Free Fire Server List: Best Server For Free Diamonds

Free Fire Servers are different in every region or country. In this article, you will learn about all the servers you can choose in Free Fire. Everyone search for different servers in the game. All the different region has its own server, and we can find different offers, rewards, and free diamond in it. So, which are the best servers for free diamonds, skins, and free gifts?

I also wanted to wanted to change my Free Fire server and find some better offers and skins. After i explored other servers, it completely blown my mind. I have seen new skins at a cheaper price. Indonesian servers cost less amount of diamond for pets. So, today i am going to give a little idea of the Free Fire Server lists and which one is better for free diamonds and events.

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what is the Free Fire Server?

Servers are basically the storage, where Free Fire stores all the resources and content. Many of us play Free Fire and every time we play the game, it connects to a server. We all first connect to our servers and from there, the server selects our lobby and game.

Different region has their different servers. All these servers have different content for Free Fire. Let’s say, If you are getting a bundle with 350 diamonds in the Indian server, you can also get the same bundle at cheaper prices in other servers as well. And that is why players keep looking for a different server.

free fire server list

Free Fire server list

As I mentioned that every country or region has its own server and all these servers have different content with different offers, prices, and top-up and the other things. Here is a list of 9 different Free Fire servers based on different region.

  • Free Fire Mexico Server.
  • Free fire Thailand Server.
  • Free fire Singapore Server.
  • Free fire India Server.
  • Free fire Vietnam Server.
  • Free fire Indonesia Server.
  • Free fire Brazil Server.
  • Free fire Hiroshima Server.
  • Free fire Nepal Server.

which is the best server for free diamonds

Which is the Best Server for Free Diamonds in Free Fire?

Thailand and Vietnam Server is for free diamonds.

Indian Server is for value for the price.

Indonesian Server is for bundles and offers.

Brazil Server is best for latest Events:

Thailand and Vietnam Server is the best for free diamonds:

Vietnam Server often brings new bundles and offers for their players. This server is very famous among the players for free diamonds and other free skins and outfits in Free Fire.

If you are looking for a free diamond then you can have a visit to Thailand Server. this server is also varied popular among the Free Fire players because of the amazing free rewards. It is very often that a player gets free diamonds from this server. Updates keep changing, still, you can give try.

Indian Server is best for value for the price:

Indian Server is the best server you can find in Free Fire. Because in India server has every bundle and events come with a genuine price. But if you are looking for more variety in events and offers, you can choose the Indonesian Server.

Indonesian Server for a variety of bundles and offers:

The Indonesian Server has the most variety in content. You can find many more events than any other server in Free Fire. Most of the Free Fire players come from Indonesia and this why the Indonesian server has the most variety of bundles, top-up, diamonds, events, and other cool stuff.

Brazil Server is best for latest Events:

Brazil’s server always brings the latest events before every other server. These offers and events are different but still the same in different servers. So, you can keep visiting the Brazil server to stay updated.

So, here are all the best servers you can choose in Free Fire. There is no problem buying stuff from other servers because you can easily transfer them to your own server or gift them to players. Check the Free Fire Server list and choose your Best Server for Free diamonds.

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