Bollywood Games: Top 6 Android Games Based on Hindi Movies

Bollywood Games are not so cool, right? But if I tell you that there are a few mobile games you can download and play on your smartphone with great interest which are basically made on Bollywood movies. Today I will walk you through some of the best android games based on Hindi movies. If you liked these games, you can directly download them from google play store for free.

Top 6 Bollywood Games for Android Mobile

Ghayal Once Again – Hindi Movie Game

Ever heard about open-world games? They are very famous and fun to play. This Bollywood game called Ghayal Once Again is based on Hindi movie and guess what? It is an open-world game too. Just like GTA games, this android mobile game is very cool and fun to play.

Ghayal Once Again - Hindi Movie Game

Ghayal, the Hindi movie game has the main character just like the original Hindi movies and it is Sunny Deol. The story of the game is also the same as the movie Ghayal released in 1990. It is quite famous and this game is just a fan-made game for a tribute.

You are welcome to give it a try. Visit Play Store.

Dabangg – Salman Khan movie Bollywood Game

Dabangg the cowboy sheriff of Bollywood begins his journey to the main villain and kills him at last. Who doesn’t know about the Dabangg movie? It is a very famous movie from 2010 where Salman khan acts as a Robin Hood who is a police officer of justice.

Dabangg-Salman Khan movie Bollywood Game

In this Bollywood game too, you will play the character of Salman khan and beat up all of those villains that you saw in the Hindi movie. Just like the Mario game but with a lot more fight and action, this android game will give you the thrill of Bollywood for sure.

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Sahoo – A South Indian Hindi Movie Game

One of the biggest budget movies of the history of Hindi Movies, Sahoo was released in 2019. The main character of this Sahoo game is the South Indian superstar Prabhas.

Sahoo-A South Indian Hindi Movie Game

Cool tech, flying machines, and super actions are available in this android game. Sahoo is a Bollywood movie released on multiple languages. So, the is also available in Tamil, Hindi, and Telegu. I must tell you that this is a must-try game based on Hindi movies.

You will play not only the Prabhash character in this Bollywood game but also you will get to use lots of school stuff like guns, bombs, flying machines, unique missions, and more.

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Dhoom 3 – The Bollywood Game

Love Dhoom movie? This android game based on Hindi movie is going to be your favorite racing game ever. Play the character of famous Bollywood superstar Amir Khan and help him to escape from the police.

Dhoom 3- The Bollywood Game

A lot of people loved the Dhoom 3 movie so far. And now this Dhoom 3 game is released on the Google play store. It is basically a reaching android game based on Hindi movie franchise Dhoom 3. With many levels and missions to complete, you are going to enjoy this game for sure.

Try this game. Visit Google Play Store.

Baahubali – Hindi Movie Game

Baahubali- The Hindi Movie is an android game based on the famous Indian movie Baahubali. The first part of this movie was released in 2015 and the final part was released in 2017. This Bollywood game is also just like the movie.

Baahubali- Hindi Movie Game

Full of actions and fighting, action scenes, Bahubali the game will keep you thrilled. This game is like the Clash of Clans game. If you like making strategy and attacking others then you must try this game too.

Try this Baahubali- The Hindi Movie Game. Visit Play Store.

Sultan – Bollywood Wresting Game

Most of the Indian people already know about this movie Sultan. This Hindi movie was released in 2016. After the released movie became a hit and this wrestling game was also made based on the Sultan movie.

Sultan- Bollywood Wresting Game

Just like the movie the Sultan, this mobile game is also based on real-life Indian wrestling known as Kushti.

You will be performing your character as Salman Khan himself. There are many types of opponent and boss fights are also available in this Bollywood game.

Don’t forget to try this one too. Visit Play Store Now.

Bollywood is famous film industry. There are millions of fans of Bollywood. If you are one of then you should try these Bollywood games on your smartphone. These mobile games are very good to play for timepass. Choose your favorite game from our favorite android game based on Hindi movies today.