Darkwatch Review, Gameplay, Guns, Powers, Villains and more

FPS games are one of the most discussed games in the era of gaming. Most gamers love FPS games whether it is an online game or offline. If you are also a fan of such games then there is no better game than Darkwatch to play on your PS2 or Xbox. Just like the Zombie or the amazing horror monster-killing games, Darkwatch is also very interesting and fun to play. Here is a brief Darkwatch review for the fans.

Darkwatch Description/Story

Developed by High Moon Studio and published by Capcorn, Darkwatch is a horror FPS game specially made for Play Station 2 back in 2004. With the amazing growth of the other platform and gaming era, Darkwatch is not very famous these days among the players but it is really worth playing.

You can find more Games Like Darkwatch but its unique idea of gameplay makes it fun to play. The story of Darkwatch starts with a Hybrid person with special abilities and this is why players are forced to like Darkwatch. With some unique power of Vampire, the main character goes on a journey oh his quest.

The person is Jericho Cross who basically a thief or robber. He spent his alone and silent. His life changes entirely when he enters into the wrong train that was carrying a cursed soul of Satan’s son called Lazarus. It was the Darkwatch org. who captured Lazarus but Cross releases the soul unknowingly and gets the curse and becomes a vampire.

This is the beginning of your quest. Here Cross meet the lady Cassidy, an army of Darkwatch who guides you to your journey. She takes you to Darkwatch and helps you to understand your abilities.

Here he meets with some authorities of Darkwatch, Citadel. One of them is Clay Catwright who is the present leader of the Darkwatch. He gives Cross a training session and after Cross is provided with some missions before he starts his journey.

As soon as he starts his journey, Tala and Cassidy accompany him for the quest. In the middle of the story, Tala gets a bite from Cross which turns her into a half-vampire. After this mission, Tala betrays Cross and escape from there. Later Cross continues his journey.

Darkwatch Gameplay

With a decent FPS game experience, Darkwatch comes with full story mode. After Cross starts his journey, he starts to explore the features, ability, and weaponry he has.

Darkwatch has both the single and multiplayer modes. Single-player mode just as fun as the multiplayer mode. Amazing guns, special vampire abilities, turrets, traps, and grenades will be your main stronghold for the game. However, there is more than just one gun to use. Yes, there are so many guns and all the different guns have different damage points and different styles of shooting.

More, you will get boss fights, blood capsule, shield, blood eye ability, and much more cool stuff that are very rare in the game.

Apart from that, the gameplay can be very advanced and thrilling. Or it can be very easy as the damage depends on the position. If you play it wisely, it is not very difficult to shoot one perfect shot that can kill monsters.

Darkwatch Weapons and Inventory

The hero Cross is not a hero of the daylight. He looses his power as soon as the sun appears. So, in the day time, he has to use all the weapons he can get. Darkwatch has a huge weapon inventory. From exotic weapons like the crossbow to sub machinegun, Cross can access them all. But some missions are really hard and you get the only weapon you choose. Check the Weapons available in Darkwatch below-

  • 24-shot Redeemer handgun

Redeemer: A classic 24-shot pistol for the dramatic gameplay. It is an average gun for both the damage and range.

  • Carbine

Carbine is a powerful alternative for the redeemer. Its long-range is the reason you should choose.

  • Shotgun

As always best for short-range, Cross will also get to use a shotgun for great damage dealers.

  • Range Rifle

Just a Cross style rifle good for long-range.

  • Dual Pistol

With the amazing short-range damage ability, Dual Pistor is also very useful for Darkwatch. If you are thinking about redeemer then I must tell you that Dual Pistol can not be compared with the Redeemer. Dual Pistor has great damage but it is weak in aiming.

  • Crossbow with explosive arrows

A very useful and practical weapon for a game like Darkwatch. You will feel like a real monster hunter with its explosive arrows.

  • Rail Rocket

A real rocket launcher for massive damages. Rail Rocket is more like a bulk killer. It can be really useful when you are surrounded by many enemies.

  • Dynamite

Dynamite is Dynamite. Use it to get real fun of Dynamite.

Darkwath Special Abilities and Powers

After the Cross starts with his guide Cassidy, he also starts to explore his powers given by the curse. Being a vampire he has several special abilities. Some of them are good while others are bad. Normal powers are always active while evil and good powers can only be used in certain conditions.

Normal Powers

  • Blood Shield

Blood Shield is a regenerative shield that protects the Cross from getting health damage directly.

  • Blood Vision

Blood Vision mostly useful at nights or when you are surrounded by enemies. It is special eyesight that high lights enemies, and other targets of Cross.

  • Vampire Jump

Vampire Jump can also be called double jump. You can use this to jump higher. Also, the player can decide his way to the land by gliding down.

Good Powers

  • Silver bullets

Silver bullets can only be achieved when a player chooses the good path of the game. With this power, Cross uses holly silver bullets that are much more effective to kill enemies.

  • Fear

Fear is another good power that can be used as a tactic when more enemies are coming. It is an ability that causes confusion and fear among enemies. However, this power doesn’t affect Boss enemies.

  • Mystic Armour

Mystic Armour is just like the Blood shield but more effective. It can be acquired by collecting the blood from the dead enemies. It basically increases your shield capability to give you next-level protection.

  • Vindicator

Vindicator is more like a super strike. This power creates a thunderbolt around cross destroying a large number of enemies around him. Vindicator is for the last stage situation when you are surrounded by many enemies.

Evil Powers:

  • Blood Frenzy

Blood Frenzy is more like a rage mode. With this power equipped you don’t have to worry about dying. You can use this rage like the power to kill all enemies at once.

  • Turn

Turn is power is more like Fear but it is more complicated. It is hard to find a use for this power but you will know when you will explore the game.

  • Black Shroud

Black Shroud is a defensive power. With this power equipped, the player gets an armour that doesn’t only protect Cross from receiving damage but also deals a small amount of damage to the attacker.

  • Soul Stealer

Soul Stealer is one of the greatest evil power you can use. Just like the Blood frenzy, with this power, you will obtain a power that shoots rays. It can kill most of the normal enemies with a single shot.

Darkwatch Boss Gallery


Darkwath Hero Gallery

cassidy darkwatch hero
darkwatch hero Tala
Darkwatch Hero Jericho Cross
clay cartwright darkwatch


The game has actually two different endings. Jericho Cross is given options to choose. If he chooses the good side he has to go with Cassidy to get rid of the curse of Lazarus. Where he has to fight with Lara the half-vampire and kill her.

Or if he chooses the bad side which is to be with half-vampire Lara and he has to fight the would of Cassidy. In this ending, he fights with the ghost of Cassidy and releases it and continues his journey through the night with his undead horse.