Cookie Clicker Game – How To Play Methodology On PC, Mobile, Steam

Cookie Clicker Game is an idle video game and it is considered an incremental game because it runs by itself with minimum or zero user interaction. And this type of game was finished by French programmer “Julien Orteil Thiennot” in the year 2013.

The publisher of this game is “DashNet” and the steam by “Playsaurus”. These game-supported platforms are Android, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Web browsers. And it’s a one-player game with idle and interesting moves.

This game is also mentioned as a genre of incremental games and it’s all for the fanbase codes for this game were coded over one night and it is regularly updated one important note about this game is it does not require any human manually to play the game.

Before going to play we just need to know these things:

Initially, it shows only one cookie on the left side of the game screen. And after this, we need to touch the cookie, and it increases as we click the cookie if you reach 15 cookies and now you are eligible to buy a cursor and the cursor is nothing but it makes the production of cookies automatically. This cursor is a very important thing in the store to buy and its price is 15 cookies. And from this, it automatically makes the cookies with the time rate of “1 COOKIE PER SECOND”. AND OTHER THINGS TO KNOW IN THIS GAME ARE

  • Grandma
  • Farm
  • Mine
  • Factory
  • Bank
  • Temple
  • Wizard tower
  • Shipment
  • Alchemy lab
  • Portal
  • Time machine
  • Antimatter condenser
  • Prism
  • Changemaker
  • Fractal engine
  • Javascript console

How to use these above-mentioned things in the cookies clicker game:

For making more cookies, to buy more cursors, to make more cookies. And one important note in this is “Ten cursors make one cookie per second”.

Grandma as an old woman performs unpaid labor work to grow her cookie business and for this, we need to spend 100 cookies to buy the grandma. And your cookies are renowned in the whole town to become popular in the neighborhood, then renowned all over the town and our production accelerate with our grandma.

The farm is used to grow cookie plants from cookie seeds. And you buy cookie farms to grow cookies.

Mine is used to extract cookies from the earth, factories and this mines out cookie dough and chocolate chips.

The factory is the main place to produce cookies and it helps to produce cookie monster orders for selling. In the factory, they used the above things to produce the cookies.

Bank named cookie bank started using cookies as currency. And it generates cookies from interest.

Temple, at temple thousands, prays to the Baker in the sky.

Wizard tower, we need to build Wizard towers to summon cookies magically as uncanny cookies. And it summons cookies with magic spells.

Shipments from the space of cookies from alien worlds bring in fresh cookies from the cookie planet.

Alchemy lab is similar to wizard tower in that it works to summon magical cookies.

Atlas Portal, you open the portal to a parallel dimension, taking in millions of cookies per second.

The time machine is the building in cookie clicker and it brings 65 million cps cookies from the past they were even chewed.

Antimatter condenser helps to make cookies from antimatter, from light, from pure chance, you make cookies from others and it condenses the antimatter in the universe into cookies.

Prism converts light itself into cookies.

Chance maker and it’s used to generate cookies out of thin air through sheer luck.

From Fractal engine, turns cookies into even more cookies.

Javascript console, it’s a hacking cookie clicker console and it creates cookies from the very code this game was written in.

Alien beings and cosmic elder gods come to taste your cookies, and whole cities are engulfed in trans-dimensional disaster, but the system can’t stop, it can only grow, cookies are all we know.

Universe cookie dough, to the molecular level, is an infinite sentient to terrifying cookie gestalt. When you’re ready, you ascend, you leave the mortal world for the higher plant of cookie. If you are reclaiming a new game, it starts with zero cookies and begins all anew with the help of switches. But you keep certain upgrades and bonuses, so you can quickly reach and surpass where you were before birth, death, and rebirth are an endless inescapable cycle of cookie samsara and mechanics get more complex.

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How to play the game:- few steps simple methodology

The user of the game needs to click on a big cookie on the left side of the screen. And you earned a single cookie per click. Then we need to spend their obtained cookies upon purchasing belongings such as “Cursors” and other things like “Buildings” and more. And from these assets it automatically produces cookies. One important thing we know is to Upgrade everything because it can improve the efficiency of clicks and buildings, and make many other mechanics that allow the users to earn cookies in different ways. The cookie clicker is an unblockable idle game because it has no end and also so many achievements.

After we achieved store things and more:- what to do?

The cookie clicker is an idle game. You’re no need to sit there clicking the cookie you’re meant to leave it on in the background while it makes cookies for you, and occasionally come back to spend cookies on upgrades.

In the initial state, the static style is efficient for upgrades like the golden lock and the shimmering veil optimize for idle cookies per second. But in the late game, the best way to process is with an active playstyle.

Golden cookies:

Because every five minutes or so, a golden cookie spawns, if you click it in time, you get a random temporary bonus like a cookie Frenzy, which increases your cookie production by seven times for one minute.

The best effect is the building special, which temporarily multiplies your rates of production. Based on the occupied state of buildings in-game. So depends on that if you have hundreds of buildings, that can multiply your cookies production by thousands of times over.

And if you can stack multiple multipliers together, you can increase production by millions of times over. And this cookie production is infinite. You can spawn more golden cookies with the bolster(help) of Grimoire Reddit minigame unlocked at the Wizard Tower. The problem is that a system designed to make cookies is not designed to make well-being with justice and happiness.

Cookie Clicker Reddit:

Here you share your archives, doubts, and discuss updates on the cookie clicker game and which has been named “r/CookieClicker” – A Subreddit for the popular cookie-clicker game.

Cookie Clicker Patreon:- help center

It helps the Cookie Clicker player to know the updates of the cookie clicker game. And it supports us on Patreon and helps us keep updating the cookie clicker game. But we need rewards for patrons.

How to reach the Cookie Clicker game:

The simplest way to reach this game is by the link address of this game. Just use this link and reach it easily. If you touch this link it automatically redirects to the mobile browser like a chrome browser.

Link of Cookie Clicker game:-

Uncanny Cookie clicker:- From Chrome web store

It is just a helper tool for Cookie Clicker players to use as an extension. This extension icon would be set by clicking the Add to Desktop button on the page of chrome web store detail page. This website page will be reached by the given link. And this extension has some features in the cookie icon on the right side of the search box in your browser. If we click that cookie icon it shows the features setting screen for the cookie clicker player to set it up.

Click this link and reach the uncanny cookie clicker tool:- clicker

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