How to Get 100 Diamonds for free in Free Fire

Free Fire is a viral game. Many many players from all over the world play this game. Also, after the ban of PUBG Mobile, more players are shifting to Free Fire. Those who play this game already know that the diamonds are the most important thing to have in Free Fire. And today we are going to share a simple trick for getting a few diamonds without paying for it. So, how do we get 100 diamonds for free in the game?

Diamonds are not Free. Garena only allows players to get diamonds by purchasing their top-up plans, Memberships, and participating in live events which also require money. However, not all of us are willing to spend money on a game. Also, hundred diamonds are not much to ask for free in a viral game like Free Fire. So, what can we do to get 100 diamonds without paying or doing much?

How to Get 100 Diamonds in Free Fire

well, getting 100 diamonds can be pretty easy if you are smart enough to use your time in the right place. Actually, there are some options that can be used to get pretty much more than 100 diamonds for free. So, today we are going to share 3 of these tricks on how to get free 100 diamonds very easily.

Before we get into our tips, we would like to give you to know that, Free Fire is also giving you bonus diamonds if you purchase any top-up from Games Kharido. Any new user in Games Kharido can directly buy any amount of diamonds and get the same amount of diamonds for free as a bonus. Also, they have every Indian payment gateway.

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Top 3 Ways to get Free 100 Diamonds Easily

Youtubers Give Aways

free diamond give away

Many of our Free Fire players watch videos on Youtube. The content creators on Youtube also wants to grow its channel. And to do that, they need your help. I have seen many of the Free Fire content creators asking for Share and Subscribe in exchange for diamonds and skins.

So, if you also want to win free diamonds then all you need to is watch more youtube videos. The youtube offers 100 diamonds for free if you share like and subscribe to their channel.

They choose winners randomly every week. So, if you are not winning then you can wait for the next chance. There are many Youtubes such as Free Fire gamers on youtube which you can check on.

Download Apps

Downloading the android app is also a great way to make some quick money and get 100-500 diamonds for free. In this trick, all you need to do is download apps from the advertisement to get a decent amount of points. which you can exchange with free diamonds in Free Fire.

Now, I would say that the Helo App is one of the best apps that allows you to share the app with friends which gets you free money but not anymore. As the Indian government has banned the app, the app is no longer available in India.

However, you can try some similar apps like Snack Video, Chingari, Zilli, etc. These apps are for entertainment but also you can get a small number of referral benefits using these apps. You can use your free money to get your 100 diamonds for free easily.

Participate in Events

free fire 100 diamond event for free

Don’t like to go with third-party apps? Well, there is no need to worry. You can still collect a small number of diamonds in the game. The game Free Fire always brings new events and opportunities to give away gifts, rewards which include diamonds too.

So, to get your free 100 diamonds in Free Fire, all you need to do is look for such events. Recently, Free Fire has brought a new event called Booyah Day Event. In this event, everyone is going to get a chance for new item rewards. These items are gun skins, Weapon Royal, Discounts, Diamonds, etc.

So, to collect these items, you have to take part in the events.

Final Words: For a free 100 diamond in, you can do many things apart from these 3 tricks. 100 diamonds are not much to buy. You can always purchase a 100 diamond top-up for 40 Indian rupees. If you are still interested in getting the 100 diamonds for free then try these tricks today.