How to Break into Michael’s House – GTA V Guide

In this GTA V Beginner’s guide, we are going to talk about the second mission which is to break into Michael’s house and still a car from there. If you are a beginner then it will be pretty hard for you to figure out how t break into the house as all the doors are locked from inside. So, without wasting any more words. Let us know how to break into Michael’s house in GTA V.

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How To Break Into Michael’ House in GTA V

After completing a couple of missions in GTA V, your first boss which is a Russian guy who works for cars will ask you to go and break into some person’s house whose name is Michael.

After you visit Michael’s house, simply jump over the first small gate and sneak into the building.

There will be a loan guy. You can have to go slow by pressing the CTRL key and take him down from the back.

how to enter michaels house in GTA V

After that, go to the backside of the building, where you can find a truck. Get on the truck, from the top of the truck, you will be able to jump on the roof of the balcony.

From the balcony, there is a window which must be used to get into the house.

how to go to garage in michael house

Sneak into the house slowly and get down to the ground floor. There you will see the house owner flirting with a lady.

Just walk slowly to the kitchen and you will see the way to the garage. The way to the garage is just before the Kitchen, so you have to walk to the kitchen when the people of the house are busy.

All is now done. You will see a car in the garage. Get in the car and take to the checkpoint.

Bonus Tip: Player must remember that this mission must be completed in stealth mode. You have to press control to go to stealth mode.

If you don’t, people of the house will get alert and your mission will be failed. Good Luck.

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