Free Fire Gun Skin Hack: How to get Permanent Gun Skins for free

Free Fire Gun skins are very famous and trendy these days. These gun skins are paid and can be only obtained in exchange for diamonds but is there any way to get a genuine Free Fire Gun Skin hack in-game?

After the ban of PUBG, Free Fire has no competitor in the country. As no competition in the market and that is why they are growing faster. However, this game is also famous for its amazing Gun skin and other cool items.

There are many new skins introduced in the game every month but without investing the money we can’t get anything and without good skins, we can’t compete with other players who have legendary gun skins. So, how do we get some legendary permanent gun skin for free?

That’s why today we are here to solve this problem for Free Fire gun skin hack download. I will tell you different methods by which you can buy these gun skins for free, without investing your hard-earned money.

Below are the methods by which you can unlock all Free Fire gun skins for free.

Best Free Fire Gun Skin Hacks in 2021

free fire gun skin hack new

So, in this post, we are going to discuss some of the best Free Fire gun skin hacks to try to get some free gun skins.

We all know that hacks or free tricks are not that easy to do but with genuine tips and tools, we surely can get into those apps and collect our free reward with a small dedication.

Yes, with little more effort, you can try the new Lulubox Diamond Hack App to get free dimaonds in Garena Free Fire.

Get Free Gun Skin

We have listed some of our recommended tips to get Free Fire gun skin hack download below-

Get Free Gun skin Hack with Lulubox

So the first and easiest step is by installing the Lulubox App for free gun skin in Free Fire. This is a very good app and it is very easy to use. 

This will help you to unlock all gun skins. With this Free Fire gun skin hack app, you can even get characters in the game without spending a single penny.

But I want to disclose that lulubox is a third party app. So there is a risk of an account ban. So I advise you to use it on a new account and try the Free Fire gun skin hack download.

Lulubox Free Fire gun skin hack app

Lulubox free fire gun skin hack for free

Lulubox is a third-party app that enables users to use mods of various games for free. It will also optimize the speed and graphics of the game so it will also work as a game booster. It is very good and easy to use the app and the best part is it is free to use. You don’t need to spend a single rupee to try this app.

So now I will tell you how to use lulubox free fire gun skin hack app

Step 1. Visit the official
Lulubox App Website by clicking here

Step 2. After clicking on the above link the download will start automatically. After downloading the app the next step is to install the app. Please tick “ install from other sources”.

Step 3. Now after installing the app firstly accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4. Now you will see a search bar on the top of the app. Type Free Fire in it and click on the search icon.

Step 5. Now you have to set the buttons as below I mentioned in the below image.

Step 6. Now open the Free Fire game and enjoy the game with all premium gun skins and characters.

I hope now you can understand how to use lulubox Free Fire free gun skin hack happ to unlock all gun skins and characters in Free Fire. If you face any error at any step then feel free to ask in the comments.

Some other Hacks to unlock Free Fire gun skins

As I have already told you that the above method is somewhat risky and you can’t use that on your primary. So now I am sharing some tips by which you can purchase Free Fire gun skins without spending your money. These tricks are legal and fully safe to follow for Free Fire gun skin hack download tricks.

Take some surveys and earn money

complete surveys to get free permanent gun skin in free fire

There are various sites present on the internet which pays money for completing the surveys. You can also these sites and earn some money and invest that money in the game for purchasing some legendary skins for free.

How to earn money by completing surveys-

Step 1. Firstly go on swagbucks. com

Step 2. Now register yourself by creating an account on Swagbucks by entering your name and email and some other details.

Step 3. After registering you will see your dashboard from where you can take part in surveys, see your different stats, and also withdraw your money.

You can use this free money to get free fire permanent gun skin hack.

By using link shorteners

how to get free fire permanent skin hacks using link shortener tool

For a second Free Fire gun skin hack, we are going to mention Link Shorteners.

There are various sites by which you can shorten your links and share those links with others. If someone clicks on that link then you can earn money from that.

Not easy like it sounds but link shortener can really give you enough money to get those free fire permanent gun skin for free.

By participating in Free Fire tournaments

play online tournament to win legendary gun skin for free

There are various apps on which Free Fire tournaments are held. And the winners and the players who survived till the end will get either real money or diamonds or gun crates as a winner reward.

If you are a good or intermediate level player then you can also participate in such tournaments and earn money or also win in-game rewards. It is a very good way for some Free Fire gun skin hacks in 2021.

Join some referral programs

get ffree fire permanent gun skin hack download using referral program

There are various programs on the internet by which you can earn money by referring to other people. This is the best and easiest way to earn money and use it as a Free Fire gun skin hack download.

I hope this will give you an idea of how you can earn money for buying premium gun skins for free in Free Fire. You can also these methods for earning money to obtain other rewards.

If you like these methods and find them useful then share them with your friends so that they can also compete with pro players and build a solid squad. 

Well, some of our curious friends, Didn’t like the Lulubox App Get More Lulubox Info or, Check-

More ways to get Free Gun Skins Here-

Final words: There are many website or apps that gives many opportunities to earn some real money and buy free fire gun skin for free. You can use these free gun skin hacks if you really want cool skins for your guns in Free Fire.

Implement these methods and enjoy your gaming and follow The Pubg New State.