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Free Fire controlling problem while playing it on a PC. Maybe you are also one of them who is facing this kind of issue.

A lot of Free Fire players prefer to play the game on PC with the help of emulators. One of the most used android emulators is Gameloop. It works very well on even low en PCs too.

We can play PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile with perfection with this Android Emulator. But when it comes to Free Fire, we can see some control issues.

Sometimes our mouse cursor gets stuck, sometime we can’t move properly, or sometime we can’t hide the mouse icon.

So, how to fix these Free Fire control issues in Gameloop?

 if you are going to play Free Fire on PC with Gameloop then it will not be very easy for you because of the key mapping. Gameloop doesn’t have a proper key mapping control setting for the Free Fire game. So, today we are going to learn how to set up Gameloop controls for Free Fire.

Some days ago I tried to play Free Fire on Gameloop. So, installed the game and log into it. After I entered the game, some of my keys were not working properly. I couldn’t sprint, couldn’t aim, and also I was unable to move freely while shooting at a target.

If you are also seeing these control problems in Free Fire then you must change your Gameloop Keymap settings for Free Fire use an alternative emulator to Gameloop.

How to Setup Gameloop Key Mapping in Free Fire

Many people have already made a guide on this but in this Gameloop key mapping guide, we will do it differently. It will be the easiest Gameloop key mapping guide for Free Fire. So, if you are facing controlling problems while playing Free Fire on Gameloop, please follow these steps to setup Gameloop key mappings for Free Fire-

Open Free Fire

how to fix free fire control in gameloop

Go to Settings

how to fix free fire control in gameloop

Go to Controls

Here click on the Control HUD in the left bottom corner.

From here you can see the control interface of Free Fire. Just click on the “little keyboard icon” on the left side of the Gameloop screen and you can set up Key mapping easily.

Many people try to do set up key maps while they are in the game. But doing it like that is inappropriate and you won’t know which control needs which key of your keyboard.

So, after coming to this control HUD section, we are going to set up each of our keyboard keys for the Free Fire controls in Gameloop. Follow these steps one by one to fix Free Fire control settings in Gameloop.

How to Fix Free Fire Controls in Gameloop

After coming to the Custom HUD section, you can check all the controls that you are actually going to need during your gameplay because Free Fire has some extra control buttons that are not necessary for playing Free Fire on Gameloop. So, just do as it follows to fix Free Fire controls in Gameloop-

After coming to the Custom HUD, Click on the Keyboard icon in the left bar.

how to fix free fire controls in gameloop

Now click on the Reset Button to reset all the keymap settings. (check on the screenshot).

how to fix free fire controls in gameloop

After doing all these, click on each section of the control and set your keyboard key as follows-

Steering Wheel, Aiming and Firing

Set up secondary keys such as moving and firing. Click on the Steering Wheel, Aiming, and Firing. Set them first. Place the staring wheel control on the place, like it is shown in the screenshot.

Also, don’t forget to set your KeyMapping mode to smart mode. Because these controls will only work on smart mode.

how to fix free fire controls in gameloop

Now drag the Aiming Button to the aiming section and click on it. It will allow you to set up the keyboard key for aiming. ‘E‘, is the recommended setting for aiming.

how to fix free fire controls in gameloop

Firing Key

Many players are facing issues with the firing key while playing free fire in Gameloop. Sometimes our aim gets stuck while we shooting at a target or we just can’t press the fire button in Gameloop. I have found a fix to this issue. To fix firing control in Gameloop-

Click on the Firing key and make it bigger in size. Increase its’ size to 90 and it should fix the issue in Gameloop.

Now just click on the Aiming and it should bring the Gameloop keymap for firing. It is already set on the left mouse click. Just drag it to the center of the Firing button in the Free Fire control screen.


The rest of the keymap settings can be set just like that. Click on the controls and it should appear a mapping key from the Gameloop. Set up the unique key of your keyboard for each Free Fire control. Follow if needed-

Guns and Reloading-

  • Select 2, Q, and 4 for the guns and ‘R’ on the primary gun for the reload.

