Extreme Cold Mode to come in PUBG Mobile Update?

Tencent Games is planning so much more for PUBG Mobile. Recently, PUBG Mobile had some downfall on their progress, and now everything is on the track again. They have added many new things in the 0.16.0 update, and it seems they are coming with more. From cooking foods to hunting animals. Deer, chickens, extreme snowfall and beautiful Aurora will be seen in PUBG Mobile update. So, the question is, is this really true? Are we getting all these features in one single month? We will talk about it after watching this Extreme Cold Mode gameplay video of the Chinese PUBG Mobile Beta version. 

Extreme Cold Mode to come in PUBG Mobile update?

Thanks to ExxotikGaming to let us know about these amazing features of Extreme Cold Mode that is coming in the Chinese PUBG Mobile version 0.14.5. These features and new modes have been recently added to the beta version of PUBG Mobile 0.14.5. We all know that whatever comes on the Chinese version, it will come to the global version too, but when? PUBG Mobile is doing so much more to recover their downfall. They might give these features in the next update expected to come in January 2020. Players are very excited about this Extreme Cold mode in Vikendi.

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This mode is coming on the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile which is Game for Peace, this Christmas. So, Yes, Tencent Games might bring all these features in January 2020. The Global version of PUBG Mobile will not get this update on Christmas because we already have the update. There is no valid news or specific date for this update on the global version of PUBG Mobile yet. So, let’s talk about the Extreme Cold Mode Vikendi Now-

Extreme Cold Mode: Guys, if you are thinking that this mode is going to be added in Classic Vikendi then you are wrong. Extreme Cold mode is a whole different mode that is going to be added to PUBG mobile soon. This is almost like a classic match with all other guns and stuff but there is a little much more with this mode.

  1. First of all, you can not play this mode alone. Like the Payload mode, the match has to start with 4 people in each team.
  2. You will be brought on the Vikendi island with the plane as usual. After dropping on the Island you will see a bunch of new stuff like reindeer, chickens, firewoods, etc.
  3. You will have to collect the guns, meds, attachment, gears, and you also have to collect those firewoods. You also need to kill some of the reindeer and chickens and collect the meet that will be left behind.
  4. After some time players will be notified with an alarm that a storm is coming and that is how the game roles. Yes, you will catch a very dangerous storm after every couple of minutes, and basically, you are going to survive the storm. If you stay outside your health will go down instantly which will lead you to die in no time.

How to Survive in Extreme Cold Mode?

To Survive the storm in Extreme Cold mode, all you have to do is go to the houses and torch a fire. You will also have to use the firewood to let the fire keep going on. It will restore your body temperature which will be shown in the below of your health bar. Also, you can cook the meat that you have collected from the deers and chickens and eat them. Eating meat will also maintain your body temperature for some time.

How to Set a fire in Extreme Cold Mode?

Many people have failed to locate the button to set the fire in Extreme Cold Mode. Let you know that it is right there below your armor and bag pack. Yes, Open your bag pack and you will see a Yellow Button right below the helmet, armor section. Tap on the Yellow Button to Set up the fire.
Set fire in Extreme Cold Mode

Also, another cool thing is you will get a special gun after killing the last enemy to celebrate your Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Whoever kills the last enemy will get a chance to set a Chicken Dinner fire, and the teammates can collect the Celebration Gun from the spot. The gun creates an awesome firework show on the sky when you shoot them. Final Words: Extreme Cold Mode is now available in the Beta version of the PUBG Mobile Chinese version. Soon it will be available in the Global version too. You can download and play the Beta version also. Just go the official link to download and enjoy.