Hole.io Online Multiplayer Game Free on Pc and Mobile

The hole.io is a default online multiplayer and io game and it is most suitable for kids. And this game is featured with endless stages. This game was initially released on iOS and Android platforms. Hole io was released on 21st June 2018. This game was offered by Voodoo and it has 3D graphics with more effects. The Hole game has battle and royale game modes. This game has a variety of maps. There are genres of post-apocalyptic wastelands, cities, farms, medieval themes, and many more.

This was available in Apple Store, Google Play Store and its recent version was (1.16.18) and the size was 74.38 MB on the Google Play Store App and you can play this game on a Web Browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, and more.


This Hole.io game has three modes:

At normal game mode with 2 minutes time to get the 1 st place. After the time up the hole with the higher score wins the game.
You can also choose the battle Royal, Single-mode, and Endless game mode. You can play with your friends with a Bluetooth connection. The Hole game has easy, medium, and difficult modes.

hole.io free online game

Hole.io GAMEPLAY:-

  • The aim of the game is to eat everything around you.
  • Drag your finger to move your hole. In pc use a left mouse button to move the hole.
  • You need to eat small things at the beginning. consuming small objects like animals, plants, and humans will help you to grow faster.
  • After growing bigger you can eat bigger things like buildings and surroundings. When you are eaten by other players, your game will be over. Although you can absorb other players.
  • When you eat 100 percent on a map you will be the winner.

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And this Hole.io game congregated with a 4.3-star rating in the Google Play Store and it reached 100 million Plus Downloads globally.

Holi io Discard Link

Holi.io discard link is Click Here.