Lost COC village? Here is How to Get it Back Easily

Lost COC village? Don’t worry, you can get it back easily. Clash of Clans is a mobile game that requires a Google Play account or Facebook account to play. You can play the game in the guest mode too but if you continue to do so, there will be a great risk for you to end up losing your account. 

So if you already have lost your COC account and you are only here to recover your lost COC account. In that case, we are going to describe every possible way to get back the lost or old Village easily.

So, if you have already lost your account you want to get it back, you have 2 options to get your lost account back. You can either contact customer care from the game, which is the best way to do or you can contact them by email. If you are not sure how to contact Clash of Clans Support, here is how to do it-

How to get back lost Clash of Clans Account

Thanks to the Clash of Clans Support team that they keep all the records of each of the village. So, if you have required data of your lost COC village then you are going to get it back for sure. All you have to do is contact the Customer Support Team and ask them to recover your account. Not sure? follow this guide to recover lost COC account.

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How to Contact COC Customer Support (for Android and iOS)

To contact Clash of Clans customer support-

Open Clash of Clans Game.

Go to Settings and Go to Help and Support.

How to get back lost Clash of Clans Account​

On the next page, Select Lost Village.

Again on the next page, Select ‘I lost my village, how to get it back‘.

Now, in the lower section select ‘NO’.

select contact us button

CONTACT US button will appear, click on it.

Now the chat box will be open, from here you can contact Supercell Customer support team.

how to contact super cell customer care

After that just provide whatever info you have and ask them to get your lost village back.

Soon, the customer support team will reply with some security questions(probably under 3 working days).

In case you are not getting any replies, you can try this alternative way which is to send them feedback on their support mail and ask them to recover your lost village. You can add the following security questions with answers if you are going to mail the COC support team-

clashofclans.feedback@supercell.net for iPhone


Security Questions:

The support team will ask you some of the information of your lost account for security reasons,, which are-

  • When you have started Playing COC?
  • How many Gems were left before you lost your account?
  • What was your Clash of Clans village name?
  • What was your Game ID?
  • What was your Town Hall level before you lost your account?
  • Last but not least, What was your clan name?

If you never entered any clan then you can just tell them so. There can more questions to answer if required. Just give them answers which are true to yourself. After that, they will verify your lost COC village and provide you a Unique Code to recover the lost village.

How to Use Unique ID to recover lost village in COC?

As soon as you get the code, please follow these steps-

Open Clash of Clans.

Go to Settings.

How to Use Unique ID to recover lost village in COC?

Click on Link Device.

Click on This is a New Device.

Put the Code in the blank field and click OK.

What to do after you get back the old COC account?

The first thing is to do is connect your account with your Game Center(for iOS users) or Google Play/Facebook(for android users). It will save your game so that you can never lose it again.

How to secure your COC account so that you never lose it again. If you are a newcomer Ithen you must be playing Clash in guest mode. So, first, I will request you to go to your COC App and link the game progress with a valid Facebook or Gmail account. Not sure how to link the COC account?

How to Link Clash of Clans Account with Google Play Store

Most of the players play COC on their Android phones. While some are there who also use iOS devices to play. In both cases, if you are playing Clash of Clans in guest mode or you have just recovered your lost village than follow this guide to secure your account so that you can never lose your game again.

For Android Users

Just Go to the Settings>Social.

Click on Connect Google Play.

Provide your Gmail ID, Password, and click OK.

Verify that it’s your Account, and then click on Connect. and that will connect your guest account to your Google Play.

For iOS Users

Those who are using iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to link your guest account with Apple ID.

Ope Clash of Clas

Go to settings ad the Social

Click o Connect with Game Center. and you are good.

How to find Lost COC account

Don’t know which Google Account is connected with your COC account? Many players used to play Clash of Clans a long time ago. If you want to get the village back but don’t know which Gmail it was, here is how to identify and get back your long lost COC village.

Go to Google Play Games.

Log in with your Gmail ID and Password.

Go to Connected games or Google-built Games.

There you can check what games you played with on that account before.


A lot of player don’t connect their village with a Google Account and they end up losing their account. But you don’t to worry, If you want to get your lost COC village back, you can follow this guide to get lost COC village back.

I hope this post will help you to solve your problem.