Garena Free Fire’s new Character Alvaro Details, Specialities, Uses | Buy Alvaro

After the December update of Garena Free Fire, they have been planning to bring a new character in the game. The team had already made the announcement about Alvaro, the new character which was about to come in the game. The team of Free Fire has also provided a sneak peek of this new upcoming Character, Alvaro. It’s a guy with golden fire like hair and wearing a colorful dress as you can see in the photo. Today we will know about all the detailed information and specialties of the new character Alvaro of Free Fire.

It appears that Garena has come to an end in developing this new character. After so many researches, it is now done and fully ready to be released. According to the sources, The character Alvaro is first going be added in Indonesian Servers and after that Alvaro will be added to the global version.

Garena Free Fire’s new Upcoming Character Alvaro Details, Specialities, Uses

Alvaro is specially designed as a grenade specialist. He can use throwables just more perfect than other characters. Because of having unique skill on throwables and explosives, He also maximizes the range and damages caused by an explosive like grenade, landmine, or launchers. Alvaro is also an expert in using Crossbow because it explodes too.

Alvaro the explosive expert details| Free Fire

Alvaro comes handy and he is right to choose when you are also an explosive expert. If you are ready to defeat your enemies with explosives and plotting, then Alvaro is just for you. However, he is much weaker than other game characters such as Maxim.

Also, he is effective against Andrew the vest expert. Yes, as you all know that Andrew is very strong with armors. If he walks into landmine wearing a level 2 vest, he will survive the landmine but not in the case of Alvaro. A Landmine becomes more powerful while covering more range when it is set by Alvaro. So, not even Andrew can survive the explosion of a landmine set by Alvaro.

Alvaro Release, Coming date

Alvaro Release, Coming date

The official release date is not set yet. But Garena Free Fire mentioned that they will release the new character, Alvaro before February ends. During the last January update, there are many events and features came to live in the Free Fire game. So, now we have to wait a little bit longer to get Alvaro in the game. It is a very effective and advanced character. You can invest in it to improve your gameplay.

How to Get Alvaro in Free Fire?

Alvaro the explosive expert will be the part of the Luck Royale system. Free Fire will add this character to lucky draw-spin. You will have to spin your luck by paying diamonds to buy your draw. It is an exclusive character, and it is going to be rare and hard to get in the lucky draw-spin. So, good luck.

Final words: Many sources are claiming that the next update of Garena Free Fire will arrive in second quarter of this year.