Free Fire Gloo Wall Skin Download Link

Gloo wall skins are one of the best things to get in Free Fire. From the beginning, Garena has featured cool items like new characters, guns, pets with special skins, etc. And Gloo wall is also one of them. It normally comes with a white snowy look but you can choose how your Gloo wall looks buy getting exclusive skins for it. Many players try hard to get these skins but these are not free. You have to spend money several times before you actually get some premium looking skin. So, today we are going to provide a secrete trick to get free Gloo wall skins.

Recently, a new trick is going viral on the Internet. This trick for free Gloo Wall is more like a hack and many players are using it to get some very popular Gloo wall skins. All you need to do is download your favorite Gloo wall skin for free

If you also want to get free Gloo wall skins like Bunker skin, Dragonskin, etc. Then you have to make some changes in your game which we are going to share in today’s article.

Note: This trick is not secure as it includes some jailbreaking stuff. So, We would suggest you not to try this trick with your primary account. Make a secondary account and try this trick to get free Gloo wall skin on it.

What is Gloo Wall and its Skin

Garena Free Fire is a game that basically features the idea of Battleroyal games. Like all the other battle royal games, it also brings a group of 100 players to an island where they have to fight to become the winner. But the game has some more extra features added too. Gloo Wall is one of them.

Gloo wall is actually a grenade that instantly makes a strong wall that can be used for many purposes. But the basic use of this Gloo wall grenade is to defend yourself from the enemy attacks.

As I already mentioned, a Gloo Wall without skin looks so boring. The structure looks like a white snowy wall that has no exact shame but you can completely change the look of your Gloo wall by getting some skins for it.

So, Here you can check How to Get Gloo Wall skins for free but today we are going to share Free Fire Gloo wall skin download links in this post. Which can be used to download skins for Gloo walls in Free Fire.

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How to Download and Use Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire

Well, this trick works just like a charm. with this guide, you can download and use Gloo wall skins for free in your game. All you have to do is download free Gloo wall skins and paste them into your Free Fire Gloo wall data files.

Basically, we are going to alter the game files and get you your skins. In this way, you can get the benefits of premium Gloo wall skins without spending any money.

Note: This trick is quite risky. As we are going to alter our own game files only, we can only see our skins. These skins will not be visible to the other players in your game. Also, as the server data and your phone data will not be the same, there can be a chance of getting banned for jailbreak. So, we suggest you try this with your secondary account.

Download Gloo Wall skin for free

Here you can check all the latest links for the premium Gloo wall files. These links are very genuine. You will be able to download the files from the links given below.

There are 7 links in total. Each Gloo wall download link is for an individual Gloo wall. You can choose any of the Gloo walls such as Dragon Seal Gloo wall skin, Death Guardian Gloo wall skin, Legendary Gloo wall skin, Jocker Gloo wall skin, Spine punk Gloo wall skin, Dino Gloo wall skin, and the famous bunker Gloo wall skin.

How to download gloo wall skins

download link of joker gloo wall skin

Getting confused after entering these links? Here is how to download-

Click on any of the links.

how to download gloo wall skin

Check on ‘I am not a Robot‘.

Click on Continue(if the first pop-up shows any ads then close and click on Continue again).

gloo wall skin downoad free

On the next page, wait for 10 sec and click on the get link. (shown in the photo)(If the first pop-up shows any ads then just close it and click again).

On this last page click on the download button to get the free Gloo wall skin download link right away.

gloo wall free fire download

How to Use Gloo Skin download files in Free Fire

Well, this step can get a little tricky for but if you just understand the whole process well, then only you will be able to use your Gloo wall downloaded files into your game system files.

I have given a detailed step by step guide which you can directly use to do this trick and use these Gloo wall skin files to get free skin for Gloo wall. Follow these steps-

Download any of the files of which Gloo wall skin you like.

Now locate your downloaded Gloo wall skin file by going to your Phone storage or SD card.

gloo wall install

Click on the Downloaded Gloo wall skin file and Unzip it.

A new folder will occur. Click on the folder and then click on the next folder again.

After that, you will see a folder named Com.dts.freefireth.(check on the image).

how to install gloo wall skin in android mobile

Copy the folder and then locate your Free Fire game data file.

Go to Phone storage, Android, Data, and then paste the folder there.

It will show a replacement option. Just click on ok to do the task.

Now you will be able to enjoy any Gloo wall skin you like. All these Gloo wall skin download links were created by the Youtube channel called Resoul Gaming.

So, please show some love to his channel too.

I hope this free Gloo wall skin download guide helped you to get your free skin. Please share and support Gamers Info Point.