Enchantments Minecraft: How To Make An Enchanting Table In Minecraft New Version

Minecraft is a sandbox-type video game and this was developed by Mojang Studio, a Swedish developer. The creator of this game was Markus Notch Persson. This game was written in Java programming language. An initial release date was November 2011. And supportable platforms Java, Microsoft Windows, Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox one.

Minecraft enchanting is nothing but boosts your in-game weapons, armors, and other gear of the game. It supports your survival duration on your adventures. For using this extra power to your items you need to enchant your items by creating an enchantment table.

Procedure For Creating Enchanting Table In Minecraft Game – Enchantments Minecraft

For this you need to gather:-

  1. Two diamonds
  2. Four obsidian blocks
  3. One book in order to create another one.

For locating the items, we need to use diamonds that are found far underground and you will need an iron pickaxe item to mine them. After minding with a diamond pickaxe you will find lava and water. Suppose you will not locate anything, just do it on your own, that is fill a bucket with water and dump it on some lava to make it on your own.

By destroying bookcases, we can craft books with paper and leather, which are often found inside village buildings.

How To Enchant Items In The Enchantment Table In Minecraft Game:-

After that building of the enchantment table and we have to place it in a suitable location, you will be able to enchant your selected items. An example item we usually find in the Minecraft game is “Lapis Lazuli” which is usually found in deeper caverns and mines and the only required material for harvest is a stone pickaxe.

If we found items you want to enchant and place that item in the enchantment table, you will have three enchantment methodology options to choose from it. It would be listed randomly and the item has been enchanted means we would not be able to change that’s why choose it carefully.

If you enchant the book means it would permit you to enchant items later in the enchantment table.

An enchantment table permits players to apply one enchant to an item. For multiple enchantments, we need to use a book or combine two enchanted items like “Anvil”.

Top 5 Enchantments In Minecraft


Suitable for:- Pickaxe, shovel, and axe.

Working as:- The Efficiency enchantment would increase the movement speed of the tools we used in the game. It is suitable for time-saving players. And it will work for the correct resource.

After enchantment on a pickaxe item, it would speed up the gathering woodwork.

Aqua Affinity

Aqua Affinity is the rank one state and this is useful for underwater work. This Aqua Affinity enchantment would increase our mining rate while under the water. For this max state is level 1.


Suitable for:– Armor.

Working as: By this protection enchantment, it will increase the damage reduction on armor fight in Minecraft games. And this enchantment is suitable for those who have not had the multiple armor sets. Then it protects it from major damage.


Suitable for: Weapons, armor, frequently used items.

Working as: This Unbreaking enchantment will help to increase the durability of the items which we applied to. It increases the durability of armor in the game. If you reached the repair time but increase that too long to wear it(armor).


Suitable for: swords and axes.

Working as: This Sharpness enchantment will deal more damage with swords and axes we used in the game. And this enchantment is mutually exclusive with Smite and Bane of Arthropods. And its max rank is Level five(5).

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