How to Get Frozen Eggs to build Snow Sculpture in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is giving its players a lot to enjoy these days. I mean, what is more, can we get to enjoy the game. We can fly helicopters, fire rocket launchers on the helicopter, escape from heavy fighting with BRDM2,  and many more. However, these things are pretty old now and it seems PUBG Mobile is coming with new things in the game every month.

However this month, PUBG Mobile has rolled out with many other cool things. We got a whole new RageGear Mode, FPP swap, Classic Erangel map covered with snow, snowboarding, and more. Also, another cool thing is we can build snow sculpture in PUBG Mobile, today I am going to share with you about how you can build snow sculpture in PUBG Mobile.

Snow Sculpture: Tencent Games has brought a new Erangel covered with snow in this winter festival PUBG Mobile Edition. We can go there and do freestyle snowboarding, and also we can build our Snow Sculpture there. Snow Sculpture is the one shown in the photo. It can be built instantly with a special frozen egg that can be found in the game. We can build it to have fun or it can be a great help while we don’t have any covers during a fight. Yes, we can instantly build this hard frozen snow sculpture to get some real cover during a fight. How to do that? It is very easy. However, the real question is, where to find these frozen eggs


How to Get Frozen Eggs to build Snow Sculpture in PUBG Mobile

Frozen Eggs can easily be found on the Snow Covered mountains in Erangel. All the snow-covered locations in Erangel have a special loot box and each loot box has frozen eggs in it.  Go to the box and you will find the frozen eggs. Collect the eggs and use them to build snow sculptures. Simply use your frozen eggs, like grenades and throw them anywhere you want, and it will become a beautiful snow sculpture. 

All Locations of Frozen Eggs

Find Frozen Eggs in Stalber PUBG Mobile

  • 1. Stalber: The Stalber mountain is one of the places where you can find frozen eggs. Just go to the place and you will see a little box sign on the map. Check the location to find the special loot box. You will see many frozen eggs in the box.

get Frozen Eggs in Georgopol

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  • 2. Gerogopol: There is another loot box in the mountains of Geogopol. You will see the same box sign on the map too. Simple go to the snow-covered mountains of Georgopol and find the loot box to collect those frozen eggs to build Snow Sculpture.

Frozen Eggs in School PUBG Mobile

  • 3. School: The 3rd location is mountains behind the school apartments. Just go to the school apartments and take the cable cars to go to the mountain. There you will see the same crate marked in the map. Go to the loot box/crate to get the Frozen Eggs.

Final Words: These winter special loot boxes don’t only have frozen eggs in it. You will find a lot more than that. The loot box contains rare guns like Groza, Awm, medkit, and many other valuable items. So, go there and loot the boxes to have more fun in PUBG Mobile. Also, don’t forget to build Snow Sculture with the frozen Eggs. 

I hope this article will help you to find the loot boxes. Thanks for reading.