How to Get Coin Master Free Spins for ❤ Android and iOS Devices – 🔥 New Link Tricks

Coin Master is one of the Top grossing games in both iOS and Android devices. More than 100m downloads on play store and also 360k ratings in iOS devices. Here we go to look at the website called cmspins online is a popular coin master spin and coins resource generator website.

Now we will move to our topic of how to get coin master free spins for Android and iOS devices from website tricks.

**Warning: Using this website is in your own risk. is not the official website of coinmaster app.

Before the move to our process we have made one change in setting for Android mobile only not for iOS mobiles.

Because iOS devices will be in the correct format but Android, we have to make the change.

*Go to the settings screen and turn off the Auto-rotate screen or for some mobiles, Auto-rotate will be in the upper notification portion there we will be able to turn off with one click that’s easy for you to do that process.

(why we change this setting means it’s just for correct support for that free spins giving website)

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Here we will see step by steps procedure for getting free spins and coins through in Android and iOS mobiles:

Coin Master Free Spins For Android and iOS Devices

  • Step 1: Download Chrome browser on your device from the play store or use default browser.
  • Step 2: Browse and Enter website.
  • Step 3: After that, we will move to a new page with the topic of Account information. coin master free spins for android.
    coin master free spins for android
  • Step 4: There we have to fill in some basic information. In the first box, we have filled our username of coin master or enter an email we used in Coin Master.
  • Step 5: In the second box, Only we get the difference between Android and iOS devices.
  • Step 6: In the second box, Here we have to choose from two options of “ANDROID and iOS in select your platform box(These only change between Android and iOS devices).
  • Step 7: Next, we have to click the connect button available with an orange box. And wait for a few seconds to connect our account.
  • Step 8: After that, you will automatically scroll to on section with the name of “Amount of Resources“ amount of resources coin master spins generator.
    amount of resources coin master spins generator
  • Step 9: There two box are available with the minus and plus buttons for our choice of increment and decrement.
  • Step 10: First box, for the number of coins there we have mentioned our needed coin amount with the use of minus and plus buttons.
  • Step 11: Second box, for the Number of spins we need for that also we have to mention our needed amount with the use of minus and plus buttons.
  • Step 12: After this click the Generate button and this page loads for a few seconds. And it moves to a new page with a loading process with the name of Coin Master generator.
  • Step 13: In the screen itself it shows our chosen amount of coins and spins added successfully to your account with this mention with the username we gave in front for connecting.(After that we have to close our browsing website and move to our official coin master app and see the changes). For More details refer below video.

Thank you… If this ticks work for you then Give your valuable comment’s and please share this blog to your friends.

Coin Master – Video Reference