on PC. If you have a graphics card in your PC then you can go with Bluestacks otherwise the best emulator you can find is an LD player.

But overall the emulator is pretty good to play every mobile game and app.

Bluestacks or LD Player: Conclusion

As a user of both the emulator, I would say both the emulator is good enough to play mobile games on PC. However, the best emulator depends on what you need. If you have a low-end PC and you want to experience a pretty decent gaming experience then the LD player is the right one for you.

If you have a very good PC with a decent graphics card then you can always choose to go with the Bluestacks. Bluestacks is always the best one when it comes to premium use of an emulator. It’s ultra customizable options and the well-developed tool can handle your mobile gaming needs without any lags or bugs.

I hope this can clear your confusion on choosing the right emulator between Bluestacks and LD Player.