PUBG Mobile Lite Tips: How to Become a Pro Player

So, you want to be pro in PUBG Mobile Lite and kill more enemies. Normal players like us can be good at any game after practising it hard. If you also want to perfect the game, just play it more. But if you are going to play it blindly, it will be no help.

Pro Players are always very smart and they always think one step ahead of you. So, to beat all the players and become the professional PUBG Mobile Lite player, you must know everything about the game.

I am talking about the PUBG Mobile Lite. It is the same version as PUBG Mobile but much lighter specially made for the low-performance smartphones.

However, the game has some differences two. With different maps and features, it comes with different strategies too.

It becomes a whole new thing to learn. So, let’s learn about how to become a pro player in PUBG Mobile Lite?

how to be a pro player in pubg mobile lite

How to Become a Pro Player in PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite has become very competitive. Most of the players are now well trained and they know what are they doing in the game. Every one of them is very expert. So, to become a pro player in PUBGM Lite, you have to be very smart with the strategies.

To beat them and become a pro player in PUBG mobile Lite, first, we need to understand the game and its maps. And the second most important thing is to master PUBG Lite in your training. With good training, you will also need to perfect your focus and response time.

After all, doing all of this stuff, you will learn some of my personal pro tips in this post. Yes, some really secrete strategies can really give you the advantage of getting chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile Lite. So, here are the some best tips and tricks on how to become a pro in PUBGM Lite.

13 Tips to become Pro Player in PUBGM Lite

Basic Tips

  • Loot First
  • Understand the Map
  • Check your Sensitivity
  • Choose the Best Guns
  • Train Hard

Smart Tips for Pro Player

  • Start Firing Sooner(Pre-Fire)
  • Use Grenades and Smokes
  • Go Prone, in an Open Fight
  • Take TPP first
  • Never Go Running
  • Low Recoil Control Trick

1. Loot First

Your skills matter very less if you don’t have better guns and armor in-game. If you want to win the game always and experience the hardest moments, then first you need to do is loot. If you don’t have the advantage, you will end up dying every once in a while.

first loot all the necessary guns and armour before you go into a fight

I suppose you are not that master. So, as a beginner, my personal suggestion is to loot first. In this way you will always have the advantage and you will be able to learn to counter the situation with the advantage you have. So, always, find at least level 2 armor/helmet and a better AR gun(M416/AKM) before you go into a fight.

2. Understand The Map

There are two main classic maps in PUBG Mobile Lite. One of them is Varenga and the other one is the Golden Wood Map. Both the maps are pretty interesting, but both are very different and need different strategies to survive.

Not only the whole map but each and every single place of the map should be learned very well if you really want to be a pro. A good player can create a variety of strategies if he already has the idea of the locations.

Just think about it if you know a place very very well, then you will be able to think faster than where you should go and where it will be an upper hand for you. Some places are very secretive and known to fewer people only. You can easily use them to shock your enemies and kill.

Varenga Map is almost like the Erangle Map. It has many buildings and cities. Did you know that we can walk on the outer edges of the houses? Just like that discover more tricks and techniques that can get you the upper hand that always makes you a pro player in PUBGM Lite.

3. Check Sensitivity Settings

Any Game Sensitivity, including PUBG Mobile Lite, deals a crucial role in any combat. If you are using a slow sensitivity then you can never catch up with the movement of a better player. Mastering a faster sensitivity makes you faster. Sometimes you can even dodge bullets because of it.

Always play fast and act before your enemies do. For that, you will need to check your sensitivity settings. The best way to setup PUBG Mobile Lite sensitivity is to set up your own. Head to the training room and set up according to your capability of handling. When you will be able to master it, you can even push to the next level to become even faster. It is the main technique to become fast and use a faster sensitivity.

In case you don’t know much about sensitivity, you can use my personal setting shown in the screenshot above. Just do as it is shown and remember to practice with it in the training mode. If you don’t then you will face trouble with the new settings for sure.

