Free Fire Pro Settings Guide: Best Settings For Pro Players

Free Fire is a great game to play on smartphones. These days the game is getting millions of players from all over the world. Like every other games, Free Fire settings are very important to become a better player. So, do you also want to become a pro player? If yes, then the first thing to do is to implement the best game settings. Today I will be guiding you with explanations for the Free Fire pro settings. Lets know how to use the best settings in Free Fire.

Yes, Every game has settings and these settings can really help you to increase your skill level. If you are using just a normal setting like most of the players then you must try this Free Fire Pro Settings Guide.

Free Fire Pro Settings Guide and instructions on how to get the best setting for Pro players in Free Fire.

Free Fire Pro Settings Guide

Well, how to become a good player by implementing some pro settings? This guide on Free Fire pro Settings will give you a brief explanation for every setting you can find on your Free Fire settings tab. After understanding these settings, you can be able to use them smartly and also customize and set up according to your needs. If you really want to become more than those average players, then you should follow this Free Fire Pro Settings Guide.

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best Free Fire settings for pro player

How to change from Normal settings to pro settings-

Open Free Fire Game>Go to Settings. From here you can see, 6 main settings section. Maybe you can understand some of the settings but you have to learn each and every one of these settings.

Change them accordingly. As all the settings are now in normal or default option. Read this whole guide and change them to pro settings. There are basically these setting sections, which I am going to explain-

  • Basic Settings
  • Sensitivity Settings
  • Control Setting
  • Auto Pickup
  • Sound
  • Others

Best Settings for Pro Players

Basic Settings

Basic setting is the first option in the settings. If you go to basic settings, basically you can see 3 different settings. The first one is-

free fire pro settings guide for basic settings


Graphics stands for the visual quality of the game If your phone is a high-quality phone than you can set it to Ultra. Another way, you can decide which graphics you need according to the RAM space of your phone-

  • 2-3 GB RAM- Smooth
  • 4 GB RAM- Standard
  • 6 GB+ RAM- Ultra

Notch Screen:

Notch screen is basically for a better button controlling. If you think that your game buttons are on edges of your screen and you cannot press them properly, then you can simply turn on the notch screen setting option.

It will create a gap on edges and bring the buttons a little inside of your screen. With this setting, you will be able to press every button comfortably even if they are on the very edges of your screen.


Minimap is one of the most important settings in Free Fire. If you are using it as North-Up mode then you will face problems during movement. The cursor in the minimap will only rotate while your main character will rotate.

But in the Rotating mode, your character mark will rotate according to your screen. This feature will help you when a red enemy mark appears on the minimap, you can directly move by watching on the minimap which will come handy after using it some time.

Sensitivity Settings

Like all the other games, Free Fire also has a sensitivity setting. This setting is especially for movement on your screen. You always have to move your aim or change direction by drawing your finger on the screen. This is where game sensitivity works. A sensitivity setting can be customized for free cam and scope.

Sensitivity Settings explained in Free Fire

General settings must be under 50-60. This setting stands for the free movement of your screen. Whenever you are running or simply moving here and there, the general setting provides you the control over your movement.

Red Dot: Red comes when you start shooting at an enemy using red dot sight. Set this one on 100 to get the best setting.

2x Scope: For the best result of the 2x scope, you can set it up between 25-35.

4x Scope: 20-25

8x Scope: 15-20

Pro Tip: All these setting changes need practice. You cannot just master these settings overnight. So, for the result of these best settings, you have to practice with them for a pro result in Free Fire.

Control Settings

A control setting is also very important for the players. You must take care of this section if you really want to get some pro setting in your gameplay. In the below screenshot you can see all the settings we can in the control section. Let’s understand them well.

Control settings guide in Free Fire

Aim Precision:

This setting is for the sensitivity setting. Changing this setting gives you full control over sensitivity. If you are going to follow my sensitivity mention above then select it on Precise on Scope.

Left Fire Button:

There are two fire buttons you can see on the screen during your gameplay. Most players use it the right fire button. If you use the left fire button too then you can just set the button to a little higher position. 

But those who don’t use the left side fire section, you can turn it to Scope Only Mode. It will activate the fire button only when any scope is one. This setting is going to come really handy while you are using a sniper.

Quick Weapon Switch:

Every player must turn it ON for the best result in the game. Quick Weapon Switch saves time while you are changing your first weapon to a second weapon. Don’t turn it off or you will get killed while changing your weapon.

Quick Reload: This setting is just like the previous one. Turn it one for a better result and reload your gun quickly.

SafeZone Hints:

Turn this setting to Simplified for the best experience during your Free Fire gameplay.

Auto Parachute:

This setting is for the landing. If you want to directly land to the spot without wasting any time on the air. Turn it on. If you turn it on, you can never land faster in Free Fire.

Visual Effect:

The Visual effect doesn’t do much really. Turn this setting as you it pleases you. It is for blood colour. If you want to see the blood while shooting turn it as a classic.

Auto Pickup

Auto Pickup settings for pro players

Auto Pickup is to pick up items automatically. Basically, all the items should be turned on in this section but you can turn off the camouflage to save your backup capacity. I would say camouflage is not that important.

  • Weapons: ON
  • Armor and Backpacks: ON
  • Medkit: ON
  • Ammo: ON
  • Attachments: ON
  • Grenades: ON
  • Camouflage: Off
  • Event Items: ON


Sound settings in best settings for Free Fire pro players

The sound section is also important to set. There are 3 different settings in the sound section. Sound effect and Voice are very necessary for the game but Music is totally unnecessary. It is loud and disturbing. So, I would suggest you turn off the music and turn on the Sound Effects and Voice.

  • Music: Off
  • Sound Effects: ON
  • Voice: ON

Others Settings

Others settings explained in Free Fire

This section is not for the game. If you are a regular buyer of Memberships and diamonds then you should turn ON both the settings. It will send your automated notification about news membership events and other diamond top-up events.

Best Free Fire Pro Settings Guide: Conclusion

So, here are all the settings you can find in the Free Fire Battleground Mobile game. Check each one of them and change your Noob settings to pro settings.

Also, don’t forget to practice with them if you really want to get an advantage from my Free Fire pro settings guide. In this year, you will need a lot more practice than normal. So, get these best pro settings and be a pro-Free Fire player today.

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