Prone, Jump, and Crouch

  • Select ‘Z’ for the Prone.
  • C for Crouch
  • ‘Space’ for Jumping.

Left Hand Side settings

  • ‘TAB’ on the Backpack.
  • ‘5’ for Health Kit.
  • ‘G’ for Grenade.
  • ‘M’ for Map.
  • ‘Shift’ for sprinting.
  • ‘Right Click’ on the Aiming.


Create another 3 buttons with ‘F’, ‘H’, and ‘V’ and place them right where I have placed. And this should do it enough for fixing your Free Fire controls in the Gameloop emulator.

Note to Remember: If you are wondering which is the key to show mouse course in Free Fire then you should know that it is ‘CTRL’ or Right Click. Depends on which key is already in use.

Free Fire Mouse Control Guide for Gameloop

The mouse is also very essential for playing Free Fire on Gameloop. The first thing that is to do with the mouse is Fire. The left click of the mouse should do the Firing.

The Right-click is for aiming in Every game. But if you have set up my recommended Gameloop controls for Free Fire then the Right-click is to show up and hide the mouse cursor during gameplay.

The middle wheel is used for zooming in and out. Just set up like given in the guide and it should do it the trick so that you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

Alternative Fix for Free Fire controls on PC

Gameloop is a good android emulator for playing Mobile games such as PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile. But when it comes to Free Fire, the LD player is a better option to fix all the control or keymapping issues.

LD Player is an alternative to Gameloop. It is an android emulator that allows you to do much more than Gameloop.

If you just want to play PUBG Mobile or COD then the Gameloop is best for you. Otherwise, you should go with the LD Player for playing Free Fire on PC without any issues.

Free Fire controls are perfectly mapped in LD Player. The mouse and keyboard controls are well paired and balanced with one another. This android emulator is going to be the best Free Fire emulator player on your PC.

LD Player requires a little higher PC requirements than Gameloop. I would suggest you have at least 8 GB or a normal Graphics card if you are going to install LD Player.

How to Install Free Fire on PC with LD Player

To Install Free Fire on PC with LD Player-

Go to the LD Player website>download the Software>Install on your PC.

Now open the emulator and right there you will see Google Play Store and other apps like a file manager. It is just an android emulator that should be used as an android smartphone. Go ahead and download Free Fire. Log into it and Play.

So, that is an alternative fix for Free Fire keymapping issues. It will surely solve your mouse moving issues or controlling issues.

FAQ for Free Fire controls in Gameloop

How to hide mouse on playing free fire on Gameloop?

Use the ‘CTRL’ for showing the mouse cursor. If it doesn’t work for you then the Right should do it. Just press the right-click to hide mouse on playing Free Fire on Gameloop.

How to play free fire with keyboard and mouse?

You have to install and setup Octopus Application on your android smartphone to play Free Fire on mobile with keyboard and mouse.

How can I play free fire on PC with a keyboard and mouse?

Free Fire is a mobile game. You can use two ways to play a mobile game on a Windows PC. Either you have to use TC Games or you go with Android Emulator to play Free Fire on PC with mouse and keyboard.

How to Setup Key Mapping Controls for Free Fire?

Gameloop key mapping is a bit different and unusable for Free Fire. You can go with the guide, i have mentioned above to fix Free Fire Key mapping controls on Gameloop. Or if you want a guide for different Emulators such as LD player then please comment down below.

How to Clear helping keys that displaying on Screen of Free Fire?

Click on the Key Mapping icon and check on the lower-left corner. Uncheck the box that says Display Key mapping tips.

Final Words: Gameloop emulator users may have some issues with Free Fire controls. Recently, Gameloop has updated to a new version and fixed most of Free Fire control related issues. Kindly follow these Key Mapping to guide to fix Free Fire controls in Gameloop emulator.