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The most epic map Erangel 2.0 is on fire. People are searching everywhere for some information about this new map, called Erangel 2.0 Remastered. As most of us already know that this map has already been released on the PUBG PC version but the Mobile versions are yet to get this new map. So, Before you play on Erangel 2.0, Do you know that there is a mysterious story about this map. Yes, today i am here with The Untold Story of Freedom and Captivity.

Players of PUBG Mobile are being so excited about this amazing map with more developed graphics. PUBG is already known for its wonderful graphics, and according to the information, this new map is going to be epic from the side of Graphics.

Erangel 2.0: Of course we do know about Erangel. It is an 8*8 km abandoned Island full of trees, grass, and buildings that were created by PUBG as their classic Players Unknown game.  Erangel has always been the most played map in PUBG. The idea of Erangel came from a Russian abandoned Island near the Black Sea. Erangel 2.0 is a better version of Erangel. They call it Erangel 2.0 Remastered. The map is now live on the PC version, and it is yet to come in the mobile version of PUBG. People from all over the world are talking about this new map, and according to them, Erangel 2.0 is the coolest thing ever in PUBG

According to the players and some experts, this is not just a map. Erangel 2.0 remastered is made on the base of a true story that was never been told. They said the map is full of tall grass and bushes, new buildings, new destinations, etc. But they never told about the new sign, scary design, also the whole map is divided into two separate bases. It is like two different Army forces had a war in that field. They also never revealed about the posters in the Russian language, Posters of a random man with a date.
Yes, there are many mysteries which was never mentioned in any patch notes or any news or any other articles. But one of the great gamers called ’50’ has uncovered the whole story and today in this article I will be telling you the Mysterious story of Erangel 2.0 Remastered.

Erangel 2.0 Remastered: The Mystery Reveals here

Let’s see, From where do we start-

If you go to Pochinki, then you will see big red banners of Eye with an eyeball in it. These banners are everywhere.

Mysterious Story of Erangel 2.0
Mysterious Erangel 2.0

As you can see in the picture, these banners can be seen in Pochinki, Military Base, Malta power, North Georgopol Bridge, and west side bridge of the Military. However, there is another type of Banner also on the map of Erangel 2.0. It is a blue banner with a design of a Lion in it. It looks like the Lannister banner from Game of Thrones but it is blue.
Also, many Russian writings on the walls, posters, and photos of a man, are everywhere on the map. It is like they were two different groups and they wanted us to know the thing that happened before.
Now, there is also a secret room on the map. Remember the basement? This basement is not just a random basement. There lots of maps, banners, photographs in it. Also some specific red circles on the map. The maps are marked with photographs like they were planing for an attack. The marks are in Military Base, North Georgopol Bridge, Westside bridge of Military Base, Mylta Power.

Erangel 2.0 Mystery
Erangel 2.0 Mystery

Whatever is in the room clearly says that they claim the blue banner. Also, there are several signs of Red eye crossed out which means the blue banner holders were planning an attack against the Red eye group.
Now, the map is full of red-eye banners with photographs of the man. So, the Rising group must be the red-eye holder which was the Russian Military force, and the unknown person in the photos was the leader of the Group. And there are only a few places with the blue lion banner, which means the rebel group was the blue banner holder.

Also, there were posters and writings everywhere in the Russian language. Some of them mean ‘Lie’ and the long words mean ‘Freedom’. Now it is also quite clear that the rebel group was fighting for their freedom and the rising group was there to rule the island. Also, according to some posters it was curfew everywhere from the dawn and vehicles were prohibited.

Erangel 2.0 Mystery
Erangel 2.0 Mystery

After all this, we are so very clear about the story. So, what is the story of Erangel 2.0 Remastered?

Erangel2.0: The Untold Story of Freedom and Captivity

Let’s start with Once upon a time. Yes, Once upon a time there was an Island called Erangel. Happy people lived there and they made the island like their dream.

One day the Russian came on that Island and told them about their big projects or bla bla. The man in the photographs was their leader. Maybe they promised better works and a better lifestyle.

But Of course they were Russian and there was a war going on. They were maybe experimenting or doing bad things to the people. Of course, that is why a group of Rebels was formed to fight.

The Rebel group with a white lion symbol in Blue Banner. They took shelter and stayed hidden for long in places like the basements, and they were planning something big. The rebel group knew that they were very few and they are never going to win by fighting.

Until one day they have decided to sacrifice their Island. They were planning to kill everyone on the Island and from that, they were looking for weapons. They stole the weapons from the base of the Rising group which was in the Military Base.

They waited and placed banners and writings in all the places. They spread the words of their plans. All the innocent people were fighting for Freedom and they wanted us to know about what happened there and that is why they wrote all those words everywhere.

The rebel group stayed put until the time came and they decided to blow the only strike on the whole Island. The Island got destroyed and everything along with it.

The Tower of Military Base, The chimney of Mylta Power, The Bridges that were targeted. Everything got shattered into pieces.

Now? Now we play there and take everyone’s Ass in PUBG.

Now guys, the banners and all the mysteries are true and related to one event in Russia. The whole story that I told you is not true maybe, but Erangel 2.0 fully related to a Russian event 1968.

The Story of Erangel 2.0 is related to the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968

Russia was just a state of a bigger country called the Soviet Union(USSR). You also can locate USSR writing on a wall in Mylta Power. Now, let talk about the War that is related to Erangel 2.0. The war of 1968, called the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968. 

In January 1968, Czechoslovakia pushed and demanded their freedom from Russia. Russia was not only tearing their life apart but also experimenting with those who live on that Island. 
Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968

The people of Czechoslovakia became one and protested and guess what their banner was also had a lion symbol just like the blue banner. And the Russian military used that eye symbol when they used to broadcast something among people. The Czechoslovakia people grew even more and made themselves ready for the fight. It was called the Prague Spring.

In August 1968, Soviet Russia and 4 other countries invaded the whole Island of Czechoslovakia. Around 250,000 troops attacked Czechoslovakia and killed many people on that night. The sad truth is the invasion was successful. 137 civilians of Czechoslovakia were dead and more than 500 civilians were injured.

Banner of Red eye and Blue Lion

Conclusion: So, this was the true story which is the base of Erangel 2.0 story. If you don’t believe then you can check the Banners. Both the banners are similar to the banners of Russians and Czechoslovakians. But according to the design of the Island, there must be a different made-up story or maybe there are more mysteries still waiting to be solved. Also, let you know that after the successful invasion, A Rebel Group was rising up in  City called The Red Square but there is no information about the Red Square so far.

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