How to Download PUBG New State Beta Apk

After banning PUBG in India, everyone now wants to know how to download PUBG New State beta and every other thing that PUBG owns. We all want to play the game like before. PUBG is addictive and interesting gameplay that is why everyone wants to know how we can get this game back on our devices, but recently, players are getting more curious about the PUBG New State Beta Apk Download.

If you want to know how you can download PUBG New State Beta APK, then you are in the right place. But before that, What is PUBG New State? PUBG New State is a mobile battle royale game and a sequel game of PUBG Mobile. Also Known as PUBG Mobile 2 is based on the futuristic theme of 2051.

PUBG New State beta APK has brought a new vibe to the Internet. If you want to download PUBG new state beta, you have to follow some basics steps but before steps download the new upcoming beta PUBG New State. let’s talk about what is new in this feature and what more is there inside it.

But before we know about the topic how to download PUBG New state beta, lets discuss about new features of the game.

There are new features coming to PUBG new state game. There will be the same graphical quality and the gameplay is created by looking at the lifestyle of 2050.

What is PUBG New State Beta Apk?

PUBG New State Beta is a test version of the final PUBG New State game. We all know that heavy mobile games first release their beta version to test the market behavior, bigs, and glitches in the game. PUBG New state is also soon going to release its beta version on its official website.

Stay updated and follow our guide on how to download PUBG new state beta.

Different in PUBG New State Apk?

difference in PUBG New state and PUBG new state beta

Knowing about PUBG new state beta, nothing much information has come to the fore. But it has told that there will be a lot of changes in the Latest Version. Especially in India there will be many changes like maps will be different and faces of the player in it have also been changed.

New State will please the player with much other variety of weapons and maps which are not displayed anywhere till. There will be many new gadgets and there is a possibility of customization on characters as well.

The gameplay is totally based on future events. Many reviews have been said that it can be better than PUBG normal version. Here you can also modify your weapon in the match in a way that’s related to Apex Legend’s attachments system. The new state will come with ultra-realistic graphics which will cross the limit of every gaming standard. You can also explore the massive 8×8 KM open world. Check PUBG Mobile vs PUBG New State: All Difference to note.


Big map where you can explore all kind of weapons and gadgets
Better graphics than every other game
Based on future gameplay, 2050


Require at least 2.5GB of RAM
Only works on Android 6.0 and Higher


New State display with a future destroyed scene. Everywhere are mess and fuss. The reason is due to anarchy, which produces all sides to fight with each other. It is looking like the war has damaged and ruined everything around, but people and surviving for themselves which has been shown here. In terms of gameplay, it has not changed anything, you to survive for yourself and the last one wins the game.

So, here is the time now to tell you how you can download this best game.

How to download PUBG New State beta apk

how to download PUBG new state beta apk

To know how to download the PUBG new state beta APK you have to follow these steps:-

  2. You can pre-register the game now, it will pop up as soon as it will come on the play store.

How to install PUBG New State Apk?

  • First PUBG New State Apk Download apk.
  • It will download APK FILE and save it on your phone or memory card.
  • Installing APK/GAME.
  • Do not forget to allow the unknown app permission.
  • Open PUBG New State Apk Mod.
  • You are ready now to play your game.

Final Words: As the game is not released yet, there is no telling on how to download PUBG new state beta but you can follow our guide to download it as soon as it gets available.

PUBG New State is going to be a super game in 2021. Players are already very happy and crossed the 5 Million marks. The final release date is not revealed yet but the pre-registration has started on 25th February.

It is pretty much confirmed that before the final release, Krafton will release a PUBG New State beta to test the servers of the game.

Stay tuned for the latest PUBG New State news.

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