Free Fire OB25 Advanced Server Registration and Download Guide

Free Fire is a great online game to play on our smartphones. Throughout the time, the game got very much loved by mobile gamers and today it has got over 80 million active users only from India. To maintain the interest and future of Free Fire gaming, the team has brought a new idea which is to give players the opportunity to detect bugs or any other issues in the game. If you are also interested in giving your feedback for the game, first you need to complete the Free Fire OB25 Advanced Servers registration first.

Yes, it’s been quite sometime now, when Free Fire announced their new advanced servers or we can say test servers to test their new modes and features coming to the game.

The OB25 version update is coming close and the advanced test server for this upcoming update is now open for registration. After completing this registration, players will be able to download the advanced servers and play it to test the new upcoming features and updates.

Also, the important thing to note that, players who report the glitches will get 100, 1000, 2000, or 3000 diamond rewards. Excited?

This article is all about the Free Fire OB25 Advanced Server registration and downloading. Also, I will be giving you a quick guide on how to report a bug in the game. So, keep reading.

How to Register Free Fire OB25 Advanced Server

To register your Free Fire account on the upcoming OB25 Advanced server, you are going to need a Facebook account connected to the Free Fire account. Follow this step by step guide to register for Free Fire OB25 Advanced Server-

Follow up this LINK- 

Free Fire OB25 Advanced Server.

register ob25 advanced server with facebook

Scroll down a bit and click on LOGIN With Facebook.

how to register ob25 advanced server

Players are gonna have to fill some blanks and with their valid phone number, email address, and full name and submit the form.

In this 4th step, your registration for the OB25 Advanced server is now done. Players can now able to download the OB25 APK file after it gets available.

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How to Download OB25 Advanced Server

After players complete their registration for the OB25 Advanced servers, they can download the final apk for android phones from the day it gets available. Please note that the OB25 Advanced server is going to be available from 26th November.

Only Android users can download and use the advanced server.

Players do not need to uninstall the global version of Free Fire to play the advanced server games.

To download the OB25 Advanced server, head to the same LINK on 26th November.

Log in with your registered Facebook account.

It will take you to the download page. Click on Download APK.

After completing downloading, simply install and play the game.

And this how you can download, install, and play the upcoming OB25 advanced server and try out the new features and upgrades before everyone else.

Also, you might get interested in some free Diamonds. Check how you can play the OB25 advanced server and earn free diamonds with it.

Report Bugs and Earn diamonds from OB25 Advanced Server

Exactly the simple as it sounds. Free Fire also came up with this new idea of rewarding diamonds who help them to find bugs and glitches for the feature updates. All you need to do is play the OB25 Advanced server game and look for the bugs and glitches. After you find them, you can take screenshots or simply record your gameplay.

By reporting valid bugs and glitches, a player can earn up to 3000 diamonds. Free Fire released a diamond reward chart for its users. You can check them below.

How to Report Bugs for OB25 Advanced Server

To make your report for the OB25 advanced server successfully-

Visit this link of OB25 Advanced Server and Click on Report by scrolling down.

Explain the bug you have faced and give a screenshot or video clip if you have one.

Click on Submit.

Please note that the reporting session is limited so, players need to get to work as soon as the advanced server apk gets available.

I hope this information can help you to understand everything about the upcoming Free Fire OB25 Advanced Server. Please share and support The Pubg New State.