Games Kharido: How to Buy Free Fire Double Diamond Top up| game

Games Kharido is a website where we can buy Free Fire double diamond top up. This website called Game has been going viral because of the exclusive rewards and free diamonds they provide. Free Fire players can easily avail their free diamonds by doing top up from game

This website is being searched with many keywords like, games kharidogame kharidogame free fire, games, game, etc. But let you all know that the official name of this Free Fire double diamond top up center is

Today we will talk about how you can go to the official Games Kharido app/website and get your free fire double diamond top up rewards for free. We will show you how you can do all the top up with your Paytm wallet or Google Pay.

Games App details and guide

The Games Kharido is a top up center officially introduced by Garena itself. Recently, game is only limited to Free Fire top ups but some other mobile games will be available soon.

Games Kharido App details and guide

The main moto of Games Kharido is to provide Free Fire top up and diamonds to the player who don’t have debit card or Bank accounts. However, game is also giving away a 100% bonus diamond top up with every top up recharge. 

Yes, with every diamond top up recharge you do on games kharido, you will get its 100% bonus diamond that means double diamond top up in one single price.

Just get ready with your Paytm, google pay, UPI ID, Credit card, debit card, etc. You will just need to choose your Diamond top up plan and buy it. Not good enough? Follow the below step by step guide to know the whole thing in detail-

Games Kharido Diamond Top up Plans

Games Kharido has a different top up plan than Free Fire. The top up plans are mentioned below. You can compare them with the original top up plans of Free Fire. However, they are not much different.

  • 40 = Diamond × 50 + Bonus 50
  • 80 = Diamond × 100 + Bonus 100
  • 240 = Diamond × 310 + Bonus 310
  • 400 = Diamond × 520 + Bonus 520
  • 800 = Diamond × 1,060 + Bonus 1,060
  • 1,600 = Diamond × 2,180 + Bonus 2,180
  • 4,000 = Diamond × 5,600 + Bonus 5,600

How to Buy Free Fire Diamonds from Games

Yes, as I already mentioned that Free Fire’s official website Game is giving their new customers a reward which is Double Diamond top up. Players can follow the given steps to get double diamond top up for a price of a single top-up from Games Kharido.

Follow these steps for free fire 2X diamond top up

  • Go to the Game

games kharido

  • A pop up banner will appear on the screen, so close the Popup banner.
  • Click on Free Fire icon and click on Facebook or Free Fire ID to sign up.

  • After signing up, Choose a top-up plan that you want to buy.(The bigger plan you take, the bigger bonus you get)

free fire double diamond top up recharge

  • Complete the payment with Paytm, Google Pay, or Debit card.

Now you will get an email notification and from here, you have done your top up recharge for your free fire game. Players can also use free fire for more diamond top up but everyone will get the double diamond top up bonus for the first time only.

How to make purchase on Games Kharido using PayTM

First of all make sure that the PayTM button is selected for the payment, if not then simply click on PayTM on the screen and then proceed to payment.

buy double bonus diamond top up on games kharido with Paytm balance

After completing the steps mentioned below, you do these as follows-

  • Click On Proceed to Payment.
  • On the next page click on CONTINUE.
  • Give your PayTM number and click on PROCEED.
  • Now paste the OTP number and click on Verify.
  • If your PyaTM has the right amount of money then just lick on PAY or you can add money with your debit card.

How to Buy with Google Pay Balance

Making payment with Google Pay(Tez) is quite similar to using PayTM. In both way, we just have to put our account number in it. To buy diamond top up from games kharido, first go to the website, choose your top up plan, and before you proceed to payment, follow these steps-

Step 1: Click On UPI, as it shown in the screenshot, and then Click on Proceed to Payment.

buy gameskharido bonus diamond with google pay UPI

Step 2: Click on Continue on the next Codapay payment page.

click on continue with google pay UPI

Step 3: Give your Google Pay UPI ID on the blank space(marked in the screenshot).

give your UPI ID of google and click on Pay

Final Step: Click on Pay. After you will get a massage on your Google Pay(Tez) App. All you need to do is give your UPI pin and complete the payment on your App, and your purchase with google pay UPI will be done.

Good Luck and choose the best bonus diamond top up plan for you. You can also gift these diamond top up to your friends as well.

Final Words: free fire diamond top up app is available for all the Free Fire players. Especially those who don’t have any bank account can also buy free fire double diamond top up plans from game