PUBG Mobile Glitch let’s you enter into a container in TDM match, try now

PUBG Mobile is a very famous game but its not perfect. There are still a lot of glitches in the game and some of them are very interesting for the players. So, do you know guys that you can enter into a container in PUBG mobile TDM match, and kill enemies without getting spotted? You can just directly hop into the container by pressing crouch, left slide, and jump or up key. Yes, that is true. I will be explaining everything in this short article about this amazing hack. Just read the whole thing.

PUBG Mobile Glitch lets you enter into a container in TDM match, try now
How to Enter into this Container| PUBG Mobile

New PUBG Mobile Glitch lets you enter into a container in TDM Map

So, do you play the PUBG Mobile game on your phone? I have been playing PUBG mobile for quite a long time. Recently, I have found a whole new glitch in the PUBG Mobile TDM match that can be used to cheat like a hacker, and it is totally an in-game thing. You do not need to worry about getting banned. This amazing hack is going to take you ahead of your skills in TDM matches. Today in this article, you will learn how to enter into a container in thePUBG mobile TDM match. By Entering the container, you will become not only a bulletproof guy but also you will be able to shoot players staying into the Container.
PUBG mobile glitch tips and tricks

 PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battler Ground) is a viral game in India. The Mobile version is getting ahead of every game. It does make sense that why people are playing this game like crazy. One of the best reasons is, nowadays we all have a pretty decent android phone that can run PUBG Mobile, and the phones come with a decent price too. Recently in China, PUBG Mobile has hit 1 billion revenue, which is also a great success for PUBG Mobile.

How to Enter Into this Container in PUBG Mobile

how to enter into this container using TDM map glitch pubg mobile
New TDM Glitch hack| PUBG Mobile

You can enter into this Container by doing this simple method. You just have to find this container shown in the photo. After finding the container,  just go near that container and sit. You will also have to crouch, slide left, and sit again continuously. Do it right several times, and you will find yourself into the container.
Once you get into the container, you will be able to see everything including your enemies from under the container. It will be much better if you open your ads. Also, you will be able to shoot your enemies staying into the container.
The fun thing is, only you will be shooting your enemies. They won’t be able to spot you in the first place, and if they shoot, bullets will hit the container not you.

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