PUBG Mobile Lite: How to Fix Error Code Simulator Limit in your PC| 100% Working

Servers are busy please try again later. Error Code: Simulator~Limit in PUBG mobile Lite can be fixed with one and only simple trick and today in this article I will share with you the only method of fixing this Simulator~Limit error code in PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG Mobile is a very famous game, and a lite version of this game is also available on the Play Store. However, Emulator users can’t play this lite version because of this error. So, let’s know about it first.

How to Fix Error Code Simulator Limit in GameLoop(Tencent Gaming Buddy)

PUBG Mobile Lite has launched the official version somedays ago. Tencent introduced the Lite version of PUBG Mobile for the low-end smartphones in 2018 which was only to test their servers but in August 2019, they officially launched the PUBG Mobile Lite in India. PUBG Mobile Lite can be played in smartphones with only 1 GB ram. Those who never experienced PUBG Mobile game because of their low-end smartphones now they can. This game is only 600 MB and with low-end graphic settings. The classic battleground lobby is also reduced to 60 people only. The maps and designs are a little bit different from PUBG Mobile.

However, those who love to play PUBG Mobile in PC also want to try PUBG Mobile Lite. It is probably a sure thing that we see some lags in PUBG Mobile. As the PUBG Mobile Lite is a game for low-end devices, it may run in our low-end PCs smoothly. But wait, can you play PUBG Mobile Lite in your friendly android emulator GameLoop(Tencent Gaming Buddy)? You may have tried to download and install PUBG Mobile Lite on Gameloop all the way through, but in the end, it shows “Severs are busy please try again later, Error Code: Simulator~Limit” doesn’t it? So, friends, this is kind of a very simple and the only method you can use to play PUBG Mobile Lite in your GameLoop(Tencent Gaming Buddy).

How to Fix Error Code Simulator Limit in GameLoop(Tencent Gaming Buddy)

First of all, you need to download the latest version of PUBG Mobile Lite in your GameLoop(TGB) emulator and then install it.

Or you can follow these simple steps first to download and install PUBG Mobile Lite on your Gameloop emulator-
How to Fix Error Code Simulator Limit in GameLoop

  • Open your Gameloop Browser.
  • Search for a Xapk Installer and Install it.
  • Now Again, Search for PUBG Mobile Lite Xapk. Download it.
  • Now Open Xapk Installer and Install PUBG Mobile Lite with it.

And from here on your PUBG Mobile Lite will be installed on your emulator.

Start the game and let the game download its extra data and then it will show you the login page. You can not go into the game by simply log in to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Most Important: You need to get an account of PUBG Mobile Lite which was already been used to play PUBG Mobile Lite on mobile phones. You can only log in to PUBG Mobile Lite with those old IDs.(The IDs can be from Facebook or Twitter).

Final Words: Many people in India has a low-end PC. We can still play PUBG Mobile in a PC with 2 GB or 4 GB ram. We can boost our PC and set it to the highest performance to play a lag-free PUBG Mobile game. However, many of us try to play the Lite version of PUBG Mobile on their PC emulator because it is a lite version and of course, our low-end PC can run it easily on TGB(Gameloop) emulator.

If you are one of them and tried to install and play the PUBG Mobile Lite then you might have faced an error showing Servers are busy, Error code simulator limit. Yes, of course, we can fix this and play the game with a simple trick.

Please follow the steps I have mentioned above and I am pretty sure it will fix the error on the first attempt. All you need to do is get an old ID that has been already used for playing PUBG Mobile lite before.

After doing this you will surely log in to your game and enjoy it. Don’t forget to customize your key mapping for the PUBG Mobile Lite. Because its keymap doesn’t exist in the Gameloop emulator.

I hope this will solve your problem. If you have any queries, comment below. Thanks!