Free Fire Booyah Day event Details: All New Guns Coming in Hot

Free Fire never stops to bring new updates for their fans. Its been quite a long time since the game has introduced the new OB24 update and with this update, we all have seen many new things in the game. But all these were not enough. The game team has already shown us a glimpse of what to come next through the update. They also gave some hints that soon we are going to see an event called Free Fire Booyah Event which will bring more new things to the game.

On their Official Social media pages, the team revealed that the new coming event Free Fire Booyah Day will be released on October 25th and players are going to see new characters, new guns, and new events after the Booyah Day gets live in Game.

So, today we are going to share detailed information about what we are going to see in a few days after the Booyah Day events bring new hot excitements.

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Free Fire Booyah Day Details

The new coming event called Booyah Day is set to be released on 5 October. The community is holding lots of excitement as the date coming closer.

Apart from the event, the Boyaah Dat is going to be on a whole new level. This update will also bring new collaboration, a new Free Fire theme song, New Character, guns, and more cool sub-events.


After Free Fire confirmed the Booyah Day event, the famous Musician and DJ KSHMR from the USA has also revealed the new collaboration coming in Hot. In this collab, Free Fire will partner with this famous musician KSHMR which brings him as a new character in Free Fire. KSHMR recently uploaded a video where we can see him thanking Free Fire for taking him as an in-game character.

Theme Song

Well, this was not enough thanks maybe, that is why KSHMR has released a new song for Free Fire and this song is going to be the upcoming theme song. A few weeks back, the Music producer also introduced a song, titled One More Round which is probably going to be the next Free Fire theme song.

New Character

free fire new character

As it was already mentioned that the recent collab with KSHMR will him as a new character. Free Fire OB24 update gave us a sneak pick of what is to come and according to that, we are going to get our favorite musician as a new character as Captain Booyah. He is will be there at the event to well come to the new Booyah Day event.

Events and Sub events

Now let’s talk about the event details. As we all know that the event is not yet live. It will be live in the game on October 25 but Free Fire has already released their event ep-3 Booyah Dat. We can see there is a detailed sneak peek of the event, new guns, and the sub-events we are going to get in the Booyah Day event.

Like all the other major events, this upcoming event will also have some sub-event such as web events, Top-up events, Check-in events, exchange events, etc. Another important thing to know that the players will get a new opportunity to claim their gift.

This will require more Booyah in their game. SO, every player will have to go for as much as Booyah they can get during the event. More details are going to be revealed after the release.

New Game Mod

Also, the video has mentioned the new game mode which we were talking about. In this mode, players are going to receive rewards from Captain Booyah. Along with the update, players will see a new game mode where they have to win and get more Booyah.

The top 100 players will get free items and maybe they can receive the new character Captain Booyah. Full details are still not revealed. So, we can not say which is going to be the best prize in this event.

New Guns and features

Also, Free Fire is about the bring some new goodies into the game. Not the only the much-discussed single shot rifle but also another unique gun you are going to see after this new event update.

parafal new booyah gun coming in hot

As you can see this is the new Parafal, the single-shot AR which is much effective for shooting a running target. It has a low fire rate but higher damage.

kar98k biometric scope

The next is the upgraded Ka98k with Biometric scope. The biometric scope will now help you to be a real pro as soon as you have the gun.

Free Fire Booyah day event new gun

M14 rage core is also going to be a real sensation after the update. It has higher damage and a lower frame rate.

p90 free fire

P90 is not very famous these days. Many players have already complained about the widespread of the gun. So, this time, Free Fire has reduced its spread and increased firing speed.

So, here is all the new upcoming update you are going to see with the Booyah Day event. The new sub-events will also bring a new spin contest where you can spin for more rewards and game items.

Apart from that, Players are very excited about participating in the event. In this event, Top 100 players who got the most Booyah in this season 3 will receive gifts and rewards.

Also, there will be a different event in which players will receive special missions to complete. By completing these missions, we can receive game items, skins, and rewards.

Last but not least, Booyah Day will also bring new login rewards, game rewards, and various tasks with this update. So, don’t forget to log in to your game after 5 October.