3 ways to Get Free Custom Room Cards in Free Fire

Free Fire is always one step ahead of every mobile game. After the PUBG Mobile ban in India, Free Fire is growing fast. And also many players are trying to do more with this game. Many of us want to create custom rooms to play custom matches or tournaments with our local friends. If you also want to create custom rooms then you will need a Custom room card to do that. So, how to get some free custom room cards?

Well, Custom room cards are rare items in Free Fire, these cards are only available on special missions and occasions. Gettings these cards are not so easy but today we are going to share our 3 best and easiest tips to get Free Custom Room Cards in Free Fire.

Free Fire Custom Room Cards

Custom room cards are only for creating custom rooms in Free Fire. The custom rooms are used for playing a Free Fire game with our friends. One custom room card allows us to create one room at a time. As soon as you create a room using a Free room card, you can share your room ID and Pass word with your friends.

Those who have this ID and Pass can enter your room right away. Entering a custom room allows us to join players if it is a duo or squad play.

Also, keep in mind that only the creator of the custom rooms can change the game modes, and mess with other settings.

On a custom room created by custom room cards, the match won’t affect ranks. Also, other premium room cards can be used for creating multiple rooms until it gets expired.

How to get a Custom room Card in Free Fire

As we all know that these cards are rare items and can only be found in special items. But let you all know that, you can also get your room cards any time from the store which will cost you 100 diamonds.

But maybe you are wondering how to get free room cards right? Yes, there are possible ways to get Free Fire room cards without spending any money and we are here to let you know how?

Top 3 Ways to get Free Custom Room Card

So, the 3 easiest way to collect free room cards in free fire is mentioned below-

Collect it from Guilds.

Collect it with Winner Badges.

Purchase it directly.

How to get Custom Room Cards by Joining Guilds in Free Fire

How to get Custom Room Cards by Joining Guilds in Free Fire

Free Fire offers free custom room cards to everyone who has a guild. The Guild is more likely a team in Free Fire. You can make your guilds and ask your friends to join.

Every week, each guild will have a tournament. Participate in the tournament and earn your guild point. After every week tournament, you will receive guild points and you can claim 4 different rewards with these points.

All you need to do is, visit your guild>Tournament Section and Click on Claim to get a free custom room card. Also, remember that the room card comes last in the reward list, so you have to earn the maximum guild point required for the rewards.

Collect Winner Badges

Collect Winner Badges for free room cards

Now, somedays ago Free Fire introduced a new item called Winner Badges. These badges can be collected by playing missions in classic modes which are not so easy.

The winner badges can be checked on the top of your screen, near the diamonds. To collect these badges play more games and complete missions also.

After collecting 150 Winner badges, you can exchange them with one room card. You can also get more items in exchange for winner badges. To check, go to Store Redeem Winner Badges.

So, the first trick is evergreen. A player can collect unlimited room cards for free forever. However, the second one is an event. So, it depends on when it comes to living in the game. There is another way to collect some room cards.

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Get a Room card for 100 diamonds

get room cards for 100 diamonds

In case, you are not so much into those hard work then you can just get your room card which is going to cost you 100 diamonds only. 100 diamonds are not much to spend. So, if you have 100 diamonds you can directly visit Shop>Normal>Items and purchase your room card in exchange of the diamonds.

Also, I have a solution for you in case you don’t have some diamonds to purchase a room card, you can visit our pro tips on getting free diamonds in Free Fire.

The post has some distinct ways to earn free diamonds and use them to purchase whatever premium items in Free Fire. So, don’t forget to look at the post for more info.

How to Create a Custom Room with room cards

It is very easy to create a custom room in Free Fire. If you haven’t done it before then you might get some problems. Simply visit your mode selection menu(where you select maps and other modes).

Here, check for Custom in the Lower Right corner of the screen. Click on it and then you will see the full section of the Custom room.

On this page just click on Create and your room will be created after giving it an ID and Password of your choice. Keep in mind that you will need one room card for creating one custom room.

Final Words: Custom room cards are very important for those who have many friends. With the help of custom room cards, a player can easily create a room and customize however you want your match to be.

Get your free custom room cards using these Custom room card tips and tricks. With the cards, you will able to challenge your friends on a perfect match of your choice.

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