5 Easy Ways to get DJ Alok for free

Free Fire is one of the most popular titles among mobile gamers. This battle-royale game keeps bringing new features and super character every once in a while. If you are a Free Fire fan, then you know that the character DJ Alok is the coolest in the game. So, If you want DJ Alok for free, then keep reading this post.

Well, DJ Alok is known for its super ability of music. When he plays music, it creates an aura around him and, it can help you with faster moving and restore HP. DJ Alok is a great way to be an expert Free Fire Player but, it comes with a price. With 599 diamonds, a player can purchase DJ Alok in Free Fire but, not everyone wants to buy with real money.

How to Unlock DJ Alok for Free

So, today in this article, we are going to know 5 Easy ways to get DJ Alok for free in December 2020. These tips are very much genuine. All you need to do is invest some of your time to win rewards that can help you to unlock DJ Alok character for free.

5 Easy Ways to Get DJ Alok for Free in December 2020

5 easy ways to get a free dj alok in free fire

I am listing these Five ways to get your own DJ Alok character for free with some reward apps and websites. Use these recommended apps to earn cash rewards and use them to get your free DJ Alok character.

So, the 5 Ways that you follow for a Free DJ Alok are-

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • GPT Sites
  • Android App
  • Online Tournaments

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Amazon Gift Cards

Many times we get Amazon gift cards after purchasing from Amazon. Amazon is one of the most famous site where you can buy things. It also has many offers which are available for lucky customers.

So, if you are one of them too and you already have won any of the gift cards then you can use them to get your DJ Alok character for free in Free Fire.

Players can buy diamonds directly from Google Play Store by using the Amazon gift card. And then use the diamonds to unlock DJ Alok for free.

Google Opinion Rewards

You can also win Amazon Gift Cards and Google Play cards from the Google Opinion Rewards app. Google Opinion Rewards is an Android app that can give you more than you know. By using this app, you can participate in their Surveys and win the rewards.

There are many other tasks too. For downloading some apps and completing surveys, you can earn 25$ gift cards that can be used to get your free DJ Alok character.

GPT Sites

get free dj alok by earning from gpt sites

GPT sites are an alternative to Google Opinion Rewards. These are a website for taking surveys, getting paid for ads, and much easier task for getting some money in the pocket.

You can find lots of GPT sites if you search. But some of the most trusted GPT sites are Swagbuck, Ysense, Treasuretrooper, etc.

Visit these sites from the links, complete the task, and win rewards. You can use these rewards later in the game to purchase DJ Alok for free.

Android App

Android users definitely know about the money-paying apps on Google Play Store. Users can download these apps and play games or participate in events to earn credit points. Some Apps like getting Apps like Snack Video and Chingari gives you money for browsing their apps.

Also, you can earn a good amount of money from these apps by referring to your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Use these apps to get free cash and use them to unlock DJ Alok character for free.

Online Tournament

So, if you are a gamer then playing online game tournaments can also be a very good opportunity to collect some pocket money easily. All you need to do is, enter any tournament or you can also find a Free Fire tournament. Play, Win, and get rewards direct to your bank account.

There are a lot of websites and apps that offer free participation in their tournaments. GamingMonk, Tournament.com, GameTV, etc are the top ranking portals with lots of live game tournaments you can join on.

So, play a tournament, win and collect your cash today and unlock a DJ Alok character or get much more premium items in Free Fire without spending any money on your own.

Final Words: Having a pocket full of money is not for everyone. Everyone loves games but not everyone has money to spend on games. So, for you guys, we have brought these 5 easiest ideas to get some free cash and unlock free DJ Alok character without spending your pocket money.

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