Choose Best Guns only

Guns are are the main factor in a Shooting game. However, PlayersUnknown BattleGround is the most realistic game ever. So, every single bullet matters in your game. Always choose the best and strongest gun and master it very well.

New players always go with guns with less recoil like UMP, Thomspon, etc. But you should know that these guns have very little damage point.

choose the best guns only to become pro in pubg mobile lite

7.62 are best for damage but all the guns that use 7.62 bullets have high recoil. If you can master AKM, Groza, M7G2, MK14 then it will be the best for you.

5.56 is also very good and guns that use this bullet have low recoil. So, also remember to try M416, ScarL, Mini 14, etc.

Train Hard

Every step to becoming a pro player in PUBG Mobile Lite is going to need more practice. Playing the game more and mastering it into the next level is the key secrete of a better player.

Always Train hard, focus on your recoil, learn about attachments, and look for new strategies you can find. The Traning mode is a good place to train. But you can also play Mini matches, TDM, and Sniper Modes. Mini Matches will bring you more intense situations to master. TDM mode will improve your response time and Sniper Games will train your sniping abilities.

Secrete Tricks to Master PUBGM Lite and get More Kills

Start Firing Sooner

If you are going to rush on an enemy then you must start using this technique. Whenever you rush on a player, he waits for you to move. So, always be ready to shoot sooner than you normally shoot when you see the enemy.

You don’t have to see the enemy right? because you know that the enemy is already there if you are going to rush on him. So, start firing when you go close to him whether you can see him or not. Your enemy will come in front of your firing and take damage before he even starts shooting.

Use Grenades and Smokes

A pro player always use smokes and grenades in a fight. Most of the player doesn’t use them and even they never have the guts to face it. So, if you are bombing your enemies before rushing at them, they will surely get confused, and you can easily kill them.

  • Always, throw a grenade before you rush into a house.
  • Always, smoke the place if it doesn’t have any cover.
  • Also, use a stun grenade to shock your enemies.

If you think that your enemies are smart and can dodge your grenade then you should also use Molotov. All these will not come handy in the first attempt. So, remember your training.

Go prone in an Open Fight

For example, you are in open-field combat. Going prone is another tactic that may be going to give you an upper hand. Always look for the situation fist. If your enemies are not very close and you don’t have any cover. Simply look for a down place and go prone. In this way, your enemy will not be able to see you or shoot at you.

Remember that proving and sitting also reduce your recoil. Also, if you go prone all of a sudden front of your enemy, it confuses him for a moment and you can easily shoot him down.

Never Go Running, Get your Car Ready

A car can be a lifesaver in PUBG Mobile Lite. Your UAZ or Darcia can save you from an ambush. If you go running, anyone who is camping or just proving can kill you very easily. But going in a vehicle can always save you in this situation.

Also, it gives you a very good cover in the last zone. Many times the last zone comes to an open field with no cover. In such a situation, you can use your car to give yourself a very good cover. This trick always work for me.

Low Recoil Control Trick

Many Players face a hard time while firing at a target. When you try so hard and still you can not hit a single bullet then you better understand that you don’t know how to control recoil. When we shoot with a gun, it moves and that is what we call recoil. If you practice more and learn to handle the recoil, then after you can control it better and hit an enemy from the distance.

However, if you are shooting an enemy for a very long distance, you must sit or prone while you are shooting. It will decrease the gun’s recoil and give you better control.

Also, you can try DP-28. The Dp-28 has less recoil than every 7.62 guns in PUBG Mobile Lite. So, if you really want to become a pro in the game. You should learn about recoil too.

Final Words: With all of these master tips you can easily become pro player in PUBG Mobile lite. I personally use them to become better and I explore more tricks to push myself into the next level. So, if you want to be the same. Subscribe to our page for more amazing tricks. Also, if you have anything special with you, please share it with us by commenting.

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