Coin Master is the Most Popular Successful Idle Game – Why?

Why is Coin Master Popular in two countries namely Germany and UK with including other countries also and 100 million users among all countries?

Why this much, we will see the reason for this Success!!!
Let’s get into the blog!! WELCOME

Coin Master is a casual incremental f2p game, and it’s developed and published by the Israel studio team MOON ACTIVE, Where players give simply spin action in a slot machine for variable coin rewards, that can involve attacking and raiding with some other villages like a clash of clans game.

Build up the village with the reward we stole from the other player village and this game includes the action of Viking, pirate, warrior of them all.

How To Play Coin Master

The goal in the Coin Master: Simple methodology: we will see with step by step actions we made in the Coin Master Game.

  • Step 1: we spin the slots machine for the reward of coins and again spin rewards.
    coin master coins rewards
  • Step 2: wins coins from the slot machine to build up your village by using coins rewards.
    building a village coin master
  • Step 3: Building a village awards stars and when it gets complete, players rank up and start working on the next village with an upgrade scenario.
  • Step 4: Ranking up increasing coins earned from the slot machine, which can be used to build the next village with the next-level scenario and again coins earned from the slot machine, will increase as the cycle continues.
  • Step 5: Attacking players, which destroys one of the buildings in the village and removes a star from their village progression.
    coin master attacking village
  • Step 6: Earning shields, Players also earn shields from the machine-like coins earned from the slot machine.
    earning shield in coin master

Like Coin Master’s grind action is spinning, special automation the slot machine. While playing the game, players can tap the spin withholding action afterward to automate the interaction. The game continues to spin and generate coins and some rewards. It also pauses only for one of the small sets of interaction like collecting milestones, rewards, and raiding some other villages.

spin get coins and building a village in coin master

Why Coin Master?

Coin Master simply monetizes on spins that generate coins based on the current rank(village progression).

Coin Master combined with the idle game genre by simply being the game you can play when you cannot play or experienced with some other games genre. By the simple methodology, you can play this game without any interaction between the game because they show the procedure with automatic startup and they show what the things are in the game with that automation startup.

In a world where multitasking is second nature like the game can be run in the background of watching Netflix or listening to music, Coin Master ensures its audience is always making progress while they continue to not do something. And at last why it suitable for everyone means it includes battle, building village, treasure hunting, raiding and etc., and many of them like spinning, with this simple idle methodology(Because of this Coin Master is Successful)

Because of this idealogic, Coin Master is the most popular and successful idle game in the world.

Video Reference – Gameplay