Call Of Duty vs PUBG Mobile: Which one is the most Popular game

Call Of Duty Vs PUBG Mobile. These days a great controversy is going on between the fans of PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty. Of course, both the games are so amazing that no one can surely tell that which one of these games is the most popular. This question is taking over the Internet and social media. Today in this article, I am going to clear your confused mind. I am going to give you a clear analysis of COD and PUBG Mobile, according to the new data reports from valid sources. 

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Call Of Duty Vs PUBG Mobile: Which one is the Most Popular?

So, the controversy between Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile is a big topic to discuss today’s date. We all know that Call Of Duty came to the mobile platforms a lot later than the PUBG Mobile. They have yet to develop many things such as bugs and game data. Still, Call of Duty Mobile is receiving a lot of good responses too.

PUBG Mobile also has a very good active players count and it is much bigger than Call of Duty, but we must keep in mind that Call of Duty is one of the oldest games in the world. People are enjoying Call Of Duty PC for generations. For the growing mobile platforms, PUBG mobile has successfully made its place in the world. Both the game is very good on the side of its quality. PUBG Mobile has a bigger download count while COD mobile has bigger fan base than PUBG Mobile.

Call Of Duty vs PUBG Mobile: Which one is the most popular game in 2022

Call of Duty is the Most Popular game in 2022:

The most awaited game Call of Duty: Mobile was released globally on October 1, 2020. The game has broken all the records right after its release and becomes the most popular game in the world. Call of Duty Mobile crossed 30 million downloads in just 3-5 days receiving over $2 million revenue. Also, the game has passed its goal of 100 million downloads in just 20 days. Yes, even PUBG Mobile couldn’t make such a record. According to Ranker.Com, Call of Duty has now become the most popular game in the world, surpassing even the most popular games like PUBG mobile, FreeFire, Fortnite, etc. However, if you see the play store, you will find that the download count of PUBG Mobile is so much higher than COD Mobile that is because of the earlier release of PUBG Mobile. According to the growing download count, Call of Duty Mobile soon going to surpass PUBG Mobile globally.

Call Of Duty Mobile: Call of Duty was originally released in 2003 for the PCs and consoles. It was one of the most popular games in the world. Call of Duty is all about the fights of World War II. However, most people who don’t use a PC did not know about these kinds of games. But now the old days are gone. Everyone loves to play PC games and also the companies are developing these amazing games for mobile phones.

Developed by TiMi Studios and Published by Activision, the game Call of Duty Mobile launched its beta version on March 209. After some testing and analyzing the team closed the Beta version. it was soon released in Australia and Canada. However, some days of waiting, the global Call of Duty was officially released on October 1, 2019. Let you know that right after the release, 35 million people downloaded this in just 5 days. The game crossed its 100 million downloads in just 20 days. Call of Duty has only two currency systems and a royal pass in the game and people already have spent $18million of revenue in total until now. PUBG Mobile: Players Unknown Battle Ground(PUBG) is an online multiplayer game that was released in 2017 for the Windows PCs via Steam. The game was focused on the 2000’s Japanese film Battle Royale.PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the Players Unknown Battle Ground game. PUBG Mobile was globally released in May 2018. Let you know that the game had received 75+ million preregistration before it was released. The game became so much viral around the world and also the Indians were playing the game like crazy. PUBG Mobile changed the history of games in just 1 year.

An amazing fact is a Chinese company Tencent published the game globally but the Chinese government itself denied publishing the game in the country. After that Tencent changed the name PUBG Mobile to Game of Peace and they also changed some in-game things like removing blood and gore. Conclusion We can say that PUBG is setting a record in gaming history but COD has been a favorite game of gamers from the Globe. The tradition of Call of Duty has been going on since 2003. PUBG went viral right after its release, now more of us play games on PC and also everyone has their own smartphones and COD too has the greater value in our gaming community because most of the Pro gamers just love Call of Duty.