Instantly Get Falcon Companion for Free in PUBG Mobile | 2 Best Ways

Want to get a white Falcon as your Companion? Now, PUBG Mobile Players also can bring companions like Free Fire game. However, there is only one available companion in the game which is a white falcon bird, and we will get more in the next update of PUBG Mobile. We can unlock it in several ways, and bring it in-game with us. Today in this article, I am going to share 2 Best Ways to Get Falcon Companion for Free. These 2 Tricks work instantly and you don’t’ have to wait so much time for it to collect or complete missions. Just read the whole article carefully to learn every single trick to get Falcon Companion for Free.

Falcon Companion: This time in Season 23, PUBG Mobile has come up with a new cool feature. Now, we can keep a White Falcon Bird as a pet in PUBG Mobile. However, this so-called companion doesn’t do much but we can show off our cool bird as our pet right? Let you know that this companion doesn’t give any threat to exposure or getting noticed by enemies. It is just a pet that always stays on your shoulder. You can make it disappear and also you can call it back if you want it again. Mostly it gives a little problem to see and spot enemies, So players can also choose whether they want to see their friend’s companion or not.

How to Unlock Falcon Companion permanently?

Falcon Companion can only be unlocked permanently with a special token called Companion Shard. To unlock your Falcon, first, go to the Event Section in PUBG Mobile and then go to the Summon Companion Redeemtion tab. There will see a redeem button to unlock your Falcon Companion permanently. You should know that you need to have 50 Companion Shards tokens to unlock your falcon bird.
You will also see some other things that can be unlocked with special tokens. Now I will share with you everything about this even. Which includes, How to collect Companion Shard tokens, How to Get Falcon, and more. You will also know about leveling up your falcon and unlock many emotes that are available in the game. Happy Reading!

Get Falcon Companion for Free in PUBG Mobile| Permanent Method

You can get your own Falcon by unlocking it from the Event. As it mentioned above that to unlock and get Falcon Companion, we need 50 companion shard tokens. These special tokens can be collected from various in-game missions. You can also buy it with UC cash which is a very stupid idea because Companion Shard tokens are not very rare. It can be collected very easily. In the below steps, I will help you learn How to Get 50 Companion shards into a total of 4 days. I will also share tricks to get even more such tokens to level-up your Companion. So, let’s get started-

Companion Shard: A special token that can be used for unlocking Falcon Bird to make it your Companion. You can also use these tokens to get foods for your Falcon Bird and frames for your DP.

Get 50+ Companion Shard Tokens in 4 Days

We can get more than enough companion shard tokens to unlock and level-up our Falcon Bird in PUBG Mobile in a short time. You can get 30 tokens instantly which i will tell you about later but first, the other 20 tokens can be collected from daily missions, and the daily missions will get you a total of 5 tokens for each day. So, you need to wait for 4 days to collect 50 tokens. First, You need to locate companion shards into the event section(the gift box icon below to RP section).

If you click on the first tab which is ‘Summon Companion Team up’, you will see some missions like…

  • 1 Companion Shard token for the daily log in
  • 2 Companion Shard tokens for Completing 3 matches
  • 2 Companion Shard tokens for Completing 5 matches

Now, these missions will be the same every day. So, you need to complete these same missions for 4 days and collect a total of 20 Companion Shard tokens.

Now that we completed 20 token which was the hard part, now let’s talk about how easily we can get the other 30 tokens with our BP Coins

BP coins are very easy to collect. We all probably have a lot of BP coins because we get BP coins in every match we play in PUBG Mobile.

How to Buy Companion Shard tokens with BP Coins?

To buy Companion Shard Tokens with RP Coins, first, you need to go to the RP Section, and then go to the Redeem section. Now redeem section has 3 sets of companion shard tokens that you can buy. Each set has 10 tokens, and each token costs 150 BP coins. Just buy all the tokens if you have BP coins in your account.

Now that you have 50 tokens, go the Event to redeem or unlock your Falcon Companion permanently.

Falcon is also upgradable which means you can level-up your Falcon to get more cool emotes. So, how you can level up your Falcon Companion?

How to Level up Falcon Companion?

You can also Level up your companion by feeding them in PUBG Mobile. To feed your companion, simply go to the Workshop and select Companion. You will see you Falcon and also some emotes in the sidebar. Look for the food bucket in the lower-left corner. Just click on the food bucket to feed your Falcon Companion to level up your Falcon.

Out of Food Bucket? This food bucket can be redeemed from the even section with companion shard tokens. Food buckets are very cheap, it costs only one token for each food bucket.
To get more food buckets, go to Event>Summon Companion Redeemption>Redeem Food Bucket.

Unlock Falcon Companion with UC Cash: Also, you can buy Companion Shard tokens for 25 UC cash each. To buy these tokens go to the Shop section and then Treasures. Locate companion shard tokens in the treasures section. You will see the tokens with the price that you can buy with UC cahs. Now, you can easily unlock Falcon after buying 50 companion shards tokens.

Get Falcon Companion for Free in PUBG Mobile| Temporary Method

There is another way to get Falcon as your Companion in PUBG Mobile classic matches, but this is not permanent. You just need to find a Falcon Nest on the map. Yes, there are many locations where you can find the nests of the falcon bird. You can go to the nest, hatch an egg, and make the hatched Falcon as your pet for the rest of the game.

Top 7 Secret Places to Find Falcon Nest in Erangel

  1. Georgopol- The first destination to find falcon nest is Georgopol. The nest is in the first tower from the side of the river. Just go to the top of the tower, you will find the nest there.
  2. Military Base Sniper Tower- In the last of the Military base there is a sniper tower. I am not talking about the watchtower but the tallest tower. You can see it in the photo if you are not getting it.
  3. Mylta Power- There is a falcon nest on the roof of the building of Mylta Power. You won’t need any map to find it. Just go to the top of the blue building and you will see a nest there.
  4. Top Hills near Novorepnoye- We know that there is a tall hill near Novo with a research facility. There is also a tower near the houses. You will find another nest right below the tower.
  5. Georgopol Hill- This place is quite difficult to find. But I have uploaded a screenshot of the place. Just go to the top of the hill and try to locate the place.
  6. Pochinki Church- If you know PUBG Mobile then you know Pochinki church. To find the falcon nest there, you have to go to the top of the church. The nest is on the roadside face of the church.
  7. Ruins- I have uploaded a photo of the place of ruins where you will see the nest. The nest is in the behind of the building. You will see the nest only if you go to the waterside.

Conclusion- I have explained about how you can get Falcon Companion for absolutely free in PUBG Mobile. There are two methods in this article. To unlock your companion permanently, you have to spend some time and collect all the materials to unlock the Falcon. It requires only 4-5 days to unlock a falcon permanently, and of course, there is another way. You can just hop into a classic match where you can find the nest of birds, and you can get your falcon from the nest. However, the falcon will no longer be available after finishing the game. I hope you understand all the tricks well. If you have any questions, you can comment on it down below.