Earn 850+ UC for free in PUBG Mobile | Bonus reward Challenge

UC(Unknown Cash) is the most valuable currency in PUBG Mobile, with which we buy skins and other cool in-game accessories. There is a BP(Battle Point) which is quite easy to get. But to earn UC you have to pay money for it.
If you play PUBG Mobile too, then you know the value of UC. We can buy skins, open crates, own game cards, and more with UC(Unknown Cash). So, why to buy if we can get it free? Yes, you heard me right.
We can earn UC for free and today I am going to tell you about a secret trick called bonus reward challenge. By completing the bonus reward challenge, everyone can earn more than 850 UC for free. Yes, even you.
Earn 850+ UC for free in PUBG Mobile
Earn UC for free| PUBG Mobile
This trick is 100% real and genuine. This is not about any third-party application but a new reward program of PUBG Mobile 2020. You really can earn real UC reward by completing missions in PUBG Mobile. Also, I am not talking about Royal Pass missions/rewards.

Bonus Reward Challenge– Recently, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new challenge system where you can complete the challenges, and earn real UC cash prizes. You can take part in the bonus reward challenges during your classic matches and complete them to win exclusive rewards and use them to redeem UC. You don’t even have to buy Royal Pass with money anymore. With those free UC rewards, you can buy whatever you want in the game.

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So, let’s get back to the Topic of earning free UC in PUBG Mobile

Earn UC for free in PUBG Mobile
Bonus reward challange|2019

How to Earn 850+ UC for free in PUBG Mobile| Bonus reward challenge 2020

Earn UC for free in PUBG Mobile
earn free uc
Yes, you can earn more than 850 UC for free by completing some easy missions in PUBG Mobile. As I already mentioned that PUBG Mobile has newly introduced a challenge which is called bonus reward challenge. You can view the bonus reward challenge window that exists in the left upper corner.
Just enter in the Bonus Reward Challenges and complete the challenges to get BC(Battle coins). After you get the BC, you can redeem UC for free with those BC. See, how simple is that.

Before you Enter Bonus Reward Challenge

  • Bonus Reward Challenge mode is only available for the players playing in Asia Servers only.
  • You will be using your Battle Coins as the Challenge entry fees. If you win the challenge, you will win more of it.
  • You will automatically fail the challenge if you leave the match and If you win the match you will be notified by the in-game mail.
  • You can turn on the auto challenge mode to take challenges in every squad match you play with your squad. The challenge mode will stop automatically as soon as your BC wallet is empty.
  • After collecting Battle Coins, you can redeem your UC with the Battle Coins you earned.
  • Your challenges will be updated every day.

How to enter in Bonus reward Challenge

As you can see, there is an icon of the bonus reward challenge in the upper right corner. Simply click on that icon to view the Bonus Reward Challenge window.
You will see some missions. You can enter the missions with a small amount of Battle Coins and win 10 times more of it. Later you will be using it to exchange with UC(Unknown Cash)
Step by Step to Earn Free UC in PUBG Mobile
Step by Step to Earn Free UC in PUBG Mobile

Step by Step to Earn Free UC in PUBG Mobile

  1. First Log in to your PUBG Mobile Game.
  2. Look for Bonus Reward Icon on the top left corner which is near the big Start Button.
  3. Click on the Bonus Reward icon, and you will see the window of some missions listing on it.
  4. Just click on the challenge if you have a sufficient amount of Battle Coins(BC).
  5. It will cut you Battle Coins as a fee of the challenge and take you to the lobby.
  6. As the first mission says in the photo, win the next classic squad match. to win this reward, get ready with your squad and then come to the bonus reward window. Click on the challenge to accept the challenge and pay the fee. It will take you to a classic match. Win the match with your squad and earn BC(Battle Coins).
  7. Likewise, if you are taking the second challenge you just have to complete the next three classic squad matches back to back.
  8. After winning BC, check the Redeem window right next to the challenge window.
  9. Open the Redeem window and check if you have enough Battle Coins(BC) to redeem PUBG Mobile UC.
  10. You have to collect at least 1000BC to get 100UC. You can redeem up to 500UC with 5000BC in the game.
earn free uc from bonus reward challengeThere are 4 types of the window will be there in the Bonus Reward window which are, Challenges, Redeem, History, and Rules. We have discussed the first two and the history tab is all about the record of your completing the missions. The Rules tab is quite important and you should read before you enter into the challenges.

(Extra- if you are a pro and you are very much sure about your chicken dinner than you can just turn on the auto challenge that you can see below the challenge button. It will automatically turn on your challenge mode every time you enter a classic squad match.)

Conclusion- PUBG Mobile has become the most popular mobile game in the world. Millions of players are spending a lot of money to buy in-game stuff. Of course, in-game accessories are cool. If you play the game, you will know how cool to have amazing legendary dresses, gun skins, and more. To buy these cool stuff, enter into the Bonus Reward Challenges and win Battle Coins as much as you can. And then you don’t have to pay money to buy UC. You can redeem enough amount of UC with your Battle Coins.

This trick is not known to many. Please share with your friends to help them know, participate, and win this exclusive reward in PUBG Mobile.