Chinese PUBG Mobile gets Sports Car Skin for Dacia, What about global version

Game for Peace is the so-called Chinese version PUBG Mobile is an early version of the global PUBGM. Tencent always throws their update first in Game For Peace. After that, the updates come to the global version of PUBG Mobile. Recently the game has collaborated with an Italian Sports car brand. Developer Tencent Games has already brought the update on 28th January with the new Sports Car skin called Maserati Ghibli and it going viral on the Internet.

The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile which is the Game For Peace is going through a lot of discussions these days for getting sports car skin. The game has collaborated many times with many brands. However, this time the Chinese PUBG Mobile has collaborated with an Italian Sports car brand called Maserati. Yes, the online battleground game is featuring the new upcoming Maserati Car model called Ghibli. Players need to pay for this exclusive car skin. According to several sources, the skin is not really cheap. It costs almost 150-200 US dollars to buy.

PUBG Mobile, Game For Peace

What about the Global Version

This new car model is just a skin for Erangel special Dacia. The update has arrived on 28 January in the PUBG Mobile Chinese version but everyone is expecting this cool Ghibli car skin in the global version too. So, what about the global version? Is the global version will also make the collaboration with Maserati car brand?

PUBG Mobile new Skin

As we all know that some of the updates from Game for Peace have never arrived on the global version. So, there is a 50-50 chance for this new sports car skin to come in the Global PUBG Mobile. Recently, the global version has made a collaboration with Indian Bollywood movie Street Dancer 3D. Also, the new 0.17.0 update is near. So, we can expect this Sports car skin in the global version too.

There is also a chance that the global version might not get this new Maserati sports car. The brand is an Italian brand and it is only famous in China. India has its’ own favorite brands. Also, the car skins are very much expensive for the Indian currency.